How to cancel or delete a stuck print job in windows


If clearing your print queue by restarting the Print Spooler service is something you think you’ll be doing more than once—or you’d just rather not go through the trouble of using the Services app—you can also create a simple batch file to do the job.

Fire up Notepad or your preferred text editor. Binary music Copy and paste the following text as separate lines into the blank document: net stop spooler del /Q /F /S “%windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS\*.*” net start spooler

Next, you’ll save your document as a .bat file. 1 usd to krw Open the “File” menu and click the “Save As” command. Usd nzd chart In the “Save As” window, browse to the location you want to save the file. Dollar euro exchange rate today On the “Save as type” drop-down menu, choose the “All files (*.*)” entry. The fx firm Name your file whatever you like, but include “.bat” at the end. Binary code translater Click “Save” when you’re done.

You can now double-click that batch file to clear the print spooler whenever you want. Html code reader Better yet, create a shortcut to the batch file and then place that shortcut where it makes the most sense to you—desktop, Start menu, or taskbar—and you’ll have one-click access to clear and restart the print spooler whenever you want.

1 usd to bgn Restart or Cancel Some or All of Your Printing Documents

If clearing and restarting the print spooler didn’t do the trick, the next step you’ll want to take is to see if you can identify—and cancel—whatever document is stuck. Usd brl exchange rate Sometimes, clearing a single stuck document will get your printer going again and any other print jobs in the queue can finish printing normally. Funny quotes about friendship Other times, you might have to cancel all the currently printing documents and then try printing them again.

The print queue window shows the print jobs currently awaiting printing. Yahoo news canada If a single document is causing the problem and you have more than one document in the queue, it’s usually the earliest document that’s stuck. Us futures market hours Click the header for the “Submitted” column so that the documents are arranged in the order they were submitted, with the earliest at the top. Euro to pound exchange rate today Note that in our example, we arranged the columns so they would fit in our screenshot better, so your “Submitted” column may be further to the right.

If your printer cranks up and starts printing after restarting the document, you’re good to go. Usd cad Otherwise, you’ll need to try canceling the document. Gender identity quiz Right-click the document again and select the “Cancel” command.

If the cancellation was successful, the document should disappear from the print queue and the printer will start printing the next document in line. Aud usd graph If the document didn’t get canceled at all—or if the document did get canceled but printing is still not happening—you’ll need to try canceling all the documents in the queue. Euro dollar exchange rate forecast 2016 Click the “Printer” menu and then choose the “Cancel all documents” command.

If restarting the print spooler and clearing documents from the print queue didn’t fix your printing problem—and your printer was working successfully previously—then you’ll likely need to turn your attention toward things like updating or reinstalling your printer drivers or moving on to whatever diagnostics are provided by the manufacturer of your printer. Hockey quotes But hopefully, these steps have helped fix your stuck print job before going that far.

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