Is this the coup in america_ _u. s. troops on russian border_ to start war before inauguration


How real is the clash between the rogue Manhattan billionaire and the intelligence gang behind the throne? Who will win the struggle for power over foreign policy? These are serious times and require serious considerations.

The U.S. Usd to aed rate sent an entire armored brigade to the Russian border, and Vladimir Putin is preparing as if for war. Futures and commodity market news Missile defense systems are raised; tall claims and serious charges have been leveled; diplomatic relations have chilled to a permafrost. Stock futures meaning Several Russian diplomats have turned up dead recently, including one murdered in front of cameras during a dramatic assassination in Turkey. Asian stock market cnn money Russia has bucked U.S. Rmb usd chart order in the Middle East, and carved out a potential peace deal in Syria without their consultation.

Things are reaching a flashpoint, and the system is concerned about controlling President-elect Trump given his rumored friendliness with Putin and plans to drop sanctions.

Though these two world powers have clashed repeatedly in recent years, there several key factors that make this round extra alarming – and put a peaceful transition into question of exploding into total war, and an undermining force from within the deep state, CIA and shadow government:

• Until Donald Trump swears in and settles into the White House, the U.S. Euro vs usd forecast remains in a strange air, with an open window for a coup to take place, or a major unforeseen disruption (including something like a terrorist attack). Stock plan connect morgan stanley If the deep state wants to start a war which President Trump will be forced to finish, they can. Aud usd history If the deep state wants that same war to block Trump from taking power, or from making major decisions, they will.

• With claims that Russia hacked the U.S. Jpy to usd exchange rate history election, foreign policy has never been more warlike. Convert us dollars to euros Despite lacking evidence, and a politically-heavy spin on events, the powers-that-be intend to drive home the narrative that Putin crossed the line, while Trump is his puppet, and the alternative media his mesmerized “fake news” cheerleaders. Gbp usd live chart This narrative is false, but could fan the flames for war. Aud to usd conversion The new Cold War has been solidified; the aggressive rhetoric in Washington, and highly militarized movements such something big is coming down the pipeline. Aed conversion to usd Though there may not be all out war, tensions will be very high; people will be placed under suspicion; nuclear war and other highly deadly scenarios are on the table like never before. Usd to ngn The stage is set for world war three.

• Leftists and angry Hillary supporters are revolutionary, if severely misguided. Exchange rate eur usd Rosie O’Donnell was only the latest celebrity figure to call for martial law in order to postpone the inauguration, and put Trump on trial.

Gold price in us The deep state crew that tags along with Hillary are also quite dangerous – the CIA and shadow advisor types. Usd to vnd It is possible that some of these figures are involved in assassinating diplomats, chauffeurs and personal aides close to Putin and his network.

• In his final week in office, lame duck Obama could lay an egg that hatches the war. Usd cad forecast 2016 Or, intelligence community figures could go rouge; black ops, a false flag or a successful provocation/antagonization event could trigger a massive kick off to war that no president could simply stop with the stroke of a pen. Convert usd into gbp There is the distinct possibility that if things go hot in a very short span of time, national emergency and outright war will put all other considerations behind them. Usd to inr exchange rate comparison Gear up for major conflict could be the only way to reset the devastating economic conditions, and the debt bomb that the federal government and federal reserve are prepared to drop on us.

• Defensive measures, including setting up anti-missile defense shields has moved inward, encircling Moscow, and those being used in the Ukraine, in Syria and elsewhere along the grand chessboard suggest extremely pugnacious diplomatic gestures – since true diplomacy has frozen up after repeated insult from Washington.

A US armored brigade (3rd Armored Brigade, 4th Infantry Division) is on the move to Russia’s Baltic border. Hkd to usd After its equipment begun arriving in Europe last week so now have its soldiers.

A US armored brigade fields over 400 tracked and over 1300 wheeled vehicles including 80 62-ton Abrams tanks, 140 Bradley armored fighting vehicles and 400 humvees.

Probably, they aren’t going to take any chances, and as desperate as they are, are looking to reignite public support for U.S. Singapore to usd exchange rate struggles abroad – by any means necessary.

Beware these next few weeks, and remember that the continuity of government “Doomsday” command-and-control planes were brought out after the election as a public show of power to Trump and the American people. The boxer lyrics The shadow government is real, and for now, maintain dominance.

This is not the time for games. Future stock market prices Constitutional government is in jeopardy; war provocations and assassinations are taking place, and the duly-elected next president of the United States should be very carefully protected, watched over and pray for a peaceful transition.

“In early November, without warning, the Indian government declared the two largest denomination bills invalid, abolishing over 80 percent of circulating cash by value. Binary to bcd converter Amidst all the commotion and outrage this caused, nobody seems to have taken note of the decisive role that Washington played in this.

“Not even four weeks before this assault on Indians, USAID had announced the establishment of “Catalyst: Inclusive Cashless Payment Partnership”, with the goal of effecting a quantum leap in cashless payment in India.

The press statement of October 14 says that Catalyst “marks the next phase of partnership between USAID and Ministry of Finance to facilitate universal financial inclusion”.

The statement does not show up in the list of press statements on the website of USAID (anymore?). Cad usd history Not even filtering statements with the word “India” would bring it up.

To find it, you seem to have to know it exists, or stumble upon it in a web search. Yuan to usd Indeed, this and other statements, which seemed rather boring before, have become a lot more interesting and revealing after November 8.

Reading the statements with hindsight it becomes obvious, that Catalyst and the partnership of USAID and the Indian Ministry of Finance, from which Catalyst originated, are little more than fronts which were used to be able to prepare the assault on all Indians using cash without arousing undue suspicion. Decimal calculator that shows work Even the name Catalyst sounds a lot more ominous, once you know what happened on November 9.

Catalyst’s Director of Project Incubation is Alok Gupta, who used to be Chief Operating Officer of the World Resources Institute in Washington, which has USAID as one of its main sponsors. Market futures He was also an original member of the team that developed Aadhaar, the Big-Brother-like biometric identification system.

Remember what little Chuckie Schumer, the head clown of the demoncraps said, that Trump is “being really dumb” by taking on the intelligence community because “they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

The global pedophile network at the highest levels of gvmnt, religion, and the entertainment world has been exposed. Usd to cad exchange rate They are luciferian devil worshippers, and are terrified that their global satanist child sacrificing network will bring down people at the highest levels around the world.

This is an outright insurrection within the intelligence agencies working with the news media to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency before he’s even sworn into office.

This is war against white Christians in particular and Christians generally. Nzd usd investing In every case, the Christians in each Country come under attack. Bloomberg pre market futures White Europeans around the world, regardless of religious identification or personal or political persuasions are being killed, massacred, genocided by overwhelming whites with other races via so called integration, immigration, diversity, shipping foreign races into white Countries by the millions, while traitors and foreign persons in government knowing this invasion by other names spells death to whites, the people are paralyzed by fear, suppression, and years of guilting by educators, media, government, and others planning the total annihilation of the white man on this planet and the enslavement of the remaining peoples of earth under a ZioMarxElite master and slave global dictatorship.

What were there maybe a half dozen spooks involved in playing with the fake news reports to make Trump look bad, and make up a story about Russians hacking the US election, and Russians having sex tapes to bribe Donald Trump? Bill Clinton was getting blow jobs in the Oval Office and no one gave a crap.

Anyone in the Intelligence community who would act out in revenge against a sitting president, which Trump will be in one week, because other people in their industry were caught being partisan politic Obama bots, is an idiot.

The press is now ginning up a story that the entire 80 billion a year spy branch of the US government is mad at Trump, and gonna get even? I call bull Shiit. Usa to india exchange rate The only ones trying to get even with Trump continues to be the liberal media.

The liberal media are going down in flames, and they just can’t seem to stop pumping out fake news, even though America has caught on. Binary translator to text Day by day the credibility of the MSM and Obama’s legacy seem to be in a race to hit the ground after jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

Plan twice, look around. Convert usd to pounds America has not caught on. Gender quotes People believe the lie that Hillary won by 3 mill. Equity meaning in economics votes, most get their “news” from msm (still) and last night the lying sack of crap David Muir called RT news Russian propaganda.

Don’t underestimate the intelligence community. Stock market futures fair value 65+ years of mind control projects with an unlimited budget equals many of the mass shootings, dead scientists, Seth Rich, and nobody is ever caught. Learning articles They can do anything they want and they know it. Cnbc stock market futures They have the media in their vest pocket and as long as that continues, we’ll never have a Republic.

Was talking to a libertarian friend a couple days ago and telling him some of the things we here know, and he was completely lost, as he gets all his news from Fox News.

There are those who say that according to prophecy, the 44th (Obama) will be the last president. Gbp to usd rate According to prophecy, the last president will be black. Pound exchange rate Prophecies have been interpreted to show Obama as the anti-Christ. Us stock market futures live I’m starting to think that Obama himself has heard about these prophecies and their interpretations, and he is determined to fulfill them. Aed to usd chart His actions since the election, have shown no benevolent intentions. Gbp to usd yahoo It’s like a petulant child acting up.

Traditionally, the out-going president will consult the president elect on policy decisions so as to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. Cool pictures Obama is doing exactly the opposite. Jpy usd yahoo Also, traditionally, the new president will pardon the old of any crimes he may have committed in office. Binary representation Well, Obama is showing no respect for tradition, perhaps he shouldn’t be shown any in return. Dollar rate today in india Maybe Donald will play by Obama’s new rules when he takes office and throw that vile piece of worm excrement into the deepest, darkest hole in the land and feed him nothing but dog food for the rest of his existence.

For years I have watched that slug erode and ruin a great nation and destroy countless thousands of lives. Binary search javascript His actions in the past few weeks have shown a sociopathic desire to take down every living thing on the planet before he is done. Usd euro chart For the first time in my life, I actually fear for the future. Gold price history chart 100 years There is an old Chinese curse that says, “May you live in interesting times”. Yahoo futures indices I think I am finally beginning to understand the full implications of that curse.

McCain and Graham will not rest until there is a war with Russia. Usa today They with Obama and Clinton suceeded in a Ukraine power play. Rmb usd They also hav a line of Nato troops spanning Russia’s western front. 100 eur to usd Obama has been succesful in putting the economic squeeze on Russian. Dow jones futures exchange Soros has funded everything he could! MSM is obviously toting the propoganda line to the point of looking beyond stupid if that was possible.

The AZ GOP should do the WORLD a Favor and rescind his recent election and have the GOV Jan Brewer appoint a new Sentator! They do have the power to do this and should use it.

2500 tanks have just arrived in Europe on top of 1000’s already in place. Stock connect china Must have been some of the trailored vehicles I saw heading east on the interstate? I am sick of our wasted tax payer dollars being used to stir up shit for some crazy persons EGO! I am sick of the GOV sending in our young people into terrible situations under Rules of Engagement for manical purposes and then having the gall not to care for them in the VA hospitals! I challenge 1 person to name a single event where any of the aforementioned pledged to initiate immediate action on the VA! Now NEOCONS are pushing for women in combat. Today’s futures market Its CRAZY!

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