Miller’s run school


First and foremost are our students. Gender differences in education Our enrollment, compared to where we were and anticipated to be last June, is up 20 students. Dow jones futures market We still have room for more in most classes, and this gives us the opportunity to engage in multi-grade activities, such as physical education, music, and art. Funny jokes for adults This gives our young learners the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with Miller’s Run scholars who are older and younger than themselves and outside of their typical peer group.

Binary number calculator I have seen students, who are reserved or perhaps even struggle with their peers, step into leadership and mentoring-type roles when given the opportunity to work with younger pupils. Gbp usd forecast This pays off with increased self-esteem, improved academics and positive behavior for all individuals involved. Euro dollar exchange rate history Furthermore, we have an intentional multi-age program, that we refer to as the Ambassadors, where middle school students help elementary students in reading, writing, math, and other projects, daily during the Enrichment block. Usd zar exchange rate history This strengthens the knowledge and leadership of the Ambassadors and simultaneously allows teachers to work with small groups, either for remediation, review, or extension of current curricula. Funny jokes in urdu video In the fine arts department, the students have a rotating art exhibit in my office. Pound exchange rate graph We are also making progress in our music program, recently acquiring and rehabilitating donated instruments (which we are still accepting!) and launching our school band instrument lessons. Exchange rate usd to cfa While not every day is perfect, I believe we are making gains as a learning community, both in academics, relationships, and behavior.

Second, we have an excellent staff! Due to resignations we filled a number of support positions last summer. Aud usd exchange rate forecast Each new addition to our staff is an asset to our school community. Aud usd forecast today From student support to staff collegiality to professional flexibility, our support staff is great! Our teaching faculty continue to work on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) training. Dollar vs pound exchange rate UDL is based on ideas gathered from the study of architecture. Thb to usd exchange rate As new public buildings are built, they are designed to allow everyone to access the building–universal design. Gold price us dollars Taking this idea into the school setting, our faculty and staff are in the second year of learning how to reach the students “at the edges,” students who may not be engaged in learning, have trouble taking in new material, who may struggle to demonstrate what they do know or who need to stretch their thinking to levels beyond the curriculum. Famous quotes about love Our faculty and staff continue to study this topic with in-depth, half-day workshops with a consultant, several times each year. Binary multiplication calculator Additionally, we use the UDL lens in our all-faculty meetings, grade level meetings, and educational support team meetings, as we work together to help each learner at Miller’s Run succeed.

Third, with our physical plant, the entire roof has been completed, though we want to add heat tape to minimize ice damming. Stock meaning in english We have rented a storage unit for collecting recycling and storing equipment. Usd to rub With a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation in honor of Mr. Us dollar indian rupee exchange rate today Rashid, the students built an “amphitheater” that we use as an outdoor classroom behind the school.

Fourth, we are working on twenty-first century communication! Besides using email, online documents, video conferencing, and student learning programs, we are also now on Twitter! You can access our Twitter account using #MillersRunVT either with your own account (where you can “follow” us) or without any account, just search using the handle above. Binary to denary We are actively working to keep our website up-to-date at . Exchange rate usd to cny Stretching back to the 20th century, we regularly update our physical sign at the end of the driveway with upcoming events.

Finally, I am personally grateful for the opportunity to serve our community as principal of Miller’s Run School. Call option graph While the challenges are great, and I end up asking for a lot of help and direction, I have truly enjoyed my first six months on the job. 1 usd to bitcoin I look forward to our continued growth and improvement in the years to come.