Hellenic telecom organization s a _ ote group increases optical fiber and ngn investments to €1.5 billion until 2020 _ 4-traders


OTE Group increases to €1.5 billion its investments for the development of New Generation Networks in fixed and mobile telephony for the 2017-2020 period. 1 usd to idr Despite the difficult economic environment, OTE Group is expanding its investment plan by €200 million, laying optical fibers and contributing to the technological development of the country. Binary addition calculator Having invested over €2bn over the past six years, OTE Group is by far the largest investor in telecommunication infrastructures in Greece. Futures in stock market OTE Group’s investments in spectrum and TV services are not included in the above amount.

OTE Group Chairman and CEO Mr. Usd vs gbp chart Michael Tsamaz stated: “We develop the networks of the future that will meet the needs of households and businesses in the digital era. Binary search example We contribute to the national recovery effort by developing infrastructures that will boost the Greek economy and create growth prospects. Kwacha to usd Increasing our investments to €1.5 bn until the end of 2020 is a strategic decision that enables our country to achieve the EU broadband targets. 1 aud to usd Through technology, we aim to make the world a better place for all.”

With robust investments in 2017, OTE Group aims to further expand next generation networks, increase population coverage, improve mobile internet speeds and offer new possibilities and services.

In fixed telephony, OTE Group is laying optical fibers in order to provide within the year ultrafast fixed internet speeds via Vectoring technology, as soon as the regulatory authority permits it. Marriott hotel rates OTE Group has already provided access to VDSL speeds up to 50 Mbps for 46% of the population, while the COSMOTE VDSL network coverage is constantly increasing. Convert binary to text Ultimate goal and integral part of OTE Group’s technological plans is for the optical fiber to reach households (Fiber to the Home).

In mobile telephony, the population coverage achieved by the COSMOTE 4G network is already at 93%, holding on to its No1 position, far ahead of competition, while the 4G+ network has reached 82%. Convert usd to cny OTE Group was also recently the first in Greece and one of the first providers in the world to launch speeds up to 500 Mbps, making them available to consumers in Athens, Thessaloniki and other areas. Funny quotes with pictures Thanks to OTE Group investments, the service will rapidly expand all over the country.

Within 2017, the Rural Broadband project will be completed, making broadband services available to 2,247 remote areas in Northern and Southern Greece. Jpy usd exchange rate Project implementation is proceeding rapidly, with 90% of construction already completed, while VDSL speeds up to 50Mbps have been commercially launched in more than 250 communities. Gbp usd chart live The project was designed by the Secretariat General for Telecommunications and Post Offices and is implemented via a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in cooperation with Information Society S.A.

Finally, within 2017, the transformation of the fixed telephony network into All IP is expected to be completed, covering the full range of the Group’s infrastructure and services. Us stock futures marketwatch Its aim is to improve customer experience via IP telephony, high definition (HD) voice as well as added value services of the highest quality, while also improving operational efficiency.