How to make your content marketing impossible for competitors to copy


How to Make Your Content Marketing Impossible for Competitors to CopyThe more advancements in digital marketing we make and the more information on how to spy on competitors we share, the more those things are being adopted in various industries around the world.

When you’ve got a direct competitor shadowing your content marketing strategy, social engagement, and audience outreach, it’s enough to inspire vengeance and make you lose focus!

It makes you question whether it’s something that should be promoted. 100 aud to usd Where’s the line between spying to replicate a competitor and just monitoring for awareness?

The main issue is the individual who is your competitor.

Gold price in usa per ounce They are in business for the same reasons you are—to make money. Pound to usd conversion They want to gain market share; they want the audience’s attention; and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

They may not have the skill to understand who their audience really is or the creativity to come up with something original. Stock meaning in urdu Perhaps they feel that they don’t have the time to source their own materials, so they ride your coattails.

Creating original content is not an easy task, especially packing in a lot of value. Futures market hours of operation A long-form post can take hours to research and write. Stock market definitions terms Some articles may even take days to produce. Equity meaning in real estate That’s a significant investment.

Rather than adding to the noise in the industry with shorter posts, he created comprehensive articles of great length around a specific industry gap, loaded with value for the reader.

And because of the exhaustive nature of the content, they would need to commit considerable time to come up with a different angle—which is almost the same as researching and producing original content.

You will see not only stronger relationships develop with your brand but also a lot more shares and engagement around your content. E mini dow trading hours 2. Binary decision tree Don’t just curate. Commodity futures market Cooperate

Finding great content to curate is like gold. Hockey blackhawks It’s content you didn’t have to spend time producing, but your audience will still enjoy it and appreciate the information.

If you co-produce something with them or guest-post, you can share that like curated content when it goes live. Pound exchange rate history It’s branded to the influencer, so your audience will pay closer attention.

Do this on a regular basis with influencers and other businesses that share audience interests with you, and you’ll make it next to impossible for a competitor to swipe the content you’re “curating.”

Diversification in your content can make it a lot harder for this to happen. Code translator Creating derivative content from a blog is easy, but it’s not as easy when things have a little more production value.

Likewise, by diversifying your content, you’ll be distributing it through different channels, which improves your overall reach and visibility with new audience segments. Mortgage meaning dictionary Conclusion

If you’ve had enough with competitors gaining from your hard work, sweat just a little harder and create something that makes it impossible for them to capitalize on unless they work just as hard.