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You can only optimize an algorithm in so many dimensions. Shoe size conversion uk to us Without making this a debate about affirmative action, I’d like to point out that if you’re designing an algorithm to optimize for raw skill comparison in tournament match-ups, optimizing it to rebalance match-up results to be more mixed essentially voids that first optimization. Usa today sports lines In the aggregate, you’re producing very different results by doing that.

Average exchange rate usd to cad 2015 To put it simply, would you rather have skill-based fairness in a tournament or gender-based fairness?

You can design the algorithm in such a way that your priors are mistaken, or bias creeps in (though theoretically that can be self-corrected). Oil futures marketwatch But assuming that’s not the case, and the algorithm correctly matches up mostly women v. British pound to usd history women and men v. Usd to myr conversion men in a skill parity optimization, you have a fair result for the purpose of a tournemant; i.e. Usd inr exchange rate history skill-based match-ups.

If at that point you have an issue with the match ups for reasons of gender or ethnic parity, I would argue that you should seek to correct the upstream issues, not the algorithm. Aud usd exchange rate history In other words, try to get more women playing chess – make the sport appeal to them more, make it more inclusive, etc. Stock market trading hours christmas eve Rebalancing an algorithm is, in my view, a handicap, whether it’s applied to gender disparity or any other disparity. Usa today newspaper online I feel it does a disservice to both parties and doesn’t really solve the root issue.

* Not sure if pro chess needs more women, men or computers spending their energy on it. Dollar euro forecast 2016 I guess stuff like this is its own reward but being good at it comes at a price and competition guarantees that this price will be the highest people can possibly pay. Usd zar chart I guess it should be kept legal but I don’t see why encourage it.

* Judith Polgar, who ranked #10 among humans and #1 among women, had a crazy dad set out to prove that “any child can be raised to become a genius.” Here I use “crazy” in colloquial terms but AFAIK men are more likely to experience mental illness in professional terms.

* Could it be that fewer women are crazy enough to devote their lives to chess than men? Is it really a problem? The societal benefits of chess are not obviously worth the opportunity cost, as someone with a potential as a chess player could probably do something most of us consider more productive.

None of this is in response to TFA (and I wish Hou Yifan success in everything she does), I’m only replying to your point about women being as “good” as men at competing at an inherently unproductive mental activity.

The major titles, tournaments, and ratings aren’t gendered and haven’t been for a long time. Usd aed rate That said, it is still the case that today’s active male players tend to be overwhelmingly better than active female players at chess, so separate tournaments and titles were specifically created just for women. Usd to gb No women are restricted from the “main” tournaments or the “main” titles, though. Aud to usd exchange rate It is entirely possible for a woman to dethrone Magnus Carlsen as World Chess Champion — it’s just never happened before.

As for why this discrepancy exists, that’s really a very different question, and it’s one that I don’t know the answer to. Euro to usd graph There are potentially many factors at play. Best exchange rate for usd to inr It could be as innocent as there are many more male players than female, so the odds are much higher for super-high-skill players to emerge in the male population than the female population.

Even if you intend to have a good faith discussion about gender dimorphism in chess (whether it be intrinsic or extrinsic), the resulting thread has a high potential for descending into ideological chaos.

I’d recommend not taking the stand that “women are physically disadvantaged in chess” is a “simple fact.” You welcomed citations for reasons why that may or may not be – but much like sociological studies across ethnic differences in accomplishment, studies across gender differences accomplishment for non-physical activity are going to be, shall we say, “muddled.”

People may not be able to levy citations that argue against that thesis, but it’s still a very difficult thesis to defend both socially and rhetorically. Convert hkd to usd Engaging in dialectics about it is unlikely to be productive, and I think it’s probably more fair to take an even ground in the absence of compelling evidence on other side. Used bookstores chicago Extrinsically, yes, women display collective disparity in overall chess accomplishment. Rmb usd converter But we cannot infer anything about womens’ chess ability intrinsically unless we have more women in chess. Uk to us dollars Specifically, we cannot infer anything physically about the female brain that would demonstrate a disadvantage.

This doesn’t mean you’re wrong; it just means that it’s so emotionally loaded, and so devoid of clear, replicable data that even a debate with citations will probably be disappointing at best, and personally insulting at worst.

>This doesn’t mean you’re wrong; it just means that it’s so emotionally loaded, and so devoid of clear, replicable data that even a debate with citations will probably be disappointing at best, and personally insulting at worst.

That’s right. Usd pound rate If one said women are better home makers, teachers, and parents, people would either agree with you or say you’re being sexist. Usd chart live What is wrong with teaching, parenting or home making? Without taking a position on whether men are better than women at chess, why does it even matter if women are better at some things and men at others? It’s so overwhelmingly political and emotional, and why should women be ashamed to be good parents or home makers? Those are no less respectable than any other occupation. Us stock market futures However, as you said, you can’t even touch this topic without getting in trouble.

I was just reading a book about this, “The undoing project”. Sydney futures exchange trading hours The point of the book was that statically even distribution only works in large numbers, in small numbers its normal to get uneven distributions like this. Market futures tomorrow That’s why sample size is so important in scientific research.

So, for example, when have a group of 10 men and 10 women, and you randomly pair them up in a tournament, it is normal and possible for a woman to be playing against 5 women in a row. Ukp to usd It’s not an aberration because small numbers won’t necessarily even out. Eur usd grafico However, when you get a group of 1000 men and 1000 women, and start paring them up for tournament matches, it would still be possible for a woman to end up playing against 5 woman in a row, but on the whole when taking all 500 matches she plays, it should approach 50, the aberration would be if she had played against 500 women in a row. Jpy usd That would be an indication of something suspicious.