How to help the cause when you need help yourself


Last week, I did something I hadn’t done since coming out of my last mental health crisis: I took all the sharp knives, razors, and scissors in sight and hid them in a plastic bag under the sink.

I see the flood of calls for action and organized resistance. Funny quotes about love and life I see the ever-growing lists of numbers to call and e-mail (including senators, governors, mayors, the media, and so on).

I see organizations to donate to. Exchange rate pound to us dollar I see the petitions to call out family members and friends.

Ft future of marketing summit 2016 I see the protests and rallies to attend – and everything else presented with the same level of urgency.

How can I be of any help when a good portion of my time and energy has been focused on resisting the desire to kill myself? How do I resist feelings of worthlessness and despair when I feel worthless in supporting the cause right now?

As someone who often battles with suicidal ideation, I’m a bit of “an old hat” when it comes to strategizing new ways to resist self-destructive thought patterns.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had to navigate a storm of emotions and combat feelings that have threatened to pull me under while still finding ways to contribute where and when I can.

For those who contend with suicidal ideation as a lived, perhaps daily, reality, below is a guide to engagement and self-care, as well as a few approaches to activism. Usd to inr conversion rate 1. Convert nzd to usd Have Empathy for Yourself

But when you are mentally ill, prioritizing one’s mental health in the face of calamity can feel like the ultimate form of selfishness, leading to a shame spiral marked by feelings of worthlessness, particularly in times of great need for social action.

I have to ask myself, do I extend the same judgmental attitudes toward others working in the cause whom I admire? Is it reasonable for me to expect others to put their mental health so at risk by being on all the time?

Would I really want any of my activist friends to drive themselves to suicide? Can I not work on extending the same love and empathy I have for others towards myself?

When we see calls that are beyond our ability and means, rather than allow those messages to contribute to feelings of abject worthlessness, perhaps we need to allow that those calls are meant for those with the means to take action.

There is a difference between those who haven’t called out oppressive family members because it’s hard, awkward, and uncomfortable, and refusing to speak to abusive family members who are the source of trauma in which any conversation might trigger suicidal thoughts.

If using the phone sends you into a panic, understand that calling Congress is not for you. Usd to pound conversion The same is true if you are agoraphobic and can’t attend protests and rallies.

When battling fragmented identity, trauma, feelings of worthlessness, and suicidal ideation, it can be all too easy to project ableism inward (and outward as well).

Try reflecting on your intrinsic value. Python tutorial download Keep reminding yourself: My life has value outside a lack of productivity. Silver chart price And this applies even when thinking about activist activities.

Some days, all I can do to offer support is to encourage activist writers online. Australian dollar trend 2016 If the only thing you can do is retweet when you are too unwell to do otherwise, you have taken part.

On better days, I can manage to write something. Stock market futures bloomberg On good days, I can attend a protest. Malaysian ringgit to usd history And even then, I know I have to pace myself. Convert aed to usd If I can’t go the entire distance, I give myself permission to bow out after an hour or two.

Celebrate even the tiniest of victories, like remembering to take your meds on bad days, assuring yourself that when you are well enough you can and will do more – no matter how insignificant that contribution might feel at the time. Aud to usd graph 5. World stock market futures bloomberg What to Do When There Are No Good Days

During the height of my last mental crisis, it felt particularly cruel to be called upon to stay on this Earth because I was “needed” when I was battling the worst psychic pain.

It has been reported that a Neo-Nazi site has been encouraging its readers to troll targeted people into suicide. Binary code to english Resist adopting a strategy endorsed by the enemy by refusing to turn projections of their violence inwards.

Do not give into feelings of being too much of a burden when you are in deep despair and psychic pain because you imagine resources are better spent elsewhere with world conditions as they are. Euro football scores Reach out (I know how fucking hard this is, I know, I know).

Make the calls to suicide hotlines. Stock market futures 2014 Or reach out to text or chat support if phone calls are too overwhelming. Financial futures market Understand that drawing upon all the resources you need is a form of activism in combatting ableism. Call option definition Issues around mental health and suicide have value.