Mped_ a computer program for converting pedigree data to a format used by the pmx-software for conservation genetic analysis (pdf download available)


[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Captive breeding programs are an important tool for the conservation of endangered species. Gdp to usd These programs are commonly managed using pedigrees containing information about the history of each individual’s family, such as breeding pairs and parentage. The box nyc dress code However, there are some species that are kept in groups where it is hard to distinguish between particular individuals within the group, making it very difficult to record any information at an individual level. Call option strike price Currently, software and methods commonly used for registering and analyzing pedigrees to help manage populations at an individual level are not adequate for managing these group-living species.

Binary to decimal examples Therefore, there is a need to further develop these tools and methodologies for pedigree analysis to better manage group-living species. Usd to zmk PMx is a program used for the management of ex situ populations in zoos and aquariums. Euro dollar exchange rate We adapted the pedigree analysis method implemented in PMx to analyze pedigrees (records of descendant lineages) of group-living species. Gbp to usd forecast 2016 In addition, we developed a group pedigree data entry sheet and group2PMx, a converter program that enables group datasets to be imported into PMx. Gbp usd forecast 2016 We show how pedigree analysis of a group-living species can be used for population management using the studbook of the endangered Texas blind cave salamander Eurycea rathbuni. Pound usd exchange rate Such analyses of the pedigree of groups can improve the management of group-living species in ex situ breeding programs. Gbp to usd chart Firstly, it enables better management decisions based on more accurate genetic measures between groups, allowing for greater control of inbreeding. Usd football schedule Secondly, it can improve the conditions in which group-living species are held by adapting husbandry practices to better reflect conditions of these species living in the wild. Usd to yen forecast The use of the spreadsheet and group2PMx extends the application of PMx, allowing conservation managers and other institutions outside the zoo and aquarium community to easily import and analyze their pedigree data.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The Swedish wolf population (Canis lupus) descends from five individuals and is isolated and highly inbred with an average inbreeding coefficient of 0.27. Famous quotes about life lessons In addition, inbreeding depression has led to reduced litter size and a high frequency of spinal disorders. Egp to usd To achieve the management goal of reducing the mean level of inbreeding, introductions into the wild population from a zoo conservation breeding program have been proposed by authorities. Rand pound exchange rate graph We used pedigree data of the wild and zoo populations to evaluate the extent to which the captive population can contribute genetic variation to the wild one. Pound to dollar exchange rate graph We measure genetic variation as founder alleles and founder genome equivalents. 1 usd to rm malaysia The two populations have three founders in common, but in spite of this common ancestry, our results show a potential to almost double genetic variation from 11.2 to 21.1 founder alleles. Exchange rate mexican peso to us dollar Similarly, the number of founder genome equivalents in the wild population can increase from the present 1.8 to 3.2, but this requires that almost 50 % of the wild gene pool consists of genes from the zoo population. Best quotes about love and life Average kinship in the joint zoo and wild population is 0.15, which is above the management target of 0.1. Binary compound Genetic contribution from the zoo has the potential to improve, but not solve, the genetically precarious situation of the wild population.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: One problem in modern dogs is a high occurrence of physical diseases, defects and disorders. Dollar exchange rate to peso today Many breeds exhibit physical problems that affect individual dogs throughout life. Futures markets news A potential cause of these problems is inbreeding that is known to reduce the viability of individuals. Gender quiz We investigated the possible correlation between recent inbreeding and health problems in dogs and used studbook data from 26 breeds provided by the Swedish Kennel Club for this purpose. Gbp usd fx The pedigrees date back to the mid-20th century and comprise 5-10 generations and 1 000-50 000 individuals per pedigree over our study period of 1980-2010. Us dollar exchange rate in india We compared levels of inbreeding and loss of genetic variation measured in relation to the number of founding animals during this period in the investigated dog breeds that we classified as ‘healthy’ (11 breeds) or ‘unhealthy’ (15) based on statistics on the extent of veterinary care obtained from Sweden’s four largest insurance companies for pets. Python append We found extensive loss of genetic variation and moderate levels of recent inbreeding in all breeds examined, but no strong indication of a difference in these parameters between healthy versus unhealthy breeds over this period. Binary to text translator Thus, recent breeding history with respect to rate of inbreeding does not appear to be a main cause of poor health in the investigated dog breeds in Sweden. Exchange rate euro to us dollar today We identified both strengths and weaknesses of the dog pedigree data important to consider in future work of monitoring and conserving genetic diversity of dog breeds.

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