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This distance learning course in Human Resource Management focuses on the social and psychological processes operating in organizations. Fraction operations worksheet Drawing on current and classic theory and research, the course enables you to understand organizations and develop ways of improving them.

Redeveloped in 2014, the course features a range of new modules including ‘Comparative employment relations’, ‘Leading and developing people’, and ‘Human resource strategies’. Verizon troubleshooting Your study experience is enriched through online seminars and discussions and a personal tutor.

These are an ideal option if you’re keen to update your professional knowledge, enhance your career, or sample the programme.

Famous quotes about life changes If you meet the necessary entrance requirements and later decide to apply for the MSc, you can gain credits for any modules you have completed. Usd chf chart The fee per module taken on a stand-alone basis is £1,315 in 2017-18.

On your home computer, you can watch the same lectures as those given ‘live’ to postgraduate students studying on campus at the University of London, accompanied by PowerPoint slides. Usd to aed rate You are also supported by:

The programme is developed by academics within the Department of Organizational Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. Futures and commodity market news The department is the oldest and largest of its kind in the UK and makes a major contribution to research in the field of behaviour at work. Stock futures meaning It is a major provider of academic and professional training in organizational psychology (also known as occupational psychology) and career management.

Graduates of this course go on to become trainers, motivators, careers advisers, managers and consultants within large multinational companies, government departments, or in any organization where advanced knowledge of organizational psychology may be useful.

if you wish to complete in the minimum study period, you should be prepared to study 20 hours per week during the academic session. Asian stock market cnn money Academic sessions run from September until July in 2016-2017.

This course covers 4 issues in organizational research. Rmb usd chart The first issue addresses some basic topics on doing research in organizational settings such as understanding an empirical research model; formulating testing hypotheses; understanding research paradigms, and knowledge on writing a research proposal. Euro vs usd forecast The second issue concerns the quantitative methods. Stock plan connect morgan stanley The third issue focus on the qualitative research methods. Aud usd history The last issue touches on two other types of research techniques: using experimental design and conduction cross-cultural studies. Jpy to usd exchange rate history Overall this course introduces social sciences methods as applied broadly to the study of topics that arise as part of organisational life.

Sessions covered may include: Introduction, Who am I, Careers, Professional and ethical practice, Professional relationships, Expectations and challenges, Planning and goal setting.

Demonstrate awareness of the importance of act ethically and professionally with a demonstrated commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity and to continuous personal and professional development.

Sessions covered may include: Introduction, HRD and motivation, Leadership and followers, Flexible working and change management, Aims and objectives of HR and HRD functions, Professionalism and corporate social responsibility, HRD contemporary trends and practices.

Enable students to develop a critical understanding of the strategic concept of human resource development and how it can enhance learning, skills, personal development and performance within the organisation.

Debate and critically evaluate the characteristics of effective leadership and the methods used to develop leaders in organisations taking into consideration HRDs role in the interaction between power, culture, knowledge and HR /HRD development.

Sessions covered may include: Introduction, HR and the organization, Employment life-cycle from entry to exit, Recruitment and Selection, The employment relationship, Performance and reward, HRS contemporary trends and challenges.

Apply this knowledge to a variety of complex situations, recognising the integrated nature of managerial decisions and the challenges of effectively implementing HR practices within a wide variety of organizations.

Compare and contrast strategic approaches to recruitment, selection, development, rewards and employee exit (including consideration of a range of demographic, social, technological and regulatory trends).

Identify effective approaches to developing employee engagement and to ensuring positive employer/employee relations (including consideration of a range of demographic, social, technological and regulatory trends).

Review the respective roles of (and dynamics between) HR practitioners and other key stakeholders (both within and without the organization) in the delivery of HR practices throughout the employment life-cycle.

This is a central module on the MSc degree programmes in HRM offered by Birkbeck College, Departments of Management and Organisational Psychology (face-to-face version) and Department of Organisational Psychology (distance learning version). Convert us dollars to euros It covers the theory and practice of human resource management at the international level, working with other cultures and values, the practice of HRM in multi-national firms, including performance management and training, as well as international regulation and governance.

The module is designed to provide an introduction to key techniques for selection and assessment at work, including issues relating to the reliability and validity of these methods. Gbp usd live chart It also covers the nature of job performance, the relationships between cognitive ability and personality and job performance, psychological processes affecting selection decisions, and fairness.

Explain different accounts of the nature of job performance, discuss ways in which performance can be assessed in organizations, and ways in which job performance can be measured.

Discuss statistical and other ways of evaluating the validity and reliability of selection methods, and describe evidence relating to the validity a common selection methods.

Also, students who have not followed an HRM or organisational behaviour course at undergraduate level will find this module difficult and will have to work hard to familiarise themselves with the literature. Aud to usd conversion This will involve considerable extra reading and study.

This module is concerned with different approaches to managing and leading people at work. Aed conversion to usd The field of Human Resource Management focuses on theory and practice of the management of employment or people in organizations. Usd to ngn The field of Leadership focuses largely on the management of soft factors at work from the perspective of leader and followers. Exchange rate eur usd In other words, HRM focuses on the more formal aspects of managing employment relationships in general and leadership deals more with the process and interactions between a group of individuals consisting of leaders and followers.

Apply theories and concepts of HRM and leadership to various applied contexts and critically assess these explain some of the practical issues surrounding HRM and leadership.

Throughout the whole of your MSc course you will be learning research methods and working towards your research project. Gold price in us We encourage students to identify research questions at work that interest them early in the course and many students work on projects within their own organizations. Usd to vnd This is your opportunity to develop expertise in a specific area of interest and possibly even publish.

On the basis of your proposal topic you will be assigned a Project Advisor to give feedback on your proposal and support your research. Usd cad forecast 2016 You will work with them to submit a research paper by 31 August in the year of submission.

When you register we will send you an individual study pack containing a range of specially written materials to help you plan your studies and prepare for examinations including:

The Virtual Learning Environment provides an opportunity, through the Internet, for students to interact through tutor-supported computer conferencing. Convert usd into gbp Using the conferencing system you will discuss topics in tutored groups of normally 12 to 15 students. Usd to inr exchange rate comparison Computer conferencing for each module takes place at specific times of the year.

The International Programme is self-taught using the study materials provided. Hkd to usd These are fully comprehensive, with the exception of the Research Project, students are not required to purchase or obtain any other materials. Singapore to usd exchange rate All of the necessary reading material to obtain the MSc or Diploma is supplied.

Students are also able to receive support through academic staff, who mark and give feedback on essay questions and mock examination questions. The boxer lyrics Although these essays are not compulsory and the marks obtained do not contribute to the overall assessment, students often find it helpful to receive academic feedback on their work to ensure that they are reaching the standard required for the Diploma or MSc. Future stock market prices In addition, writing essays can be a useful aid in preparing for examinations. Binary to bcd converter Fees

A good honours degree or equivalent, in any subject, from an institution acceptable to the University. Cad usd history Applicants without a degree but with appropriate industrial experience will also be considered on an individual basis.

(TOEFL) iBT Test of English as a Foreign Language overall score of 92 or above with at least 22 in both Reading and Writing Skills sub-tests and at least 20 in both Speaking and Listening sub-tests.

Students applying for Individual Modules should satisfy the entrance requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma or MSc. Yuan to usd However, if you do not hold such qualifications, the University may still consider your application but will require evidence of your ability to undertake advanced study.

Birkbeck was founded in 1823 as the London Mechanics’ Institute. Decimal calculator that shows work Its mandate was to bring higher education to the working classes. Market futures From its inception Birkbeck has earned a reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Usd to cad exchange rate It is unique in its special mission to enable mature students to gain higher education qualifications via part-time study. Nzd usd investing Consequently, staff are experienced in ensuring a flexible learning environment.

Birkbeck ranks among the top 200 universities in the world, according to data published in the 2010-11 Times Higher Education World University Rankings [external link]. Bloomberg pre market futures Ann Mroz, editor of the Times Higher Education magazine, commented: “The top 200 universities in the world represent only a tiny fraction of world higher education and any institution that makes it into this table is truly world class.”

Birkbeck’s Department of Organizational Psychology is the oldest and largest department of its kind in the UK and makes a major contribution to research in the field of behaviour at work. Usa to india exchange rate It is one of the principal providers of academic and professional training in occupational psychology within the UK.

The Department, located in the new purpose-built Clore Management Centre in Bloomsbury in London, provides exclusively part-time courses for mature students who benefit from the opportunity of combining work experience with advanced study. Binary translator to text As well as providing established and innovative teaching programmes, members of the Department are dedicated to conducting internationally recognised research in the field. Convert usd to pounds The Department enjoys good relationships with industrial research partners and has been successful in attracting UK Research Council grants for innovative research.