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• Creating Eve out of Adam’s rib, rather than out of thin air like his omnipotent self. Equity meaning in economics First, the poor guy’s missing a rib for the rest of his life. Stock market futures fair value Second, Eve was then made out of Adam, so all love from then on out was reduced to narcissism and all sex reduced to incest or self-gratification (i.e. Learning articles sin).

• While he’s wiping the slate, He simply refuses to wipe the slate totally clean.

Cnbc stock market futures He has to save Noah and family for the next round of inbreeding, instead of re-creating humanity from scratch. Gbp to usd rate This leads to the next round of wiping the slate known as the Great Tribulation or Yawm ad-Din.

• Fathering a son through an engaged virgin (secretly, and without any prior notice to her fiancé) in open defiance to the laws he himself set back in Deuteronomy 22:25 [2], and expecting her to be honored.

• Writing the Old Testament and then having to send his Only Begotten Son down to Paul and some anonymous latecomers revise it, leaving everyone thoroughly confused.

• Still failing to get his message across properly even after his Only Begotten Son had come and gone, [3] meaning that a few hundred years later he had to get some messenger called Gabriel to dictate [4] Version 3.0 [5] to some bloke called Mohammed. Pound exchange rate And possibly another version 3.0 to some bloke named Joseph Smith about 1000 years later.

• Telling us (through clergies) that we will be judged on how we decide to act in life, while designing the world around the idea that how we decide to act has been predetermined.

• Bangladesh. Us stock market futures live A large patch of extremely rich, low-lying, well-watered soil, at a relatively low latitude and with a warm climate, suitable for year-round cultivation: I’m down with that kind of intelligent design. Aed to usd chart Mad props to Allah. Gbp to usd yahoo But, really — to put it in hurricane country, all within a few metres of sea level, at the tip of a triangular funnel of ocean that does for hurricane storm surges what the Bay of Fundy does for the tide, and at the top of a long, gently inclining seabed that’s just about perfectly shaped to maximize wave heights? That sounds more like mean-drunk design to me.

• And on the subject of genitalia… why are the same members that are used for body waste excretion also used for what is widely considered to be one of the most fun and interesting activities that humans can engage in? And why is a man’s G spot in his anus if anal sex is forbidden by God?

• Having the prostate wrap around the urethra like a donut, so when it becomes enlarged (which happens to most men as they get older) it blocks the flow of urine.

• Giving humans appendixes, which occasionally swell up and try to kill their owners and don’t really need to be there because we don’t eat grass. Cool pictures Why don’t they all just leave our bodies and go and live in the backs of books?

• The provision of a really bad, sometimes lethal, system of giving birth. Jpy usd yahoo (Though it may not have been so bad at first — He deliberately made it more painful to cruelly punish all women for the original sin thing.)

• Referred pain — You might actually be having a potentially fatal heart attack. Binary representation Unfortunately your body is telling you have pain in your shoulder, neck or left arm.

• The ulnar nerve — aka, “funny bone” — is located on the outside of the elbow joint. Dollar rate today in india Thanks to this placement, if you bang your elbow against a hard surface, you will feel like you were stabbed in the elbow. Binary search javascript Bang this nerve hard enough and you may lose the use of your fingers.

• And while we’re at it, why can’t we rotate our heads more than 180 degrees? An owl can twist its head almost 360 degrees! It’s not like an owl needs to back up a car or keep track of high-spirited children!

• Other primates have nostrils that face forward, making it impossible for them swim face down. Usd euro chart Human nostrils point down, so we can swim. Gold price history chart 100 years So why don’t we come with a persistent and innate ability to swim rather than just a primitive reflex that we quickly lose? Or at least tread water? Does God like to see His children drown? [9]

• Intoxicants: Pleasurable (good); addictive, DTs, can diminish your inhibitions to the point you might harm yourself and/or others, potentially harmful to your health, possibly lethal (bad). Yahoo futures indices So, (a) why create them in the first place; and (b) why make them so pleasurable and addictive?

• Creating psychopaths, which is pointless because you can only get into Heaven by loving God, so why would he create people who are incapable of love? And who are at a very high risk factor of making life quite miserable for other people? Is he just a sadist?

• Giving bats solid bones, which are difficult to fly with, and giving emus hollow bones, which are easier to fly with, now that is opposite of what is required.

• Giving mammals a nerve that runs from the brain to the larynx via the aortic arch — which doesn’t seem like too much of an out-of-the-way trip until you look at a giraffe. Usa today There is good reason to believe that the same recurrent laryngeal nerve would have been shared by dinosaurs which would include the sauropod dinosaurs. Rmb usd In Supersaurus it could have been longer than 28 meters (92 feet).

• Various entomological tragedies towards males in copulation, such as the testicular explosion and death of male honey bees and the sexual cannibalism among praying mantises .

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