‘i want you’_ artists and world war i in philly


Marsden Hartley (1877–1943) created this work circa 1914–15. Usa today sports lines It is an oil on canvas painting. Average exchange rate usd to cad 2015 (Photo: The Collection of the Frederick R. Oil futures marketwatch Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Bequest of Hudson D. British pound to usd history Walker from the Hudson D. Usd to myr conversion Walker Collection)

American artists were engaged actively in discussions that both supported and protested the war effort, mobilizing patriotism to attack the looming threat from abroad versus turning inward and questioning our nation’s intervention.

Smartly, the show begins with a focus on Marsden Hartley and Childe Hassam, two American painters who worked on opposite sides of the Atlantic and are hung across from one another in the first gallery. Based in Berlin, Hartley uses the modernist aesthetic of cubism to create collage-like textured paintings filled with motifs and insignia that are personal tributes to his lover, a German officer killed in battle in 1914.

Usd inr exchange rate history The abstract compositions extend to his painted frames working in New York after the United States officially entered the war.

Childe Hassam’s (1859–1935) painting ‘Avenue of the Allies, Great Britain’ is a 1918 oil painting by the American artist. Aud usd exchange rate history (Photo: Photo: ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Art Resource, NY)

Hassam celebrates the nation’s patriotic fervor. Influenced by Claude Monet’s views of French boulevards displaying flags, Hassam produced a series of flag-decorated urban street scenes.

In “Avenue of the Allies, Great Britain, 1918” one of five on view in the show, the Impressionistic image looking up Fifth Avenue has an exuberance and vibrant energy of colorful brushstrokes to depict the flags of Britain, Brazil, Belgium, and the United States that are blowing in the air and seem almost mysteriously suspended above the street.

At the press preview for the exhibit’s opening, Anne Knutson mentioned almost as an aside that Flagg used his own face for this potent representation of Uncle Sam.

On the other hand, Laura Brey’s “Enlist — On Which Side of the Window Are YOU?” is a powerfully persuasive image of masculine intimidation to encourage men to join those brave soldiers who have already signed up and left their homes.

‘Destroy This Mad Brute—Enlist, 1917,’ looks like a King Kong movie poster, and depicted the perceived threats from foreign shores. Stock market trading hours christmas eve (Photo: Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin.)

George Bellows’s “The Return of the Useless” is a compelling painting of Belgian citizens who had been forced into slave labor and are sent home in a railroad box-car once they were no longer physically able to work (“useless”) for the Germans. Usa today newspaper online The coloring of his canvas looks as if it had been stained by blood, while the theatrical lighting on the open door reveals innocent victims inside the freight car.

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