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Eye-opening. Humbling. Life lessons. Grateful. Teamwork. Electronics-free oil meaning in bible. Electricity free. These are a few words that have been used to describe the 2017 Vermillion Co. 4-H Jr. Leader completion trip. More than one-third of the county’s 95 Jr. Leaders participated. Thirty-five teens and eight chaperones went on an adventure that won’t soon be forgotten.

The first leg of the trip was two days and nights at Heifer Ranch participating in the Global Gateway Challenge, the most intense program offered. Heifer International provides animals and honeybees to families worldwide. Participant families must then pay it forward as the animals reproduce by giving an offspring to another family exchange rate us canada. This provides protein and/or income through milk and eggs and other products.

• While doing relief work in Spain, West wondered why rationed powdered milk was being distributed.

If a cow was given, the family would have all the milk that was needed.

Our volunteers were: Mario from Honduras, Emily from Missouri, Davis from Texas, Indra from Germany, Alex from Illinois and Ben from France. Communicating and active listening became crucial for success at Heifer Ranch.

Quotes on the walls sum up survival for many folks around the world. When most people think about the word, ‘teamwork’ they think sports or simply getting a job done — not survival.

A lottery system was done to determine who would be in what "village": Zambia, mud huts; Guatemala, block house; Appalachia, shack; Third World slums, more like a small, raised barn.

Meals and meal supplies were ingredients from that country; amounts were appropriate for each country according to the number of folks we had in each country. The goal was to trade or combine ingredients so that there was plenty for all. This didn’t always happen, which meant onion stew for Appalachia the first night.

Teamwork in getting fires started so that meals could be cooked so that we stayed on schedule was much better the second day. With each meal, there were lessons learned by others: Wait until all the food is ready before anyone eats to make sure everyone gets some.

The last meal’s ingredients were purchased from a "world market" with money from doing chores earlier in the day. They learned that, as a group, they had to make quick decisions or the food would be gone. Also, some folks pretended to have a baby and begged for more food. It worked but, unfortunately, this is reality in the U.S. as well as other countries xau usd forecast today. They begged for "more" while the reality is that lots of folks have to beg for survival.

Leaders. Followers. Doers. Nurturers decimal places chart. Understanding. These were some of the qualities exhibited by Junior Leaders. There were other qualities, as well, due to being uncomfortable and hungry. In spite of this, all learned that they each have a pretty good life no matter what their home situation is — there’s food, there’s shelter, there are doors, there’s flush toilets and running water — and all of these not only when they need it but when they want it. They truly learned and experienced the difference between want and need.

What else was experienced at Heifer Ranch? Chores — dishes, turning compost, milking goats, clearing fencerows. Heat and humidity — lots of it! No showers for two days python tutorial point. Fire ants. Wasps. Snakes. Smiles. Sleeping under the stars for some. Card games. Yahtzee. Soccer. Laughter british pound historical exchange rate. Talking face to face.

After two days at Heifer Ranch, those participating have a better understanding of how fortunate they are and are grateful for what they do have. Walk a mile in another’s shoes. Does judging others really lead to anything productive?

Following the Heifer Ranch experience, the group spent two days enjoying and exploring Memphis, Tennessee. Touring the Gibson Guitar Factory was a favorite stop of many. We got to see the production process and learned that it takes three-and-a half to four weeks, start to finish to complete a guitar.

The chaperones love how the Junior Leaders "connect" the trips. In 2016, the Junior Leader trip was to Washington, D.C., where they stood at the top of the Lincoln Memorial steps at the spot where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous, “I Have a Dream” speech.

In Memphis, the group visited the National Civil Rights Museum that’s in the Lorraine Hotel where Dr. King was assassinated on the balcony outside Room 306. This museum is moving and communicates the struggle for equality iqd to usd exchange rate. As part of the museum, the building from where the fatal shot was fired makes a person wonder as the conspiracies surrounding the assassination of Dr. King are displayed.

During spring break, there were two 4-H Community Service days where groups of 4-H’ers of all ages came together to individually bag craft kits that had been leftovers of past day camps. These were for the Happy Cart at St. Jude’s Hospital. Patients, family members, and visitors can get a kit from the Happy Cart at no cost. They also made face-mask straps from flannel that were later finished by Lucy Howard and Extension Homemakers for St. Jude’s patients. The flannel is much softer once the chemo causes a patient to lose hair. These are just two non-monetary ways to contribute to St binary form music. Jude’s.

While at St. Jude’s, the group visited the pavilion and learned about Danny Thomas and the research at St. Jude’s. In the 1950s, only 4 percent of children with leukemia survived; by 2006, the survival rate has improved to 94 percent. As Danny Thomas was planning a hospital for underserved children, he had a conversation with Dr. Lemuel Diggs. Diggs told Danny, “If you really want to help sick children, Danny, don’t just try to make them better. Try to find out what makes them sick.”

Prior to the trip, St usd to cop exchange rate. Jude’s volunteer coordinators suggested to allow 15 minutes for teens to visit the pavilion. After more than an hour, the group had to move on to stay on schedule. Times like these show the true character of the group. Many of them have been involved in local fundraisers for St. Jude’s so to visit and have the opportunity to truly understand the difference the hospital makes in the lives of sick children, at absolutely no expense to the families, was important to the Junior Leaders.

The group visited the famous Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis where they watched the daily duck march on the red carpet led by the Duckmaster. They also went to the rooftop to see where the ducks live and enjoy beautiful views of Memphis. The famous Peabody ducks is a tradition in the hotel since 1933 and began as a practical joke.

After lunch at Central BBQ, the group took the monorail over the Mississippi River to Mud Island binary search in python. Here, they explored a to-scale replica of the lower basin of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. On to famous Beale Street where they visited shops, enjoyed street performers, listened to Blues music. The final stop of the trip was the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid.

“This trip was a success because of positive thinking," said Rachel Luft. "As this trip comes to an end, I have made bonds and memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to all Junior Leaders who pushed each other through this to better ourselves. Life isn’t always easy but just remember that others have it worse.”

The main recurring point from the trip: One person can make a huge difference. One idea can change the world. Dan West, founder of Heifer International and a farmer from Indiana, making a difference in world hunger and poverty. Danny Thomas, founder of St. Jude’s Hospital, making a difference in the lives of sick children. Martin Luther King Jr., made a difference in equal rights for all. The legacies of all of these men are continuing to make a difference.

Within 36 hours, Junior Leaders had collected enough quarters to fill a Peace Pipe that equals $60 — enough to purchase a flock of chickens and ducks.

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