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Pearson: We did not get a chance to discuss really the only bright spot in the world of ag commodities this past week and that was the cotton market, continued to post solid gains, $2.14 to the upside on the nearby. 1 sgd to 1 usd What is cotton trying to do here?

Newsom: We’ve finally found a market that isn’t suffering from oversupply, that actually has some strong demand issues worldwide. Binary definition computer And it’s pushing the market up. Binary code translator to text We’ve seen the March contract really take off, looks like it wants to target the 78 cents level. Euro pound conversion rate It’s a good, solid market.

Eur usd exchange rate chart Now, if you look out to the December it’s not quite as bullish. Usd cad exchange rate history It may try to pull back a little bit, everything might calm down a little bit by the time we get to new crop. Forex rates in pakistan today open market But still, it’s trading in the mid to low 70s so it’s looking better than it has for quite some time, we have the right kind of buying coming into this market and it looks like, at least as far as the old crop is concerned, that it could continue for a couple more weeks.

Newsom: Unlikely, but it’s possible. Cnnmoney premarket futures In certain areas of the country it’s possible. Convert usd to pound sterling I think that could be some of the hesitation that we’re seeing in the December contract, the reason that it’s not quite moving as quickly as the March, this looks more like a short-term short supply and a strong demand situation sort of play and by all means it could certainly help the market at least over the next month or so maybe.

Newsom: I wouldn’t sell too soon. Nzd usd analysis It’s going to spike. Euro to aud forecast But let’s give it a little room in here but the minute it looks like it’s losing some momentum I wouldn’t hesitate.

Newsom: Yeah, it may want to ride the coattails for a little while. Futures markets quotes But, again, I’m a little more concerned by the weekly charts on Dec than I am on the March that it could start to falter in here.

Pearson: Last week on this program, Darin, we had Angie Setzer on and she and I had both received numerous questions from producers, as I’m sure you’ve heard out in the countryside, tremendous basis affecting, negative basis I should say, affecting Holstein cattle feeders. Hkd to usd conversion And she and I had both heard stories from folks that we considered reliable and we talked about it last week on the show. Eur usd history And after we talked about it we mentioned some of the rumors that we had heard, one of them we heard was that Tyson, something had happened, they had quit buying Holsteins in the open market. Gbp to usd calculator So this week we decided to dig in a little bit further and executive producer Dave Miller reached out to Tyson Meats and they responded. Euro to usd history They got back to us and they said, they do continue to harvest Holstein cattle from existing long-term supply agreements. Mxn to usd converter And they said, meanwhile, customer demand continues to drive the direction of our procurement needs. Msn news page So that was their first statement. Usd to zambian kwacha And then we asked, okay, was there any kind of conflict with certified Angus beef, which was the other part of the rumor we had heard. Usd to vnd chart And Tyson said, that is not true. Exchange rate euro dollar today Certified Angus beef is a USDA certified G1 program and hide color and quality grading are not the only factors that must be met to qualify animals for the CAB stamp. Dollar indian rupee exchange rate So that was the response we received from Tyson. Currency converter us dollars to pounds Certified Angus Beef also reached out to Market to Market and they sent us a list and you can find it on their website of all the quality measures that must be met to have beef be labeled CAB. Binary code alphabet So I encourage all of you to check that out. Binary code converter It didn’t help us really to find an answer yet with what’s happening in this soybean, excuse me, soybean basis, man, this Holstein basis, but Market to Market will continue to look into it and as we get more answers we’ll report it.

Newsom: Next question to you, Darin Newsom. Usd stock Marty in Buxton, North Dakota, you’re not a very sunshiny guy when it comes to the wheat market. Usd cad exchange rate chart But Marty is up in North Dakota, he’s looking at that spring wheat market, that high protein wheat. Currency converter uk to us We have seen decent demand for that globally. Usd to aud conversion calculator He wants to know, what is the percent spring wheat stocks of total wheat stocks?

Newsom: Yeah, and this is something that you and I touched on in our market discussion, the fact that we have almost 1.2 billion bushels of total wheat stocks, 53.3% ending stocks to use, unheard of numbers. Equity finance jobs But after seeing that question I broke it down a little bit and if you take the spring wheat out that’s only 17.3% of total wheat stocks. Binary tutorial So we’ve actually got a tighter situation in both ending stocks, less production, more exports, the things you mentioned, and that’s why we’ve seen spring wheat just run away from the winter wheat markets. Improper fraction to a mixed number calculator We’ve got inverted futures spreads, we’ve got a stronger up trend in the spring wheat market than we could ever dream of in the winter wheat market. Euro dollar exchange rate forecast And how long can it last? One of our buyers, one of our major buyers is Canada of spring wheat. Usd eur exchange rate They didn’t have as much protein as they needed and we had some protein down here. When does us futures market open So, again, one of our trade partners. Euro to usd rate So, to quickly blow the candle out on that little piece of sunshine, is how long can we continue to export if a problem arises?

Pearson: Okay. What is binary system Both Canada and Mexico signers to NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement, which there is discussion of renegotiating in some capacity. Commodity futures meaning Next question is from our friend Philip in Ontario, Canada @Agridome. Dollar vs pound chart And he wants to know, excuse me, Philip wants to know, is it realistic to think as of now to see more U.S. Usd rmb soybean acres than corn in 2017? And does the soybean price need to come down or the corn price need to go up before spring to even out 2017 planted acres? Will we see a reversion to that 2.4 ratio that we always talk about?

Newsom: I don’t think so. Usd price today Not yet. Stock super stock forum Not yet. Gender labels Not in the ’17 crops, ’17 contracts, we’re not going to see that. Euro pound exchange rate graph And if we do it’s not going to be until harvest time that we see that type of correction.

Newsom: Yeah. Gender roles essay You know, and we’ve got that undercurrent of demand, we’ve got the question of what’s the ending stocks really going to be? Is it going to be 170 million bushels versus 420 million bushels? Is it going to even be down at 310 million bushels because that becomes beginning stocks for the next year? So, is it realistic to imagine a situation where we could see more U.S. Uss zumwalt soybean acres than corn acres? It’s probably realistic to imagine that sort of thing. What are market futures I’m still doubtful because of the U.S.’s tendency to once we start planting corn to keep planting corn. Stock symbol for oil futures But if there is a market that’s saying the opportunity is here, it’s this year.

Pearson: You mentioned the tightness, the demand story that exists in winter wheat. Stock market future 2016 I’ve heard a lot of soybean enthusiasm coming from the northern plain states. Peso to us dollar exchange rate today Is winter wheat buying some acres with these price levels? I’m not all that familiar with the price structure in producing wheat? Are we profitable in spring wheat?

Newsom: Exactly, because of the protein premium. Gender theories pdf The minute the protein premium goes away from spring wheat to hard what or at least gets cut back then you’re back into the old thing that wheat is just wheat and one bushel is too many, one bushel leftover is too many. Futures market today So I think spring wheat acres are probably going to stay about the same, maybe gain a little bit. Canadian dollar to us exchange rate Winter wheat acres obviously are going to lose some ground and as you mentioned up in the Northern Plains they’re really looking at going heavy and beans pulling from some of the other pulse crops and some other specialty crops probably going to lose ground. Decimal to binary encoder So I would say, at least from what I’ve heard, spring wheat acres probably going to hold about the same, probably still see a pretty solid market at least over the next month or so, then we’ll have to see if we’re able to continue exporting.

Pearson: Okay. Equity futures meaning Now, Darin, this program and then here during this Market Plus we have danced around that confluence of commodity market supply and demand and policies coming from regulators and legislators and presidential, new presidents, I guess we can say now, he’s no longer President-elect. 40 usd to eur We’ve got a question from Glen in Bryan, Ohio. Aus to us exchange rate As you look at that convergence of factors, in regards to the commodity markets, what potential presidential policies should be of greatest concern? And I wanted to ask this question of you because you are a technical analyst so you watch the charts. Stock meaning in tamil At what point do policy proposals, or perhaps even policy enactments, overwhelm the charts, in your opinion, to drive a market?

Newsom: I think we’re there because the basic tenet of technical analysis is that it takes everything known in the market and prices it in before it’s known in the greater public. Exchange rate nzd usd But what we’re dealing with now is nothing but unknowns. Exchange rate chf to usd And in our conversation of feeder cattle I talked about the long-term trend. The future of marketing I see long-term trends in all of these different markets. Usd bookstore They can all come unhinged, they could all get blown up here. Pound exchange rate in pakistani rupees What policy should commodities in general be concerned about? All of them. Usd to sek Let’s look down the list, trade agreements, pipelines, everything, from energy markets to metals markets to the interest rates and so on, grains, all of them.

Newsom: They have to be on their toes, they have to be up on these latest developments what’s going on with policy and not just sit back and say it’s just Washington. Cad to usd exchange rate by date No, these are going to have some real effects on not only the grains but energy markets, livestock markets, you name it, all of them.

Pearson: Okay, now ordinarily, Darin, at this point in the program we would as you a commodity definition, give us the definition of a term commonly used. Exchange rate usd to aud But this week is a little bit different. Live quotes We are excited to have welcomed to the Market to Market studios a group of young farmers from the Iowa Farm Bureau. Dollar euro exchange rate chart They’re here taking a tour, seeing how the sausage gets made in the world of television and a couple of them had questions for you. Nzd usd forecast Several asked about the Holstein basis. Rs to usd So we will continue to dig into that. Hulu rates But we also have a question here from Adam Smith. Euro today rate in pakistan He’s from Mount Pleasant. Ukp usd And we touched on this on the program. Usd to inr conversion But he wants to know how much 2017 soybeans should I sell now or in the near future? As a percentage how hedged do you want to be?

Newsom: If I’m just doing options I have no problem being 100% covered with options. Gold graph If I’m out there doing hedges that’s pretty ticklish. Europe market futures The first big hurdle, well we’re going to get a couple of hurdles coming up soon, that’s in February we’re going to get the outlook forum from USDA and they’re going to kind of set, I don’t know, people say it sets some sort of parameters, I think it’s a waste of time and then we get the prospective plantings report, which is just a little bit less of a waste of time because it’s still just guesswork. Free tutorial for excel But those things could certainly put kind of an anchor on the new crop soybean market. Usa today subscription So if I’m going straight hedging probably going to be more aggressive than I usually am, 50% at least with the markets here in the $10.20, $10.30 mark, then look for some opportunities for the market to dip down, buy some short-term options, some call options to go back against it in case we do get a spring, summer rally like we normally do or we see the situation where we don’t get the acres that everyone is talking about. Marketing future trends So yeah. Current us stock market futures I would be more aggressive hedging but also be looking for opportunities if the situation arises to get some short-term calls bought back against it.

Pearson: Alright. Usd zar forecast Our final question is from a young producer, Donny Conway. 1 usd to try And he is asking, we talked about the feeder cattle market, you looked out five to seven years in that cattle cycle. Currency converter usd to zar Donny wants to know, on a short-term basis, less than six months, what can we expect if we’re coming to the top of one wave, what does the next six months look like?

Newsom: I would say initially we’re going to come down and as we talked about usually when you get what pullback, that first pullback, that’s a wave 2, you could pull back 75%, 80% of the first save. Used book stores sacramento So we could get within sight of that, I’m just going to round it to $115 low from last October, we could get within sight of that, then hold, flatten out for a little while, then start to move higher again. Usd to zar exchange rate So, next six months at least initially what we’re going to see is some pressure, then probably moving sideways and then start to move back up.

Newsom: Theoretically that’s what happens. China stock market index futures I just looked at some charts where that didn’t necessarily happen. Usd rupee exchange rate But theoretically that’s what is supposed to happen.

Pearson: We enjoy having you. Binary file viewer Join us again next week when John Roach joins me here at the Market to Market table. Gsm sms Plus we’ll look at how a plant disease is hammering Florida’s citrus industry. Usd cad chart And if you find value in our work, please consider clicking the donate now button on our website. Gold forecast 2016 So until then, thanks for watching or listening. Love quotes images I’m Mike Pearson. 1 usd to gbp Have a great week.

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