How to compress and fit a long video onto a dvd


This is one of the most popular tutorials on Movie Studio Zen now. Usd exchange rate today If you are a beginner you may feel a little overwhelmed with all the instructions you have to follow. Binary to Don’t get overwhelmed ! Go through each step one at a time and take it slowly. Qar to usd exchange rate Once you have learnt the workflow and practised a bit with a test project, you will discover that it is actually very easy compress videos for DVD. Usd vs inr forecast 2016 If it does not work for you, make sure to read the new Troubleshooting Guide I have added to the end of this article.

There are two ways you can compress and fit videos onto a single DVD. Jpy news In this tutorial I will be showing you an Advanced Method that will give you the highest quality video possible.

Gender roles in society There is also a much simpler method you can follow by using an inbuilt tool within the DVD Architect program, however the results may not be as good. Canadian dollar in us dollar Follow this link for easy method.

I will be using three programs during this tutorial. Usd into pounds Sony Vegas Pro, DVD Architect Pro and Mark’s DVD Bit Rate Calculator. Yahoo futures market You can also use Sony Movie Studio Platinum and DVD Architect Studio instead of the Pro versions. Binary to english My instructions will work exactly the same in Movie Studio Platinum and DVD Architect Studio. Euro 2016 today match Steps involved

These are the steps you will follow in this tutorial. Euro usd news Please remember to watch the video tutorial at the top of this article, which contains much more detailed information than I can cover with just words here,

1. Usd jpy forecast 2016 You may need to use a video converter if the videos you want to import into Movie Studio are using a video codec that Movie Studio cannot read. 1 usd to inr Convert them first, then import. Rmb to usd calculator Watch this tutorial here if you need more help with this topic.

4. 1 usd to vnd Use the Bit Rate Calculator to get custom bit rates, so you can render a Video for DVD to a very precise file size that fill fit perfectly onto a single disc.

Many people record programs off the TV or save videos from YouTube and would like to store them on a DVD. Aed to usd exchange rate history If you attempt to fit anything longer than 60 minutes of video onto a DVD, you will soon discover that this can be a frustrating and wasteful task when you work out how many discs you will need.

A standard 4.7GB Single Layer blank DVD like a DVD-R or DVD+R can only hold one hour of good quality MPEG2 Video. Xau usd investing These discs can be purchased in bulk spindles for an extremely reasonable price and are the most common you will find.

Dual Layer 8.5GB recordable DVDs like DVD-DL can fit up to two hours of good quality video, however they are a lot more expensive to buy than their Single Layer smaller Brothers.

So the best solution is to learn how to compress your videos so that you can store up to double the amount of video on the same size disc. Usd to zar With the method I am about to show you, you will be able to fit 2 hours of video on a 4.7GB DVD and 4 hours of video on an 8.5GB DVD. Jpy usd chart DVD Bit Rate Calculator

This is the most important tool that you must have to follow along with this tutorial. Eur usd news Mark’s DVD Bit Rate Calculator is a little app that will automatically calculate the exact Bit Rate settings you will need to make your videos smaller in file size. Fundamentals of futures and options markets pdf There are other apps like this floating around the Internet, so you are welcome to use something else if you find something that does just as good a job. The boxmasters Click the download link below, un-zip the file and then install.

In my video tutorial I show exactly how to calculate your Bit Rates using the app. Call option put option You will use this calculator AFTER you have created and edited your project in Sony Vegas Pro or Movie Studio Platinum. Funny jokes for adults short This is because you need to know the exact length in time the video project will be. Binary bit Once you know what the time value is, you can then do your calculations with the Bit Rate application. Us stock market futures today The three Recommended Bit Rates will be entered into Custom Settings window for your Mainconcept MPEG2 Render As template. Inr to usd exchange rate history More about that in a moment. Mxn usd UPDATE FOR WINDOWS 10 USERS: Installing the Bit Rate Calculator in Windows 10

If you are having problems using or installing Mark’s Bit Rate Calculator in Windows 10, you can install the program using Compatibility Mode. Exchange rate usd to nzd Please read the following FAQ article for more detailed instructions.

In the video tutorial I show a few ways you can improve the quality of your video, before you render it into an MPEG2 Video file. Usd to ruble I show how to do the following:

Whenever you prepare a video that will be added to DVD Architect, you always render the Video and Audio Files separately. Euro pound sterling exchange rate This is just the way it is done and gives the best results. Dollar rate today in indian rupees You must also name the separate Video and Audio files the exact same name and save to the exact same folder location. Market futures today Related Tutorials for Beginners that teach the basics

If you have never made a DVD with Movie Studio Platinum, Vegas Pro or DVD Architect, it might be a good idea that you read/watch some more basic tutorials first on how to create DVDs with DVD Architect or just follow along when you watch the video tutorial on this page. Pound to usd history I highly recommend the three tutorials linked below. Stock outperform rating The first and second tutorial contain the most up to date information. Usd money converter The third tutorial is a bit older and covers every single step you could ever possibly need to know – it is an in-depth tutorial for nerds who like to know everything.

Next you can Import just the Video file you rendered. How to convert decimal fraction to binary You don’t have to worry about the Audio file, because DVD Architect will automatically match and import it for you.

Refer to some of my older tutorials on how to use DVD Architect if you are unsure about how to make Menus. You can press this link here for the full list: Articles about making DVDs

Now I am going to go through all the most common mistakes people make, when they attempt to compress DVD Video using the Bit Rate Calculator. Usd to sgd rate Using the Bit Rate Calculator

3. Usd conversion rate today (orange arrow) Set Motion Menus Running Time. Stock market trading hours pacific time I normally set to 1 minute for basic projects, however technically this can be left at zero. Eu to usd conversion If you have created multiple menu screens with moving backgrounds, you need to up this setting.

5. Basketball quotes for girls (yellow arrow) Setting the Safety Margin is the most important setting of all. Exchange rate us and canada I have found that 4% is a safe setting. Dollar conversion rate today You can go lower once you gain more experience and understand exactly what is going on.

6. Gbp to usd historical exchange rates (black arrow) Set Total Video Time. Stock market futures right now This is an equally important setting. Convert to binary Go to the very end of your timeline in Movie Studio Platinum or Vegas Pro and place cursor here. Binary trigger system Now transfer the Total Time for project into the Bit Rate Calculator.

The Bit Rat Calculator displays Bit Rates in Kbps (kilo bytes per second), whereas the Custom Video Settings for MainConcept MPEG-2 in Movie Studio Platinum and Vegas Pro display Bit Rates in bps (bytes per second).

If you DO NOT Match all your settings the same in Movie Studio Platinum/Vegas Pro and DVD Architect Studio/Pro, this will destroy all the good work you did rendering to custom bit rates. Funny jokes in urdu 2016 If you have set your your Project Properties incorrectly in DVD Architect, what will normally happen is the program will say the video is WAY TOO LARGE to fit on the disc. Binary encoding This is because the video you have imported is in PAL or NTSC and the program is set to NTSC or PAL – so DVDA thinks it has to convert the video, which means all your custom bit rates will be destroyed and DVDA will want to re-render all your videos to normal high bit rates. Euro pak rupee exchange rate When this happens to people, their normal response is to think that the Bit Rate Calculator did not work and that I don’t know what I am talking about. Text editor windows 10 You must have a PAL/PAL match or NTSC/NTSC match, if that makes sense.

The whole point of using the Bit Rate Calculator, is to get Movie Studio Platinum or Vegas Pro to do all the hard work. Future stock market predictions 2014 If you have rendered your videos correctly, DVD Architect should not have to re-render anything. Usd rub rate It can simply burn your custom made videos directly onto the DVD.

If you are in an NTSC country and rendered your videos to DVD Architect NTSC Widescreen video stream, you MUST also set your DVD Architect Project Properties to the same settings.

If you are in an PAL country and rendered your videos to DVD Architect PAL Widescreen video stream, you MUST also set your DVD Architect Project Properties to the same settings. 30 in binary There are two ways you can set your DVD Architect Project Properties correctly.

When you prepare videos for DVD Architect using Movie Studio Platinum or Vegas Pro, the Video and Audio files are always rendered/exported separately. Gender identity crisis So if you try to play the Video in Windows Media Player, you will not hear any sound. Kurs usd rupiah This is normal because you did not render the audio with the video file.

After you have imported the Video files into DVD Architect and use the Disc Preview function, you will hear the audio for your video files. New york stock exchange futures That is because DVD Architect automatically imports the separate Audio file for you.

If you still cannot hear any Audio in the DVD Architect Preview window, that means you did not name your files correctly and/or did not save them into the same folder location. Australia to us exchange rate When you render the Video and Audio files separately, you must give them the exact same name and save them to the exact same folder. Aud usd live chart If you don’t do this, the automatic file match up cannot work.

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