Millionaire’s daughter cleared of helping her dad hire hitmen to gun down her former lover after they split


Baker of Maidon Newton, Dorset was jailed for 17 years while Webber of Bridgwater, Somerset, Warren of Dorchester Dorset and Seaton of Maidon Newton, each received 23 years.

Instead she gave a prepared statement to officers, saying: “I knew nothing about this matter until my solicitor spoke to me. Rate of british pound to us dollar I have not at any time been involved in organising, arranging requesting, facilitating or conspiring to cause the events of yesterday regarding the shooting of Jonathan Catchpole.”

“Whether the gun didn’t work or it had a safety catch, I don’t know. Aud usd yahoo finance I went for the gun again and one of the guys said, ‘Rebecca wants you dead’. Farm futures market prices Then I knew what it was about.

“The guy with the gun was then asking for help and the short guy in the hallway picked up my camera bag and hit me with it. Usd inr xoom I can remember keeping hold of the gun, but then he did it again.

“I must have turned and then I heard a bang and there was a smell. Usd to korean won I looked down and there was a big hole in my chest with blood spurting out of it. Fx rate cad to usd I swore quite a lot, shouting, ‘You shot me’. Pound exchange rate euro Then they all legged it”

He added: “I was in a lot of pain. Euronews online I couldn’t breathe properly. Binary numbers All I was thinking was, ‘I can’t die. Usd cad historical exchange rate I have to survive. Stock market oil futures I won’t let them get away with this’. Usd to hkd I had a hole in my chest and the blood was just chucking out.”

Mr Catchpole added: “I was always expecting something and waiting for the next thing to happen. Gbp vs usd exchange rate I never expected this. Us futures exchanges I was expected to have my head kicked in or be stabbed, but I wasn’t expecting someone trying to kill me.”

The gunmen escaped in a stolen car which they set on fire in a country lane with the shotgun in it in a bid to destroy evidence before returning to Dorset in Mr Seaton’s car.

The court was told that Miss Deferia had changed the locks on the home she shared with Mr Catchpole in Bury St Edmunds, preventing him from picking up his clothing and possessions after they split.

Miss Deferia then went inside to speak to her former partner before she and her father emptied bin bags in the car park containing Mr Catchpole’s clothes and shoes which had been cut with scissors or a knife.

Mr Catchpole, who went to live with his sister in Colchester, Essex, later found the tyres on his car slashed in August 2014 after he parked it in a place where Miss Deferia knew he was going to be.

Mrs Spinks also received an anonymous note through her door saying: “This is your last chance. Usd to nzd exchange rate history You know what you have done. Rm to usd converter Shut your mouth or see what happens.”