Lawmakers, immigration experts advocate for naturalization news usd price today


AS the Trump administration continues to propose major reforms on immigration, a growing concern looms over the United States, leaving millions of undocumented immigrants unsure of their futures.

Since the November 2016 election of President Donald Trump, there has been a huge uptick in naturalization inquiry among members in the undocumented community who fear Trump’s deportation promises might separate families.

Amid all the worry and anxiety among immigrants — regardless of legal status — legal experts and lawmakers alike encourage all eligible immigrants to consider their options, including applying for citizenship.

“Many people have been wondering if it’s safe to apply for citizenship pound to euro exchange rate today. Well we’re here with a common message, which is that the laws have not changed; you are eligible and want to be a United States citizen, this is the time to apply,” President and Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles (Advancing Justice – LA) Stewart Kwoh said at a press conference on Monday, April 24.

“You should apply now because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks, the next few months or the next year.”

“It has been about 100 days since Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States and in these 100 days our country has changed dramatically,” Chu expressed, assuring that she and other Washington lawmakers are working hard to challenge these “harmful policies that are negatively impacting our immigrant communities.”

Chu — who was the first Chinese-American woman elected to the U.S usd eur converter. Congress — mentioned her efforts in raising these concerns with Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, with whom she recently convened a meeting with the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC).

“During this meeting, we raised our concerns about everything from President Obama’s increased enforcement and border wall to the [Trump] administration’s attack on sanctuary cities, his roundup of DREAMers as well as the uptick of aggressive actions of the ICE agents and the TSA agents at the airports,” Chu recalled.

“While the secretary listened to our concerns, his answers were not comforting,” Chu lamented euro to dollar exchange rate 2015. The actions that the DHS has taken over in the last few months have shown us the type of the administration we are dealing with and it is not a positive sign, but nonetheless, we are pushing.”

There are more than 300,000 Asian immigrants in Southern California who are eligible for U.S. citizenship with more than half of them residing in the Los Angeles County.

After the November 8 election, the city of Los Angeles has declared itself a sanctuary city, meaning that it will limit its cooperation with the federal government to support its undocumented immigrant community.

“Empowerment begins with citizenship,” said LA Councilmember David Ryu of the 4th District, who was naturalized at 18 years old and has since remained a long-time immigrant rights activist.

Ryu, the first Korean American elected to the LA City Council, discussed the responsibilities of being a U.S. citizen, emphasizing the importance of voting and participating in the electoral process.

“Naturalization is the ultimate and strongest protection against aggressive tactics from the federal government that undermines the value and importance of immigrants and their contributions to society,” Ryu said.

Advancing Justice – LA has been active in expanding its services to the undocumented community in the county by hiring temporary legal staff and creating programs like the Endless Possibilities, Citizenship Now! Program to encourage Asian Americans to naturalize.

“We knew our communities were motivated to naturalize for increased job opportunities, family reunification and access to benefits,” Christine Chen, citizenship project staff attorney, said at the press conference.

Chen mentioned that clients calling for naturalization inquiries have doubled from about 2,700 to 5,000 at Advancing Justice – LA since the election and encourage undocumented immigrants interested in citizenship to utilize their services.

To receive legal assistance from Advancing Justice – LA, individuals may call their toll-free hotline at 888-349-9695 (English) or 855-300-2552 (Tagalog). (Klarize Medenilla/AJPress)

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