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Instantly recognizable, discreet, and glamorous in the same moment – there’s a reason why Louis Vuitton bags represent the essence of class gold background wallpaper. Louis Vuitton, for the last 6 years, has been voted the world’s most valuable luxury brand, surpassing Chanel and Hermès, and it’s because their handbags have gained a reputation of quality and beauty since the French company’s founding in 1854.

Simple shapes combined with high design make Louis Vuitton bags not only gorgeous – they also give true meaning to the word “icon,” with luxury radiating from inside and out.

The Speedy and Speedy Bandoulière are, along with the Neverfull, the original and most iconic Louis Vuitton bag designs. Still handmade in France, these bags can take a craftsman up to 15 hours to make.

Speedy and Speedy Bandoulière are made for the traveler in you.

With the option to monogram its luggage tag with your initials (not pictured), these bags are perfect for romantic getaways or solo weekends in the country.

Evoking scenes of long train rides, watching the mountains go by in the distance, or traveling to exotic jungles and European hotspots, this bag is truly what Louis Vuitton luxury is all about. There’s plenty of room for a book and a cardigan – or that antique sculpture you picked up in Budapest usd jpy forecast today. Life is good when you have a little elegance by your side.

Speedy and Speedy Bandoulière (“bandoulière” meaning “shoulder,” including a shoulder strap) present a classic shape with the iconic “LV” logo design. Available in dark brown, grey or sepia. Louis Vuitton Speedy And Speedy Bandoulière Bag Prices

Another “original classic” – like the Speedy, the Neverfull is one of the first Louis Vuitton bag styles, and it has dazzled fans and fashionistas for over 70 years. The tote style combined with rich and soft leather make this bag casual and formal at the same time.

This is definitely a daily adventure bag financial markets futures. It’s a bag you can carry on the metro to work, with plenty of space for an iPad and ballet flats. But it’s also a beach bag, a poolside-in-the-Maldives bag, a Sunday-market-in-Provence bag. Obviously – because it’s never full! And also because it’s just that simple, and easy, and beautiful.

The checkered pattern offers gorgeous texture, and rich leather details and tote straps add to the look usd jpy exchange rate. Available in brown or white and grey, with canvas lining. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag Prices

Recently released, this is the same LV Neverfull style in Epi leather, which is a color-dyed leather unique to Louis Vuitton fraction to mixed number converter. It’s more durable, and the fantastic color options give this bag a sense of play and fun. While the solid colors may not be as recognizably “Louis Vuitton,” there’s no mistaking the Neverfull design, and the classic “LV” logo appears in the bottom right corner of the bag.

Still with leather details and tote straps, the LV Neverfull Epi leather bag provides structure and durability for the modern-day traveling woman. Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi Leather

With a shoulder strap, adjustable hand straps, and zipper closure, there are so many options for carrying the Palermo. The gold buckles are an elegant detail, and the pleated center gives this bag a unique shape. Louis Vuitton Palermo Bag Prices

The Tivoli is more like a classic handbag than the Palermo, with rounded tote straps and a shorter, wider body mexican peso exchange rate to us dollar. Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it’s losing out – it still has the beautiful gold buckles, fleur-de-lis leather details, and pleated center! A little dog might be the perfect accessory for this bag. Louis Vuitton Tivoli Bag Prices

This Louis Vuitton Totally is the ultimate tote, with long straps, a roomy interior, and side pockets for all of your secret love letters – or, er, just your make-up compacts financial market futures. Elegant and sleek, with enough detailing to keep you interested, this is a “totally” LV design. Louis Vuitton Totally Bag Prices

With an elegant bohemian shape, the Artsy stands alone. You don’t need many accessories to go with this bag – just a black turtleneck and maybe a beret. This bag is Louis Vuitton sophistication at its best – it’s not in the details, but the classic design pound exchange rate forecast. Available in standard LV leather or with imprinted logo pattern what is us currency. Louis Vuitton Artsy And Artsy Empreinte Bag Prices

The Hampstead is a simple bag design, but the Louis Vuitton gold logo plaque gives it a little more glamour. It’s a great bag for a day in the English countryside, or a long drive to a summer picnic.

A gorgeous twist on a classic, the Westminster boasts the checkered pattern with luxurious chocolate brown leather details. Pleated sides give it a beautiful and unique tote shape. This is such a classy bag, with all the amazing Louis Vuitton standards.

Gorgeous details, amazing shape, this is definitely one of my favorites. There’s something about that front zipper pocket – so practical, and it adds just the right amount of spice.

Gorgeous details, amazing shape, this is definitely one of my favorites. There’s something about that front zipper pocket – so practical, and it adds just the right amount of spice bloomberg stock futures market. Louis Vuitton Siracusa Bag Prices

Like the Artsy, the Portobello is so elegant that it doesn’t need introduction. It’s a little longer with a sleeker shape – so cosmopolitan, so civilized! Louis Vuitton Portobello Bag Prices

Ok, you didn’t think I would finish this article without talking about the Alma BB, did you? Like the Kelly Bag from Hermès, or the Chanel 2.55, the Alma BB is famous for its sophisticated silhouette and celebrity status.

It comes in many sizes, it’s made in Epi leather (that durable, LV-only leather!), or with patent leather, an imprinted logo design… You name it, Louis Vuitton makes it in the Alma BB. A true icon, this bag was designed in 1934 and has all the class of that Art Deco world. Louis Vuitton Alma (BB) Bag Prices

Last but certainly not least! The Noé was released in 1932 and was originally designed to transport champagne bottles. Its bottle shape quickly transformed into the classic bucket bag, with a drawstring closure and sumptuous shoulder strap. If you take it on a cruise, don’t forget to drink pink champagne!