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I know on the face of things, it might seem that way. Cad to usd exchange rate by date All I see on social media these days are people complaining about the past year and its hardships, the many celebrity deaths and controversial political happenings. Exchange rate usd to aud Personally, we watched our Grandma die a horrible death this year. Live quotes We are still grieving and the holidays can always make those losses feel extra hard.

Dollar euro exchange rate chart But I can’t help but call out this year on the good stuff, too.

To name a few, in no particular order: I had an amazing girl’s trip with my bridesmaids. Nzd usd forecast I had a lovely bridal shower thrown for me. Rs to usd We got married. Hulu rates My Mom beat cancer. Euro today rate in pakistan We went on a super relaxing vacation. Ukp usd I started freelance writing, a longtime dream of mine. Usd to inr conversion And then we found out we were expecting a baby. Gold graph I can’t ignore all of the horrible and upsetting things that happened this year, to many people all around the world. Europe market futures But we have to recognize our blessings too. Free tutorial for excel That’s the only way we can move forward, I think.

Life is overflowing with so much hard and wonderful, often at the same time and I really think we need both to live a full life. Usa today subscription That said, I will not meditate on my sorrows, at least not for too long. Marketing future trends I will not brush my joy under the rug because when I really focus on feeling grateful for what I have, the “good stuff” list only grows.

New Year’s Eve is my favourite holiday. Current us stock market futures There is nothing I love more than a clean slate and planning to achieve my yearly list of new goals. Usd zar forecast Entering into this year feels SO different for me. 1 usd to try I anticipate 2017 to be a big year of growth and in truth, I have no idea what awaits me. Currency converter usd to zar In some ways, I feel like writing out a list of specific goals would be setting myself up for failure, or at least what I would deem failure. Used book stores sacramento I don’t want to go into this year with a bunch of preconceived notions or expectations because I know that this mindset often leads to disappointment. Usd to zar exchange rate How many times have we gone into a situation with an idea of how it should look and then felt let down when it didn’t turn out how we expected? For me, that answer is “often” so I’m trying to enter into the coming months with an open mind. China stock market index futures It just feels like the right way for right now.

I’m taking on a huge new role in a few months, probably the most significant one I’ll ever have. Usd rupee exchange rate I’m going to become a mother. Binary file viewer I want to sit back and soak up what I have to learn this year. Gsm sms I feel ready to be a student in this new phase of my life. Usd cad chart In some ways I feel like I don’t know a damn thing and that’s kind of exciting. Gold forecast 2016 I’m hoping this journey will crack my soul wide open and mold it into something new and different. Love quotes images I am fully ready to embrace this path and all of its unknowns. 1 usd to gbp More love, less fear. Mexican peso exchange rate to us dollar More grace, less perfection. Gold background wallpaper More peace, less hurry. Exchange rate rmb usd Time goes so fast and I really want to be present for all that is to come. Futures markets definition I want to really learn to savour all the moments of my life, and to own it as mine. Binary to hexadecimal calculator That is my personal hope for 2017.

This post has been in the works for-ev-er. Binary decision diagram For awhile I felt apprehensive about writing about pregnancy on my blog because it is so personal and feels a bit TMI but it’s also a HUGE theme in my life right now and at times is all-consuming. Rmb vs usd exchange rate In the end, how could I not write about this experience? If you’ve been pregnant you’ll probably relate and if you haven’t this post will probably bore the heck out of you. Gender identity disorder I won’t be offended in the slightest if you skip it, either way. Usd gbp chart Be forewarned, this is a long read.

I suspected I might be pregnant because I had some unusual cramping way before my period was due but I also didn’t want to get my hopes up. Pounds to us dollars exchange rate It’s such a mind game and I really didn’t want to pay attention to it, which worked for a day or two. 1 usd to inr forecast Then I remembered that I had a couple of “for fun” dollar store pregnancy tests stashed away and I took one super early, way before my period was due. Funny jokes for kids to tell at school It was inconclusive, which made me laugh at karma poking fun at how impatient I was being. Future stock market returns The next day, I went to toss something out and saw the test in the garbage was positive. Usd currency exchange rate After a big WTF, I reminded myself that it couldn’t be trusted at this point and went on my way. Exchange rate usd to inr history Then, the next day, I took the other cheapie test, which was also inconclusive (picture me banging my head against the wall). Nzd vs usd forecast I got really crazy (or continued being really crazy?) and checked it a few hours later and saw a faint positive. Stock market cnn news I was telling Tommy all of this throughout and he kept reminding me not to read into things. Binary sms Then I reminded him who he was married to. Nzd usd chart Ha.

For the next several days, I googled pregnancy symptoms and false positives approximately 50 million times. Learning tutorials Google shouldn’t be allowed for women who think they are pregnant. The binary lab Seriously. Hockey players club I ended up somehow waiting until I was FIVE days late to re-test, popped into London Drugs on the way home from work and grabbed a two pack. Thb usd I was about to start making supper and then Tommy and I decided we couldn’t wait and I ran in to do the test. Famous quotes I had barely peed on the thing and it lit up with a positive. Vnd to usd chart Tommy was totally freaking out, told me to leave it and we would come back and check it in the two minutes. Aed usd converter I still make fun of him for this. Eur usd historical data Then he started saying that maybe the test was a fluke and that I should do the other one. Python tutorial I drank a bunch of water, did the other one and it was also positive. Usd myr exchange rate We were giddy with emotion so we went out to dinner to celebrate.

A lot more things started to make sense after this. Gbp to usd conversion I’ll leave some out for modesty’s sake, but in addition to my weird cramping, I’d had no interest in my morning coffee for days, I had cried because I didn’t want to leave the house one night and the dog had been SO weird. Nzd usd live He would either try to sleep on top of my stomach or be standing at the edge of the bed staring out the door as though he were guarding me.

We found out on the Monday before we were hosting both of our families for Thanksgiving dinner and it was torture not to tell them right away. Stock futures marketwatch My mother-in-law even expressed disappointment as she was leaving because she was SURE we had gotten everyone together because we were announcing a pregnancy. Hkd to usd exchange rate Let’s just say there was a lot of tongue biting that weekend. Usd cad fx This was also right about the time that my nausea started and I still can’t think about anything I cooked that weekend without feeling totally disgusted. Usd eur bloomberg A picture of a pumpkin pie can still turn my stomach in the worst way.

In my sixth week I saw the doctor because I was having trouble keeping food down. Best exchange rate usd to inr I’ve heard people complain about pregnancy sickness before but I definitely never realized how extreme it could be and it was a rude awakening. The boxer For me, it felt like I had a stomach flu, all day, every day. Naira to pounds exchange rate today Many days I sat at work with a sleeve of saltines in my desk drawer and was constantly shoving them in my mouth to keep from vomiting. Convert text to binary I always had to be chewing on something in the car or I got car sick. Famous quotes about change Luckily my doctor prescribed me diclectin which got rid of my vomiting for the most part and I was still able to function at work. Iqd to usd I had a ton of concerns about the quality of my nutrition. Amazon international shipping rates It’s hilarious to me that when I need to be nourishing another human I have no desire to eat anything even remotely healthy. Verizon modem setup I have so many aversions and at the same time, very specific and random cravings that I can’t ignore. Inr to usd exchange rate There have been so many times that NOTHING sounds good and I end up just eating crackers or canned soup just to get something down.

I went to a jewellery party at a friend’s house, had to lie about why I wasn’t drinking the wine and then was asked point blank if we were trying for kids. Mortgage meaning in tagalog I am the worst liar in the world so I had to work on my poker face a lot. Python dictionary Around this time I had an awful cold and then got a freaking cold sore on my EYE of all places, in addition to my all day nausea. Binary addition overflow My immune system was shot and I learned that pushing myself to be out and about like I used to be serves no purpose except for running me down. Stock superstock I pulled back a lot on making plans because it felt impossible to know what kind of day I’d have. Euro news today For example, one day I woke up with a wicked back spasm that lasted all day and I was hobbling around like a 90 year old woman. Conversion from inr to usd The next day it was totally gone. Eur usd chart investing I also had to leave situations abruptly a couple of times for fear that I was going to vomit in front of someone. Binary to octal conversion If I cut off a conversation quickly or left your house in a hurry the last couple of months, I’m sorry. Currency converter xpf to usd Now you know why!

I can’t stand cooking smells and have only recently started cooking simple things again. Binary hexadecimal chart Tommy has been a saint, handling all of the house work and meals while I go to bed early every night. Currency converter aud to usd I could not have managed these last couple of months without him. Convert us dollars to pounds sterling We told our parents and siblings around 9 weeks. Usd canadian exchange rate We were lucky that my brother’s birthday fell around this time so my whole family was together. Swiss market index futures I wrapped up a “Super Cool Like my Uncle” onesie with his birthday gift, which was initially mistaken for a dog outfit. Euro to usd conversion Everyone was speechless. Dollar pound conversion rate Tommy’s parent’s birthdays are two days apart so we had a birthday supper for them and wrapped up two more onesies with “I Love Grandma” and “Grandpa’s Sidekick” on them. Gender definition sociology They unwrapped them together and it was a super emotional reveal. Taux de change euro dollar australien We go there often so this was the hardest place for me to hide my sickness and I was sure someone would have caught on. Venezuela money to us dollars To see how shocked they were was a lot of fun. Asian stock market futures We also told a few of our closest friends around this time.

The problem with starting to tell people early was that I was terrified that something would go wrong and we would have to un-tell people. Binary to english translator I was (and still am) petrified about everything going well and very soon I was getting a lot pressure to tell the whole world WAY before I felt ready. Hex editor windows 10 I lost a lot of sleep over when the “right” time would be to tell our news. Rate gbp to usd We saw the baby and his or her heartbeat at 9 weeks which helped ease my fears but I still really wanted to wait until at least 12 weeks to publicly announce. Javascript print command I know that something could go wrong at any time but for some reason this was just where I placed my stress. Binary music I felt a ton of responsibility to keep things private because it helped ease my anxiety and this was also the first decision Tommy and I were making as parents so it felt sacred to me.

Between the stress of keeping such a big secret, feeling poor physically and being cooped up a lot due to being sick I started to feel really down. 1 usd to krw I didn’t feel good enough to partake in any of the things I used to enjoy, like travelling, reading, walking the dog, cooking or seeing friends. Usd nzd chart I felt guilty because I had been blessed with such an amazing gift but I wasn’t glowing with joy. Dollar euro exchange rate today I mostly felt panicked and scared all the time. The fx firm I couldn’t even really commiserate with anyone about how I was feeling which was very isolating. Binary code translater I was having one particularly hard night when my Mom phoned me out of the blue and talked a lot with me about her pregnancies and symptoms and it was like a godsend. Html code reader It was a huge relief to talk to someone who had been pregnant before and I learned that just talking with people who understood was the best way to feel better.

More recently my sickness has let up a bit. 1 usd to bgn Late afternoon and evening is usually my most nauseous time these days and I often get sick after eating my supper, which has been frustrating. Usd brl exchange rate I’m still exhausted and sleeping a lot but my food aversions have lessened and I am a bit more excited to eat these days. Funny quotes about friendship We finally announced publicly and as scary as it felt we have had a lot of well wishes and support which has been great. Yahoo news canada It does feel good to talk about the baby with everyone and although I still have fears I know that I have to trust life’s plan regardless of whatever comes to be. Us futures market hours My family has had a challenging year, so to receive good news and have something to look forward to has been such a blessing. Euro to pound exchange rate today I have also gotten so many lovely, encouraging messages and tips from the moms in my life and that has been so comforting for me. Usd cad I feel like I’m joining a supportive community and that’s been a blessing.

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