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Gear Diary: Some of our readers may see prices of $300 and up for a pair of on-ear or over-ear headphones as a bit intimidating. What would you say to encourage those who are on the fence to go ahead and invest in a premium pair of headphones?

Jonathan Levine: I’ll never forget this; I met with someone at the 2015 CES, and they asked the question, “do you think that you are building headphones of such quality and durability that it might impact your sales?” I had never thought about it like that — we just build great quality headphones. Currency exchange aed to usd I’m not trying to create a headphone ecosystem where they need to be replaced in a year or two. Exchange rate euro to usd In a world where so many products need to be replaced because their tech is outdated every six months, nothing pleases me more than making headphones that last and last, that are durable — the worst case being that their materials might develop a patina. Rmb to usd conversion There are a lot of choices below our price point, but I think people will be pleased with the quality and longevity of our products.

Gear Diary: Master & Dynamic is known for their “focus on great design, luxury materials, amazing craftsmanship, and uncompromising performance, comfort, and sound.” I appreciate that you all use leather on your earcups versus faux leather and its variants, but what made you go with leather over a different material such as suede. Gender binary Was it a touch thing? Or was it something else?

Gear Diary: According to a report published on Apple Insider, 50% of all headphones sold in 2016 were wireless. Convert ils to usd How does this impact or shape the direction you take and the resources you allow for wired versus wireless?

Jonathan: Clearly, even before Apple removed the headphone jack, we had already launched our first wireless headphone, and we had more on the horizon. Rbi forex rates The market is moving toward wireless, and we are very well positioned toward that end. Usd inr exchange rate today I have to admit, though, that I will miss the headphone jack because when you use one, everything is very tactile; when using wireless, I miss grabbing a woven cable and touching the metal end to plug into my device. Code c online While there will still be a market for wired products, the wave of the future is wireless. I credit Apple, though; they are leaders, and they pushed the market to adapt. Marketing future I’m happy that we are well positioned to do so.

Gear Diary: According to that same report, pre-AirPods four companies (Beats, Bose, Jaybird, and Plantronics) held about 50% of the entire in-ear headphone market. Us stock market futures quotes Post-AirPods, Apple (between their Beats and AirPods) took over 40% of the market themselves — even with limited AirPod availability. Usd to aud calculator How do you differentiate yourself and compete in such a tough environment?

Jonathan: Our plan is to enter the wireless in-ear market in 2017 with a few products introduced throughout the year. Usd to gbp conversion rate The way I see it, we don’t have to be first in a product line or model. Rmb to usd exchange rate We don’t design our products based on what our competition is doing, or when they do it; we like to be different and be the best in class. Market value of futures contract When we launch wireless in-ear headphones, the same consumer that is attracted to Master & Dynamic will be interested in them. Stock market in the future The price we set will also attract a whole new set of customers who might not be ready to invest in over-ear headphones.

Jonathan: Oh no, that’s like picking your favorite child! One of the things I’m very proud of, though — let’s take our headphones, the MH40, MH30, MW50, and MW60. Gender pregnancy symptoms If you were to line them up from end to end, you would see a recognizable Master & Dynamic material DNA throughout the lineup, but no two products look alike. Binary keyboard Unlike some companies that might take a pair of their headphones and change little features to create the next model, ours are engineered from the ground up for that particular model each time we create a new style.

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