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Jean-Jacques Calbayrac bought his first Game Boy Camera at a flea market around a decade ago, “just for the fun of it,” he said. Euro dollar exchange rate chart “You take like four or five pictures and you’re like, OK, yeah, I’m done with that.”

Now he has around a half dozen of the retro gaming peripherals, and he carries all of them when he’s working, walking around London snapping shots with one of the most primitive digital cameras ever made.

On his Instagram channel, gameboycameraman, Calbayrac posts photos taken exclusively with the Game Boy Camera, which launched in 1998. Usd bookstore hours The press release Instagram sent us about the project put it succinctly: “In the age of 12 million pixels, Jean-Jacques Calbayrac requires 128.” That’s the staggeringly low resolution of the GBC’s


Calbayrac started the channel as a means of blending his two loves, photography and video games, into a single project. Binary translator to text “The Game Boy was my first [game console] — the first, fat Game Boy,” Calbayrac, now 29, said. Exchange rate rmb usd “The Game Boy has something special, and I love every handheld game console from Nintendo, like Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, the Game Boy Micro, the DS, the 3DS — I love them, they’re all awesome.”

Calbayrac is from Monaco and studied art and photography in Paris at the Gobelins School of the Image. Verizon modem setup He started practicing photography almost a decade ago using digital cameras like the Canon Rebel series, which is basically the polar opposite of the Game Boy Camera.

“There are only [four] shades of colors: black, dark grey, light grey, and white, and there is nothing else,” Calbayrac said. Usd to rmb conversion “It’s shit, but in the meantime it’s so simple that it forces you to find a way to take beautiful pictures.” In other words, you have to work harder to get great photos — and you have to really know what you’re doing.

While a normal digital camera’s SD card can hold thousands on thousands of photos, each Game Boy Camera is limited to 30 shots. Aud to usd news That’s why Calbayrac carries so many with him. Cad to usd chart “Basically when I’m out I use them like I would use film for another camera,” he said.

Back in the day, the only way to get images off the Game Boy was to print IRL photos with Nintendo’s Game Boy Printer. Conversion of euro to usd To get his photos online, Calbayrac uses a special custom device that emulates the printer but instead sends the images to a memory card that can transfer them to his computer. Australian dollar trend 2016 He declined to share where he got the device, determined to make sure his trade secrets stay secrets. Usd to yen conversion “It was quite hard to find them. Convert binary I don’t want to make the game easier for anyone else,” he said apologetically. Vnd to usd “I know it’s mean.”

Thankfully acquiring the Game Boy Cameras themselves hasn’t been difficult — only slightly traumatizing. Binary to hex converter “I bought like four of them on eBay and every time I got pictures on them it was not something that I wanted to see. Binary converter It was not family pictures and things like that,” he said, laughing. 1 usd to btc “Like everything you can picture — dicks, boobs, these kinds of things. Convert to binary code And people send that through eBay, and you’re like what the f*ck guys!”