Love for himalayas trek to valley of flowers by rukhsar kelshikar tripoto us stock futures cnn


We woke up at Nobody wants to wake-up early unless they are getting up to see something very beautiful. It was a very delightful day for us. We were going to ‘Valley of Flowers’. We got ready and all gathered for our trek. We started our journey with our ‘YHAI’ lead Mr. Abhinav Agarwal and our adolescent guide Mr. Anshul Rawat. We commenced ascending the valley. At outset we were required to cross the river. Thereupon we stopped for registration for entry into the valley. The way towards valley is filled with briar, creeper, rocky stones, hedges and Roaring winds. Abhinav played soothing songs while ascending the valley which made our trek more interesting. The valley is about 8 km long and 2 km wide. This valley is found by British mountaineer Mr. Frank S. Smith in 1931 binary form music. He wrote a book on the same.

In 1939, Joan Margaret Legge, a botanist arrived at the valley to study flowers and while traversing some rocky slopes to collect flowers, she slipped off and lost her life. Her sister later visited the valley and erected a memorial near the spot. We witnessed many flowers like Vajaradanti, Saxifraga parnassifolia, Marigold, Pedicularis, Ligularia, Ban Ajwain, Bistorta Affinis, Morina Longifolia etc. and later on we went ahead with Anshul for river bed known as Pushpavati river. The area has tendency of bears appearing, so it was quite risky being there. But the view of the river just gave my eyes instant relaxation. The shore of river flooded in my body and cold wind felt like heaven. No wonder why sadhus (monks) choose Himalayas for meditation. We had lot of fun there aud to usd graph. I must say million thanks to Mr Anshul for getting us there. Actually very few batches cover this point. Every one left from picnic spot itself. While returning we visited the memorial. View from the memorial was something like river of flowers. We almost covered the whole valley. While retracing at about 2 p.m. valley bloomed like anything, everywhere just flowers and flowers. We were just 7 people while returning and we enjoyed and freaked out a lot. We taught each other peculiar languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Gadhwali etc. Then Suddenly I and Priya realized that it’s friendship day (wohoooo ????). We quickly gave each other a tight hug, danced and came down the whole way crooning songs (lallalalalalla). At about 5 p.m we finished our trek. We stopped at Anshul’s shop and had piquant Maggi. Thereafter we went ahead to our campsite. After freshening up Abhinav asked me for boiled eggs. It was so amazing to have boiled eggs after very long time. I quickly invited our group members. Caring uncle and Karthik joined us. We had masala boiled eggs (yummmm). I was desperate for boiled eggs because I tripped and hit my knee which pained alot. My knee got blocked I was not able to walk properly. I was very much tensed whether I should do Hemkund sahib trek the next day or not. We reached our hotel and Ajay uncle asked us whether we want to book khachchar for tomorrow’s trek to which me and my friend denied. I was praying my knee injury improved. Vaibhav uncle gave us vitamin tonic and I got massage done from hotel which gave me little relief.

Another great morning, it was 5 o clock and I was crawling on my bed and was hoping that my knee must have got fine. I got up from my bed. Nd surprisingly my knee was not hurting Me much. We had to left early as we super six planned to go by trek. We had our power packed breakfast and went to go on with some quick photos with Bharat bhai, Abhinav, Anshul and Amit. Our group members wished us and we stepped ahead for our journey. I was damn excited for Sri Hemkund Saheb cad to usd converter. Upto chk post v six were together. But due to so many mules (Khachchar) going in all directions, we all were dispersed. Abhinav and Shrijal went ahead. Me and caring uncle were together. Priya and Chaitanya were far behind. We were enjoying nature’s walk with our past trek stories and it was so exciting that my knee pain was lost somewhere in those mountains. Route towards Hemkund sahib was little rocky, but steep and I must say it was Little exhausting for beginners, but level of difficulty was easy. After walking for about an hour, we found that our other group members were coming and within fraction of minutes they all went ahead of us….. How..??? They were conducting their trek on mules (They felt it quite difficult to trek). After that all of a sudden, I loosed my consciousness, Sunil uncle held me and taught me what to do when such situation arise, wen u r alone in mountain, when u feel unconscious, when u feel no energy, etc that I should put both my hands on back side of my head. nd put the head down while making position of lower squat. I had chocolate, I regained my energy (Phewwwww) and that’s the beauty of trek that you learn to survive in different kinds of environment. We once agan continued our journey onwards where we found a Hotel (Dhaba) where Ajay uncle was having snacks. He gave us chocolates , took a break and after five minutes we began our journey. As we were gaining altitude we started consuming more energy. We were walking through rain clouds, thin air all the way up, drizzling rains, freezing temperatures which could have made our journey difficult but as a matter of fact we all just enjoyed it. Suddenly the lost pain in mountains found me and started giving me a bearable pain equity finance investment. I thought of taking break. But Sunil uncle encouraged me to not cool my body temperature by taking a break which is many a times reason for body freezing. Hence we decided to lower our speed but no stopping. Then on the way we met Kaalden a hardcore Tibetan mountaineer, He gave his knee pad to me and helped me to sooth my pain. Then we slowly walk ahead and twice we took shortcuts. But I was not able to make higher climbs, so we just went ahead with normal route. Meanwhile we found it for which I was dying to come to Hemkund – Snow Filled Glaciers. (Yippppieeeee ) I was so amazed that I don’t have words to express my happiness binary encoding. We both went ahead, saw the glacier for the first time in my life and that’s when I realized that trekking was part of my life and no matter what happens, where I am or where I will be, I will never stop to do treks in my life. We spent some quality time and then we went ahead to continue our journey. Our breaths got little heavier as we were gaining height. We decided not to talk. After crossing river we found 2 ways one by stairs and one by normal hiking route. As instructed by our director we were supposed to go by normal route even though it is longer one. We started ascending, Found very beautiful flowers on the way (Complete Refreshments) We found BrahmKamals (Flower) on the way which is only found at high altitude regions. I was feeling that chilling wind. And sound of gurbani from gurudwara. we asked from one sardarji how far it is he told us 2kms to go. After walking half hour we came to know from another sardarji that still 2kms is left. We kept our patience and went ahead. Finally we saw group of pilgrims who told us to finish as we had already reached near end point. Then we saw marking board showing Hemkund 0 km. We were on the 7th cloud of the 7th Sky when we saw that board (Sigh of Relief) We were at about 15,200 ft above sea levels. It took us 4 hours to reach Hemkund. Drizzling rain was there and We went towards langar and reunited with our group members. They welcomed us. We had a refreshing hot cup of tea which was very much needed at that point. It must be approx. two degrees freezing temperature binary code game. After having tea we went to take blessings in Sri Hemkund sahib gurudwara which is highest Gurudwara (known) all around the globe*. It is star shaped gurudwara and is made up of marbles situated at bank of crystal clear lake which is a source of Lakshman ganga. It is as cold as snow. Many of us jumped in there and as soon as I jumped, I understood that somethings are not to be done in such weather (Hahahhahhaha). I was freezing from top to bottom. (Not my cup of Tea) This gurudwara is open only for 5 months after that it is filled with snow. There is one Laxman mandir too. We cought with cold and then we went up at darbaar where we got blankets (kambal) and we stayed there for 15mins. At around 2 o clock we started getting down. Due to such cold temperatures my knee started paining badly. I again geared up my knee pad. As I was coming down, I could not stop thinking about the langar the khichdi, its delicious taste and started descending. The view was quite clear because Fog had gone and we could see the surrounding There were many waterfalls And there was a separate way towards brahmKamals. I did not followed that root due to my knee injury. I went down and waited for my co group members. It was fun moment when I saw Ajay uncle with umbrella cap. And together we started our journey. My knee pain worsened after half an hour of walking (I felt that every time I took a step, somebody was pinching my knee with knife but that pain was nothing as compared to the joy that the place was giving me). We all stopped at nearest dhaba. Thankfully Jaynish is a physio therapist who gave me quick treatment. And then psychologically handled me which led to increase in my speed. Finally we reached at base about 6.30 p.m and another great journey ended (). I had my diiner and went straight to the bed at 10 o clock.

Today we are going to last village of India i.e. Mana and afterwards trek to Vasudhara. We arranged jeep for the Mana village. Way towards Mana is surrounded by hills and mountains and Alaknanda river. We reached Mana village and visited Shree Ganesh cave and thereafter Vyas cave. There was “Bharat-ki-akhari chaai ki dukaan”. We clicked pictures as we had ‘been there’ xau usd forecast today. We had Himalayan sharbat there known as Rohrodandrum syrup. We left from there and headed towards another major attraction-Bheem pul above the Saraswati River which flows with full force and joins the river Alaknanda. It is believed that this is the village from where Pandavas started their journey towards heaven (Swargarohini) and Bheem pul is the bridge formed by Bheem for his wife Draupadi who was unable to cross the mountain. It’s about 1.5 km from Mana. Then we proceeded for Vasudhara falls trek. The view along the way towards Vasudhara falls was spell binding. Path covered with stepping stones, Bushes, river alaknanda flowing on left hand side and barren land (hahhaaa). As per Yhai iternery it’s 5km trek, but it nearly 9 kms. Anyways it was just my knee who was complaing , and our wrong decision and forecast that we did not have our packed lunch. The atmosphere was straight out of a fairytale. My attention was not at all towards my destination it was the path which made me lost in the melodious era. Trails of mountains on one side and green bushes and a flow of crystallized river and pebbles along the way on the other enhanced the majesty of the place. I felt like Lord Shiva blew cool air over this place and the fog was as if he was consuming chillam. We reached Vasudhara falls. It’s almost 500 feet deep fall situated at 12500 ft altitude. And the place was surrounded by beautiful valley. It was so beautiful that I was considering taking Sanyas there (hahaha). After spending half an hour we visited nearby ashram where we were served tea and khichdi yahoo news canada. We all were tired and after having khichdi we were all charged up and started descending. We had lot of fun while coming back. Dancing, Loud singing, Zingaat dance without music, Penguins and batman photography (:-D :-D). We reached down at around 6.30 p.m. Sunil uncle was waiting for us. We quickly grabbed the taxi and headed towards Badrinath temple. We had bath at Tapt kund (hot water pond). Bdrinath Yatra is considered incomplete if you do not take bath in that pond. There is a separate kund for females. The water is very hot that one can not dip inside. We used our water bottles to get the water. Thereafter we went temple. There was not much rush. We did darshan and attended Aarti and went back to camp all the way by walk. We had hot and spicy pakoras on the way which made Vaibhav uncle dance (hahahah).

Today was the saddest day as today we were going to get back to the Rishikesh. We all got up at 4 am and had breakfast. Afterwards we cheered for our Badrinath Yhai camp staff and see off every one. But when we got down we come to know that due to landslides police were not ready to give us permission to go ahead. Every-one was in tension, as next day some of us had their flights. I, on the other hand was jumping inside hoping we might be there for one more day. Till the time police give us permission we decided to go to temple. We all went temple and did lot of Masti on the way. Finally at 12 noon we got permission to go ahead and we began our journey towards Lambgadh. And from lambgadh we again crossed the mountain by trek cool pictures to draw. And there we came to know about one more land slide and our bus can’t go ahead. We called Yhai Rishikesh base camp and were told to either stay at Govindghaat or come ahead by walk and reach Rishikesh at our own expense. Our group decided to exchange next batch bus with our batch. Thankfully he agreed. And from here our return journey continued to Rishikesh. At first every one was very frustrated on Yhai management. But soon afterwards we started singing ‘besure’ songs. We did a good job at keeping the front seat members awake. We were singing continuously for almost 4 hours. We reached Rishikesh at 2. am. We all just slept however we were.

After a stressful night journey we were fast asleep. There was no knocking door at 5 for bed tea funny jokes in urdu 2016. At base camp when I opened my eyes at around 6 a.m., honking of vehicles awakened me from that 8 days dream. At the basecamp we were Felicited with our certificates and got our luggage back. We had our breakfast. Now it was a time for our batch to sign off and start the return journey. As some of us decided to stay for three more days we went to the Jai raam ashram.

As I look back on this trek, it gave me strength, peace and ability to belief in myself for better. Although it was physically demanding in some portions, the primary outcome was nothing less than just WOW. What’s most important is to enjoy the journey. It’s not about reaching the destination first, but rather maintaining an average pace and immersing in the beauty at all points. The pleasure of being in the lap of Mother Nature and experiencing its charm and beauty is a world of its own – every trekker’s devotion. And my darling priya thanks for giving me courage for not to loose hope and keeping me positive.And people, oops my new family I met along the whole journey. I did not miss my home for a second. Every one was so kind, helpful and caring. This blog will be incomplete without thanking everyone bade Sunil uncle, chote Sunil uncle, Ajay sir, Darshan uncle, Dhananjay uncle, Vaibhav sir, Jaynish, Pappu bhai , my all ladies, my awesome room mates, our leaders our YHAI team Gian Sir, Bharat Bhai, Abhinav , Amit, Anshul, Bartwal Sir, and all other staff, thank you so much for being part of my wondrfull expereince.

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