Forex is very lucrative for the diligent trader


You’ve read through all (or most of) the articles, have gone through all the warnings and precautions about unrealistic expectations, reckless and risky practices, and compulsive trading, and what not, and you are still interested in forex? You’re not intimidated by sensible, realistic, and honest discourse about what can and cannot be achieved by a currency trader. Nor are you a dweller of cloud-cuckoo-land: you don’t seem to expect great returns for no effort.
Congratulations, that shows that you’ve got the right attitude, and are well-placed to step into the higher grades of your education. To scale a mountain is effortful, but the most spectacular view can only be enjoyed at the top. And so if you were willing to put up with all the bothersome talk on what is dangerous about forex, now you deserve to hear what is good, and just not good, but magnificent and awesome about participating in this wonderful market. Forex is very lucrative for the diligent trader
Forex is serious business, and is no place for fools. True, those who just want to gamble away with their money would serve themselves better at casinos than forex brokers. And no, currency trading is not a game, a pastime, or a sport for those with a lot of leisure time to spare. But forex is by far the most lucrative and profitable financial business for the patient, reasonable, and diligent individual who is willing to invest the time and energy necessary for success. And yes, it is possible to achieve spectacular returns in this market, if you’re ready to pay for it: you’re going to devote a significant amount of time to learn the rules and better your skills; you’ll have to tame your pride when you achieve unbelievable returns on your investments, and suppress your fears when relatively harmless but inevitable losses threaten your determination for success. But in the end, the markets are driven by facts, and if you follow them for profit, the logical consequence of your actions will be profits, nothing more, and nothing less. Are you the perfect trader personality?
Are you ready for a career in which you make the choices, you take the risks, and you bear the risks and rewards for your decisions? Is your passion for success strong and persistent enough to survive the foolishness of the herd, and the stridency of the mass media? Is your drive for achievement powerful enough to lead you through the clouds of uncertainty by persevering on what you know to be right, what you know to have been proven right through the ages?
Can you study and think for your own future? Do you value an independent mind, and critical thinking as qualities necessary for success in any serious endeavor? Are you aware of the role of persistence and patience in achieving your goals? The right character can achieve great success
If your answer to the above is a yes, then you have the right frame of mind for a perfect trader. Realism is the trader’s philosophy: he’s as incredulous of those who believe Warren Buffet or Jim Rogers to be superhuman, infallible prophets as he’s of those who sell the super-duper insuperable methodology of the century, or the top-secret indicator of the millennium for hundreds of dollars. Great success in trading, and certainly in currency trading is definitely possible; large profits, and dividends are surely achievable if we’re willing to adjust our own characters, and improve our mentality to suit the task at hand. The wrong personality for trading forex
One who thinks that he’s a great genius who’s always right about the markets would serve himself better by selling crystal balls: his arrogance is unlikely to last more than a few hours in the forex market. The seeker of the thrill of trading and the excitement of risky behavior would surely be happier bungee jumping than trading currencies; in any case, the chances of him making any profit in either activity is equally slim. Trading forex is not very time consuming for the right type of trader
But if you don’t mind appearing boring and conservative among your trading peers, if you don’t enter this business for an ego-boost, or fame or social approval, but all you want is building a long-term fortune through hard work and study, then don’t waste any time in making the decision. Forex is as valid as a business as any other activity; its only difference lies in the profit potential, and the great number of opportunities: it’s almost impossible to miss the train of profit in this business. And no, don’t think that you have to give up your full-time job, or to listen to Bloomberg all the time, subscribe to forex webcasts, and read 1000 boring volumes on technical analysis to achieve success. Quite the opposite, as we’ve been insisting throughout our study in these pages, the facts that drive economic events are in fact very simple and straightforward. But it takes understanding, logical thinking and strength of character to do what is right, and to profit from them, and that’s all. The pleasure of a successful trader

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