Gamescom 2017 microsoft’s’ mike ybarra talks xbox one x, pubg, and more digital trends when does the futures market open


Video game consoles are changing rub usd. Since their introduction, home consoles have been released in discrete generations, each different from the last decimal word problems 5th grade. Unlike previous consoles, however, the One X is more of an incremental improvement, in the vein of smartphones, that offers more powerful capabilities but the same basic compatibility with all things Xbox One.

We sat down with Mike Ybarra, Microsoft’s Vice President of the Xbox and Windows platform at Gamescom several days after the company’s big press conference to talk about the Xbox One X, incremental console updates, and the newly-announced partnership with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole.

Digital Trends : The line between consoles and PCs has grown blurrier in recent years, both in terms of what’s under the hood and in player expectations and experience.

As Microsoft you’re obviously playing a big role in that binary exercises. How is that merger informing your design philosophy of the Xbox going forward?

Ybarra: I think there’s a couple of things about this — one is the philosophy that Phil [Spencer, Xbox head] instilled and everyone’s rallying behind is to not think about customer segments by what platforms they play on exchange rate usd cad. We think about just gamers being gamers, and how to unite them and bring more people into this hobby that we all love and get to work in.

So, we’re trying to blur that line a lot, and it’s a journey for some people, but for others it’s like, “absolutely, we’re there–let’s keep going.” And so I like that–I like the fact that Microsoft has made Windows for the last 35 years secret messages in logos. Our group not only makes the console, we make all the Windows gaming features, so from our standpoint this is all just kind of Xbox, the global gaming brand for Microsoft.

Developers love the idea of a multiplayer pool that’s one big one vs. three or four or five small ones that sometimes get into a situation where there’s not enough people to play in some areas and whatnot thb usd. Just from a strict dev standpoint, Xbox One X is by far the easiest dev platform that we’ve created, because we largely took Windows tools and said “let’s apply them here.” Game developers love that because it means they can save time usd to inr forecast 2015. So, you combine all those things.

I like the strategy of bringing gamers together and making it easier for developers, letting them make as much money as possible on our platform.

Your partnership with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole was one of the most exciting announcements from Microsoft’s Gamescom presentation today’s exchange rate usd to cad. Can you elaborate on that partnership and how it works?

We could have created the box a year earlier–it would have been far less than the capabilities of what we have now famous quotes. We chose to wait because we saw, frankly, in holiday season across the globe 4K TV sales starting to ramp dollar and rupee exchange rate. Last year it was the number one holiday gift in the US, so we feel like we’ve hit that point well.

It’s looking at those industry trends, looking at what consumers want, where developers are limited in their creations and bringing them to life on the TV–all of those are variables that factor into when we do another console. We did this one faster than normal–usually it’s five to eight years, I would say–and in doing that we had to promise customers something: compatibility.

If we’re going to come out in three or four years with a console, all of games have to work, including the 360 back-compatibility, and the original back- compatibility on this box, and all the hardware has to work pretty seamlessly.

I don’t think we’re in a world anymore where a console comes out and you lose your library, you lose your hardware, and you lose your investment anymore. People expect that going forward, and I think that’s a trend from phones and other things as they upgrade.

The Xbox One X launch is imminent, but with the recent delay of Crackdown 3 , it seems like your holiday is a little light on games to really champion the new hardware. What’s your plan for convincing players to upgrade?

When I think about our holiday line-up, I think we have one of the best holidays ever. If you want to play racing, you’re on Xbox: Forza Horizon 3 , Forza Motorsport 7‘s going to be phenomenal.

PUBG‘s going to be huge. The PC side understands that right now, but console players are saying “we hear about this PUBG thing all the time, but what’s it mean for us, and let’s get into that game. So having Forza Motorsport 7, having PUBG, having things like Cuphead, which is a brand new, stylized game that reminds me a lot of Ori [and the Blind Forest] in terms of just the fun that that game brings when I play it, and Super Lucky’s Tale from a broader audience perspective.

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