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Now if i put the Quantum Gateway into bridge mode OR I run directly from the ONT to my Netgear Nighthawk AC3200 which is running DD-WRT my speed (ethernet via cat6) are consistently 425-435 Mbs.

To take steps one further I even reset the Nighthawk to factory defaults to ensure that my port forwarding rules or some other setting was not slowing me down and the same results.

When I talk to verizon of course they claim that their Quantum gateway is the only way that will support on confirm those speeds. C program for binary search When the transferred me to some “greenleaf ?” support team to trouble shoot the bridge configuration the tech was amazed that I was not seeing at least 750.

So my question is simple.

Usd in cad Is there something wrong with my configuration? Is this a known issues with my Nighthawk? Is there a better secondary high end router to use (eventually I want to have everything behind a VPN). Understanding the futures market Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all the responses. Usd eur exchange rate history Yes, I own the Quantum that we have, and yes the X6 nighthawk provides a ton more functionality than the FIOS modem. Definition of futures market Once we had the wired setup working correctly we would certainly turn on the wireless side. Python print format As you have stated the wireless capability in the Quantum is quite limited. Silver price forecast 2020 It does not seem that you can even set different password for the different SSIDs.

I would love to hear what modes people are using directly from their ONT and what speed they are getting. Idr to usd calculator I am thinking that one of the issues might be that people on the lower speed plans might see the entire bandwidth where as when you approach gigabit those same modes would have the issues that I am seeing. Gender differences in learning I am leaning towards the ASUS 3200 as I know that it will play nice with all of ubiquiti switching gear (and for all of these test the switch was not used it was straight ethernet from a Lan port directly to the ethernet port on the device running the test).

Good! U R back up to where U shld be, but i thot U mentioned that the Vz gateway was giving you better numbers on the dnld side, U said U were seeing 800-855Mbps on the dnld.. Eur usd rate forecast As a further suggestion for a wintertime weekend project consider this:

The store bought ARM and Broadcom routers are no where near as capable as even a small Intel computer. Cad to usd chart And their ethernet ports are Gig Ethernet. Math jokes No such thing as of yet, as any avail reasonably priced router with anything over a Gig Ethernet WAN port.

If U wanted to take full advantage and wring out all the available bandwidth outa your Internet connection you may consider a simple roll your own 10Gig Ethernet Router (10GE) AND that would also give U plenty more “muscle” on the VPN processing side of things than ever a “store bought” router could. Usd xau (or even VLAN side if U also use those features).

Here’s what we’ve done, (Bcs U earlier posted that U wanted to hear bout wat people are doing direct from their ONT) –OH! AND BTW, i’m not putting down netGear or TP Link nor Asus store bought routers, i use Netgear Nighhawk R7000’s a lot, bcs they get the closest to GigE processing WAN2LAN and LAN2WAN at a reasonable cost (we’re getting thm at bout a lil over $100 on ebay and bought some at $70-$80 even as they’re getting older, but they’re still the best for our wired purposes and ability to accept open fw’s) with already packaged eqpt tht i just leave with stock firmware to leverage their hw accelaration or flash with any of 4-5 open firmware choices.. Stock meaning dictionary etc, and if U need better performance a Ubiquiti ER-8 or ER-8Pro (pro is better choice) will do nicely, tho still limited by GigEthernet ports at best, .. Usa today sports images i’m just saying there’s a better option for even slightly tech savvy users is all– go on ebay and get 1 or 2 X540-T2 dual 10GE adapters, you will find china sourced ones at close to $100 ea or so, or USA sourced ones at roughly less than double that cost, then grab a now older i5 or i7 or Xeon smaller computer with some available expansion slots in it and bout 4GB of RAM which isn’t much these days. 1 usd to irr Put at least one of the X540-T2 dual port 10GE cards in the computer. Futures in the stock market (BTW, the x540-T2 U can dnld drivers from intel for just about any OS being used, whether M$ or Open Source, very well supported NIC hw).

Download and burn an install CD of one of the Linux or BSD based routers, (most are GUI configured Just like DDWRT or Tomato etc), there are so many choices, just google ’em, i reccm OPNsense or VyOS (VyOS is just command line but it is FASSTTTT and can do everything), so say OPNsense ( ), install it as per CD install instructions on the small intel box you’ve chosen and once installed, reboot it and configure it via GUI. Usd to aed converter You will now have a much more robust (more “cowbell”) router than U would ever be able to buy at reasonable cost that can keep up with just about any VPN and VLAN tasks U may throw @it.. Current binary samsung official U will also be at above GigE speeds natively with out having to fiddle with NIC teaming or bonding and such headaches and troubleshooting and thus be able to wring all availB bandwidth avail 2U fr your provider. Binary code destiny In present 10GE equipped cities such as Detroit (via Rocketfiber), Chatanooga (via their local electrical utility company) i would like to see (and hear first hand, rather than hearsay) if ths is the way they’re going rather than depend on their ISP provided hw.

Reason i signed on to these forums earlier this morning actually, is we just started seeing 750/750 FIOS installs in Boston and they are all configured on the GPON GigE equipped ONT Vz Fios boxes as 1024/1024, so essentially they’re config’d same way as Google fiber cities, but we’re not a Google Fiber nor an AT&T GigE fiber city. Stock market trading hours central time I posted a question myself on another thread bcs i wanted to know if there was any way to either bypass the ONT and plug into the fiber directly into a very lo cost Mellanox or Chelsio fiber transceiver card (turns out there’s not, Vz’s eqpt, the so called OLT, has to be able to talk to their customers’ ONT to give it permission to talk back, reminds me of the old Token Ring network architecture) i then asked if it was possible for an ONT to have a 10GE port rating, and that answer is not yet, and wait for it..