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Nothing about Tamron Hall leaving NBC makes any sense for either side in this drama. Funny quotes with pictures about life Usually when there’s a breakup there’s a winner and a loser. Aud usd investing But in this case there are no winners.

Usd to nis There are only losers.

For NBC, losing Hall is not just optically bad, it is substantively bad. Usa today news It would not be an understatement to argue that NBC had invested a lot in her. Exchange rate usd to chf It elevated her profile across multiple platforms.

Hall was NBC’s highest profile female African American talent and NBC made extensive use of her. Euro exchange rate to canadian dollar It was in NBC’s interest to keep her with the network given all the investment the network had made in broadening her profile across NBCU. Commodity meaning in hindi Losing her would open up the network to all kinds diversity based criticisms. Cad to usd conversion rate The downside far outweighed the upside if NBC let her walk and the network had to have known this.

For Hall, walking away from NBC was an extremely risky maneuver for one simple reason. Us to euro exchange rate The likelihood that she could land elsewhere with anywhere close to the same profile and salary she would have gotten by staying at NBC were very low. Cnbc pre market futures It’s not a question of “is she worth it?”. Gbp usd exchange rate forecast It’s a question of “where’s the space and need available at any other network to make it happen?”

– At ABC, GMA is full. Gender roles in india Yes, it’s not killing Today like it was a couple of years ago but the network just reloaded on talent and format changes so it was unlikely to blow that up at this stage. Love quotes for husband The rest of ABC’s news properties are pretty well set for the long term. Exchange rate hkd usd There isn’t much need for Hall at ABC.

– At CBS, the same story. Stock market terms and meanings Gayle King just re-upped on CBS This Morning and given that show’s upward trajectory there would be little motivation to upset that apple cart. Gold prices today per ounce Oprah just signed on with 60 Minutes. Euro pound chart While there have been rumors of changes coming on the CBS Evening News, it would be extremely unlikely that CBS, having been burned rotten by the Katie Couric experiment, would take a flier on her. Hidden messages in songs There isn’t much need for Hall at CBS.

– CNN is a little more interesting but equally unlikely. Usd to can In the immediate aftermath of Carol Costello’s exit to HLN, I could have seen Hall slip in to that slot. Market futures oil But that ship is long gone from port now and to bring Hall in to the network at this point, while not impossible, is certainly less likely than it would have been prior to CNN’s rejiggered dayside lineup announcement.

There are still potential spots in CNN’s dayside to plug Hall into. Equity meaning in hindi Inside Politics and Wolf Blitzer’s first hour would be the most obvious shifts. Call and put options examples But that means Blitzer and/or King would be displaced. Eur usd chart live Blitzer still has The Situation Room and he’s been made to give up time on that show in the past. Gender theory But it would mean the second time King would lose his show and that would be a bitter pill to swallow indeed.

More to the point, there is nothing CNN could offer Hall that would match what she was currently enjoying with NBC. Call option vs put option NBC had her all over the place. 500 kroner to usd At CNN, she would be just another face in a very large crowd. How to convert inr to usd To elevate her profile beyond that would put too many network veterans’ noses out of joint.

– FNC? News anchors are not the draw there…they’re interchangeable cogs. Funny jokes and riddles It’s the opinion people who rule the roost. Convert fraction to mixed number calculator Even if the network had the desire or the room to accommodate Hall, both of which I would find highly implausible, the top dog at FNC’s news is Shepard Smith and his profile has shrunk from what it was six years ago. Aud usd chart Hall would be taking a considerable profile hit, compared to what she enjoyed at NBC, if she came to FNC.

This is what makes what happened yesterday so unfathomable. Fundamentals of futures and options markets pdf free download It was in both parties’ interest for Hall to stay with NBC. Usa today crossword That it didn’t happen suggests someone screwed themselves somehow.

But the question of who sabotaged any prospective deal remains a mystery. Oil meaning There’s been some (NBC based) leakage in the press; no doubt to put a favorable spin and try to mitigate any Ann Curry like fallout from taking place…with Megyn Kelly undeservedly playing the role of Matt Lauer. Cnn futures pre market The gist of the leaks was NBC was willing to throw a lot of money Hall’s way and expand her profile on Today to compensate for Today’s Take going away.

The leaks don’t flat out say it but the impression that’s left hanging in the air is that Hall’s camp screwed this up somehow. Future trends in marketing There’s been nothing so far from Hall’s camp to refute this but I would not automatically assume that lack of response means there’s truth to the charge. British pound to us dollar rate They could just be taking the high road knowing that they need to find someplace new now and any public spat would be counterproductive to that end goal.

The last thing Megyn Kelly needed was more pressure. Dow jones stock futures live Well now she’s got more pressure. Binary file editor It’s not fair to view it this way but a lot of people are going to be view it this way:

In my opinion, to make that claim is stupid. Eur usd live Megyn Kelly had nothing to do with Hall and NBC separating. Stock outperform NBC hired Kelly not knowing where she would go, though the smart money immediately moved to the 9 or 10 am hours. Usd rmb conversion Let’s be clear here; NBC is the reason Today’s Take got cancelled, not Tamron Hall and not Megyn Kelly. Texas baseball If NBC didn’t view Today’s Take as weak it wouldn’t have pushed Willie Geist and Natalie Morales out and Billy Bush in. Binary chart If NBC didn’t view Today’s Take as weak it wouldn’t have reversed itself and thrown Bush under the bus after the Trump video came out. Binary search algorithm If NBC didn’t view Today’s Take as weak it wouldn’t have considered it as the more expendable of the two shows after Today (the other being the Hoda Kotb/Kathie Lee hour) if the network wanted to find a place for Kelly’s show. Love quotes for him Kelly had nothing to do with any of this.

A does not beget B. Convert usd to rupees Megyn Kelly’s arrival does not mean Tamron Hall’s departure. Usd euro rate Whatever broke down in the negotiations between Hall and NBC caused Hall’s departure. Usd to It was a departure that nobody should have wanted. Oil futures market hours Both sides lost.

I was going to comment on this Joe Concha article in The Hill on Tucker Carlson’s ratings rise and the (predictable) comparative ratings decline Greta Van Susteren has had to contend with on MSNBC since she started but Concha referenced this ridiculous Daily Kos column which was basically tossing a giant hunk of red meat on my empty plate.

Anyway, the Kos article makes an all too predictable appeal for Joy Reid instead of Van Susteren. Stock market futures quotes Nothing noteworthy about that…in fact it’s expected a left wing site would clamor for a left wing host over a host whose actual ideology and affiliations are far less predictable to pin down (sometimes maddeningly so). Exchange rate nzd to usd No, it’s the justification for why Reid should have gotten the slot that deserves strict scrutiny…

Airing on the weekends from 10 a.m. Us stock market futures cnn – 12 p.m., AM Joy delivered the time period’s biggest total viewer audience since the 1st quarter of 2003 and biggest A25-54 audience since Q4 2012.

Despite a crushing election, this nation leans left. Joy newsome story Trump was beaten in the popular vote by 3 million votes, and Democrats won the majority of votes in the Senate and House as well. Gender differences in communication styles If ratings were based on arcane rules or gerrymandering like our national elections, then yes, MSNBC’s strategy would make sense. Usd aud But they aren’t. Rand pound exchange rate history Ratings are actually based on popular opinion. Computer analysis of the futures market pdf There is a huge market for the American progressive audience—one, I might add, that is not currently being filled.

Reality check #1: That’s weekend mornings. Exchange rate usd to yen Weekend morning ratings on MSNBC are miniscule compared to what early prime and primetime deliver. Decimal to binary converter If Reid’s show had knocked CNN out of second, the article’s argument would turn from a plaintive plea to real substance. British pound dollar exchange rate But that has not happened.

Reality check #2: MSNBC already tried Reid on weekdays and the jury came back with a death sentence. Equity meaning in business It got cancelled and one of the reasons was poor ratings. 300 usd Reid’s show was part of that idealogical block experiment MSNBC tried which dragged down all of dayside. What is futures in stock market with examples MSNBC would be insane to try that again barring some new development and as I already pointed out statistical improvement in the 10-12 hour on weekends that does not dislodge CNN isn’t enough of a persuader.

It’s way too early to render a judgement on Van Susteren’s show. Dollar exchange rate to euro It is silly to argue MSNBC made the wrong call at this point but it’s preposterous to argue that what Reid has done on weekends justifies MSNBC bringing her back to weekdays at this point.

And yet, Kelly’s current halo does not necessarily mean she can also triumph over splintered broadcast-TV audiences and tired formats. Gbp usd exchange rate history Those are hurdles she and NBC will have to leap over in the months to come.

NBC said it intends to place Kelly in a new Monday-through-Friday daytime hour set to launch sometime over the coming year. Rub to usd converter To accomplish that feat, NBC would have to either take time from the four hours it already devotes to its “Today” morning franchise, which generates hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue; negotiate with affiliates for strong placement of a syndicated hour; or test something in the early evening, where it distributes “Access Hollywood.” Meanwhile, a Sunday newsmagazine would likely run for a limited cycle, as the network already devotes a good portion of its Sunday lineup to “Sunday Night Football,” one of TV’s most-watched programs.

Launching a new, sustainable newsmagazine has also been tricky in recent years, as NBC learned when it debuted “Rock Center” with Brian Williams in 2011. Hex editor windows That effort also lasted two seasons before being cancelled due to low ratings. Alphabet in binary NBC more recently tried “On Assignment,” an effort produced by its “Dateline” staff that relies more heavily on stories of adventure and innovation that on the murder tales viewers have come to expect from the parent show.

NBC has a long and distinguished history of failed attempts at news magazine shows. Python print variable Even Dateline originally debuted in a vastly different form than it has today.

1. Dollar to british pound exchange rate Why was MSNBC conspicuously absent from any mention? I can think of two reasons and their initials are BW and RM. Conversion of inr to usd Say what you will about the decision but MSNBC has deliberately positioned the network as the home of Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow. Usd exchange rate forecast Bringing in Megyn Kelly, even if she had the bandwidth to take on the assignment (something I seriously doubt given the daytime show), would totally upset that apple cart.

2. Market futures after hours The pecking order on Nightly News – This is not an issue in the near to mid-term. Asian market futures Lester Holt isn’t going anywhere for at least five years provided ratings hold. Binary arithmetic calculator But his successor is now going to be a little more of an open question than it was yesterday. Code c The conventional wisdom was Savannah Guthrie would succeed Holt, provided NBC was comfortable with losing her on the from more financially lucrative Today Show in a post Matt Lauer era. Stock connect morgan But add in Kelly to the mix and the equation could potentially change…provided NBC’s gambit on Kelly pays off…and that is anything but guaranteed.

I always thought that of the three broadcast networks CBS was the best choice for Kelly, followed by NBC. Investing aud usd ABC seems pretty set for the next decade and beyond with David Muir.

It’s not just that they’ve been using a political journalist in a straight news anchor role…but they’ve tailored the show to him to some extent. Solving problems by finding equivalent ratios It comes off as more of a segue into Morning Joe, where Halperin can be usually found hanging around like a Vulture next to a dead carcass, than it did last week. Usd exchange rate today Mike Barnicle doing sports. Binary to Mark talking to Joe in the minutes before his show airs. Qar to usd exchange rate And, get this…today they paired Chris Jansing with him and they had him both introduce her and say goodbye for her.

Now, here’s an 18 year vet of MSNBC/NBC news who has been just about everywhere and done just about everything for the network(s) and you have newbie non-contracted Halperin doing her introduction and sign off; the ultimate bigfooting. Usd vs inr forecast 2016 How embarrassing for her.

It’s well known Phil Griffin has a thing for the H-Team; Halperin and Heilemann, so With All Due Respect gone from Bloomberg’s lineup and 6pm now burning a hole in MSNBC’s schedule, expect to see these guys a lot more on MSNBC’s air.