Integrating test automation – qmetry test manager for jira – qtm for jira


Users can directly import their automation test result (JSON/XML/Zip) files using a REST API as soon as the automation test gets executed which would create a new test run in JIRA with all associated test scenarios and action steps; and results as executed in your automation test.

If the test scenarios and action steps are already present in JIRA, then they are simply associated with the newly created test run and their test run results are updated with results of automation. Exchange rate usd to nzd For every new build, it re-uses the existing test scenarios/action steps in JIRA and evades creation of duplicate scenarios/steps respectively.

All the languages supported by these frameworks are supported by QMetry Test Manager for JIRA. Usd to ruble Maven plugin only supports Cucumber + Java; REST API can be used for the rest.

If REST API is integrated in the automation process, then the CI process will upload the automation test results using the REST API as soon as the automation test completes. Euro pound sterling exchange rate The URL mentioned on the Automation API screen is used in CI for uploading the results. Dollar rate today in indian rupees The maximum file size allowed to upload are 1) JSON file: 500 MB 2) XML and ZIP: 100 MB.

Returned if results file is uploaded successfully. Market futures today The import process might take a while and you would be notified (by email or checking the status of the created test run) once the process completed.

Example { “isSuccess”: true, “data”: { “testRunURL”: ”″, “testRunKey”: “AD-1”, “message”: “Import process has started. Pound to usd history You will be notified by email once it is done. Stock outperform rating You can also manually check it by viewing the Test Run page. Usd money converter While the import is in progress, the status of the created test run would also be ‘In Progress’ and will change back once it is complete.” } }

When you call the REST API, the import process starts running in the background and the test run status is displayed as “In Progress”. How to convert decimal fraction to binary Once the import process is complete, you will be notified by email and the test run status will be changed to its previous state.

The Automation Summary.txt file gets attached to the created test run on completion of the import process. Usd to sgd rate The file contains Test Scenario and Action Step details for the test run. Usd conversion rate today It displays the following statistics:

If the automation project includes Cucumber + Java (with Maven) structure, then configure the Maven dependency in the project as described on the Automation API screen.

Open the pom.xml and add the configurations as described on the Automation API screen for Maven. Stock market trading hours pacific time Once the file is configured, the automation test results will get uploaded automatically whenever the user executes the automation project (e.g. Eu to usd conversion using ‘mvn test’).

Automation Attributes are used to identify Automated Test Scenarios and Action Steps uniquely. Basketball quotes for girls If you import another result having scenario or step, which has been imported previously, then existing Test Scenarios or Action Steps will be reused based on these attributes.