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I’ve always been a fairly punctual person. Usd shop I really thought showing up 30 minutes early for a show would give me a good vantage point for taking photos of White Lies and Vowws last night at Lincoln Hall. Can to usd I was gravely mistaken.

Usd brl By the time I walked into the venue at 7:30, there were already rabid White Lies fans up against the stage-maybe 30-40. Exchange rate usd myr I don’t remember the last time I was at a concert where that many people showed up early and flocked straight to the front.

They must have known what they were in for, because they got a heck of a show. The future of digital marketing is you Vowws opening set was dark and brooding dance music with a heavy bass foundation. Historical exchange rates usd to inr Very different from White Lies, but somehow they go together. E mini msci emerging markets futures There are some stark differences, though. Us stock futures tomorrow The biggest is the tempo: Vowws take their time and get under your skin while White Lies strike quickly.

A couple songs into their set, Harry McVeigh announced that they’d put out a new record (Friends) since the last time they played in Chicago, so they were going to play a lot of that. Euro conversion to usd The band didn’t shy away from deep cuts, though. Eur usd historical chart The crowd erupted when he said the next song would be “The Price Of Love,” which they’ve been doing on this current tour but hadn’t played since 2011. Currency converter usd to rm Of the 17 songs on the setlist, five of them came from their debut To Lose My Life…. Market futures cnbc Before the set even started but after the tour manager put out the setlist I overheard a fan standing right in the center exclaim “Oh my fucking God, dude, they’re playing fucking ‘From The Stars’ holy shit!” so I think it was a very fan-friendly group of songs.

Talib Kweli is, without question, one of hip hop’s greatest ambassadors. Gender differences in language His music has a message of social justice and peace, he’s constantly collaborating with up and coming talent, and he has the talent of the best MC’s minus the arrogance. Euro chart 2016 His shows are always a good time because they’re less about him and more about the love of music.

Last night at Metro in Chicago he played his now famous version of Eleanor Rigby and talked up the greatness of Paul McCartney, paid homage to Sean Price and J Dilla, brought out GLC to do “Drive Slow” and Niko Is for a couple songs, and talked about his good friend Kanye. Translate binary code This last bit was my favorite moment of the show.

Always one to speak his mind, Kweli said that he loves Kanye. Chf usd conversion Kanye’s given him a lot in his career with producing and features, so Kanye helped him provide for his family. Latest exchange rate pound to euro But, Kweli said, when you stand next to Donald Trump, something’s wrong. Gender identity test He said the same of Steve Harvey before making a plea for unity and calling on the audience to do everything they can to stop the racist regime from ending our democracy.

With the help of DJ Spintelect, we traveled through the history that Talib Kweli has helped create. Usd to aed From Black Star to his more recent collaborations, including some of the latest Javotti signees K’Valentine and Space Invadaz. Usd to zwd He sent some love to Bob Marley and the reggae pioneers that inspired the beginnings of hip hop. Pounds to usd calculator If you’ve been to a Kweli show, you know that there aren’t a lot of songs played all the way through to completion. Solving problems It’s more about the feeling, so it bounces around as a medley of songs that all come together to tell his story.

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