Hypocrisy abounds as gop fawns over nominee _ opinion _ eugene, oregon


But it’s hard to find someone more decent or qualified than Garland, as many Republicans acknowledged. Binary arithmetic Garland’s experience, temperament and character mattered not a whit to the GOP. Usd inr rate live In fact, the party seemed to fear that in a hearing, he’d come off as too sensible.

And you can count on charges that Democrats are being “partisan” in their concern that Gorsuch, based on his record, is a conservative judicial activist who will tilt sharply toward corporations over workers, and against environmental and other forms of protective regulation.

But conservative judicial mavens have already made clear that outcomes-oriented jurisprudence is their thing now, even if they disguise it behind grandiloquent words such as “originalism” and “textualism.” Trump, after all, picked Gorsuch from a roster prepared for him by right-wing interest groups.

Let this nomination also be the end of any talk of Trump as a pro-worker “populist.” Gorsuch is neither. Ringgit to usd exchange rate Trump could have made things harder for Democrats and progressives by nominating a genuine moderate. Binary to number Gorsuch may be nice and smart, but “moderate” he isn’t.

At least I understand Republican and conservative hypocrisy on this subject: They are focused on power and who will wield it. Euro dollar exchange rate bloomberg I find it harder to understand well-meaning people who were appalled by the hyper-politicization involved in the Garland blockade but now claim that an effort to stop Gorsuch’s confirmation will only make matters worse.

If someone slugs you, should you be condemned if you defend yourself by swinging back? If a bully makes someone’s life miserable, will taking him on and calling his bluff only make matters worse?

But if you are not a pacifist, ask yourself how this procedural extremism will be halted if one side is rewarded for violating all the conventions and rules of fair play and the other side just meekly goes along.

The Rubicon was crossed with Garland. Usd to rm Conservatives complain about the treatment of the late Robert Bork when he was named to the court in 1987, and they turned the word “Borked” into a battle cry. Stock market futures tomorrow But Bork got a hearing and a vote on the Senate floor, which he lost. Live quotes commodity futures market To be “Merricked” is to be denied even a chance to make your case.

The Garland case was only a particularly egregious example of what we have to fear even more in the months to come. Gold price history chart The road to the outrages we are seeing from Trump was paved by his party’s violation of long-standing norms.

Such norms were brushed aside again Wednesday when the Senate Finance Committee suspended the rules to ram through two Trump cabinet nominees. Us stock market hours How often will Republicans run roughshod over their opponents to do Trump’s bidding?

There comes a time when the only way to stand up against future abuses is to insist that there will be no reward for the abuses that have led us to this point. Weizmann forex ltd If not now, when?