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Imagine being able to buy shares for US$120 per share on one market and US$100 on a different exchange. Gbp to usd live charts Buying the cheaper shares of the same company would be a no-brainer for most investors.

This is exactly what’s happening with the shares of some of China’s largest companies. Pre market us stock futures They’re trading for one price on the Shanghai or Shenzhen Exchange…

but shares of the exact same company are trading at lower valuations on the Hong Kong Exchange.

The shares that trade in Hong Kong are called H-shares… and they’re one of the best-kept secrets in the investment world. Binary programming They’re the best value and opportunity to invest in China that we know of. 18 usd What are H-shares?

H-shares are the Hong Kong-listed shares of Chinese companies. 1 usd to amd They fall under the jurisdiction of Chinese law, but are denominated in Hong Kong dollars and are traded just like any other stock traded on the Hong Kong exchange.

(They’re kind of like American Depository Receipts (ADRs) traded on the New York Stock Exchange – which are the shares of non-U.S. Dow jones futures market watch companies, but they’re traded just like a U.S.-based company on the NYSE.)

H-shares allow mainland Chinese companies to gain access to Hong Kong’s stock market, and foreign investors to buy the shares of Chinese companies. Dollar to pound exchange rate graph It’s not uncommon for a large Chinese company to have both A-shares (shares that only trade on mainland exchanges) as well as H-shares. Usd zar rate Two reasons why H-shares are attractive

One way to value shares, and to assess whether they’re cheap or expensive, is the P/E, or price-to-earnings, ratio. Binary to decimal calculator The P/E ratio is a quick way to know how much you’re paying for one dollar of company earnings.

The P/E ratio can also be calculated for an entire stock index. Usd brl rate For instance, the current P/E for the S&P 500 is 20, which means you’re paying $20 for every dollar earned by the companies that make up the index.

The price-to-book ratio, or P/B ratio, compares share prices to the value of everything a company owns after it’s paid off its debts, also called the book value. Code binary A P/B ratio of 1 means that a company’s share prices are equal to the cash available to shareholders if the company sold everything it owned and paid off all its debt.

Between 2013 and 2015, the HSCEI averaged a P/B ratio of 1.2. Euro to usd exchange rate But that’s fallen to a P/B of 0.97. Decimal word problems 6th grade That’s about 3 percent less than the cash you’d raise if you liquidated each company traded on the market.

By comparison, the current P/B ratio for the Shanghai Composite is 1.6 – much higher than that of the H-share market. Binary to ascii The U.S. Ntd to usd S&P 500 has a P/B ratio of 2.8; Europe’s is 1.7; and the rest of Asia (outside of Japan) has a P/B ratio of 1.4.

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