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Holy.Sh*t. This post was a pain in my ass to get live on my site. When technology doesn’t work, it’s a real ball buster binary addition. I kept writing this post and editing it and then none of it would save. And honestly, these posts take a while. To make the recipe, to edit the photos, to write up the recipe, to link up the ingredients, to write my babble bullsh*t at the beginning us market futures live. It just takes time. And then for it to all erase…multiple times…I need a little Namaste in my life. Whenever I get crazy frustrated, I do deep breathing. Ain’t nobody got time for messing with my cortisol levels.

So just warning you now – I haven’t watched the first episode of The Bachelorette yet binary to text. I wanted to watch it with my sister-in-law but we just couldn’t devote 2 ½ hours of our lives on a Monday night, knowing full well nothing happens on the first episode.

All that happens is the producers decide who they want to make look like an idiot and in turn, ruin their lives longterm. We all know (hopefully) that reality TV is total bull, but after listening to all the episodes of the Reality Steve Podcast and all of his guests, I really have lost all respect for the producers of that show. AND I will definitely be careful with some of the things I say on my blog. It’s crazy hearing firsthand experience from the show and how much the producers f*ck with you. I’ve been contacted a couple times about doing reality TV stuff, but I feel like they are pretty much just out to ruin lives. And I kind of really love my life gbp to usd rate. Sooooo……

So here’s some news you won’t care about whatsoever but I’m pretty damn pumped about – We are painting the outside of our house in about a week! We have this super ugly color brick and we are over it. So we are painting the brick a dark grey color after seeing a few houses in our neighborhood do the same. I spend my mornings now walking Jackson and taking photos of different houses for paint and landscaping inspiration. Like a real creep ball how to code in binary. If I saw someone taking photos of my house, I would chase them pregnancy quiz boy or girl. Luckily, no one has chased me yet. Winning! I’m just so excited for our neighbors to finally be proud of having us as neighbors. It’s been 2 years and I think they hoped we would have our sh*t together sooner, but hot damn, houses take a lot of money! I drive through neighborhoods and I’m always like – does everyone just have endless money to redo their homes and buy a milli cars and look like they have their lives together?! I don’t get it.

I just noticed the shirt I’ve been wearing since last night is on backwards. Ughhhhhh. Today isn’t off to the best start! Time to go work out and change that all around!

Ok wait, you totally should go make this recipe! I made it on my instagram stories a week ago and had so many people message me about the recipe that I decided to put it on here. It’s not exactly like fried rice and it doesn’t have an egg in it, but it’s totes easy to make any night of the week! Thank you Claire from Girls Gone Wod Podcast for inspiring me in the kitchen after telling me she makes fried rice every week! This has now become a staple in my own weekly routine!

My husband and I started eating Paleo when we started Crossfit about 10 years ago. Long story short my husband and I transitioned to pescetarian diet for his health about 4 years ago euro forecast 2016. However, just recently we did a genetic DNA test (23 and Me, it is the same company Angelina Jolie used to find out she had ….. for breast cancer and then decided to have a ) to learn more about our health and how we can better improve ourselves. We also did fitnessRX.

In the 23 and Me test I found out I am 77% deficient in creating vitamin A (retinol). I have been suffering from mild night blindness for a while now, but thought this was just a sucky side effect from my lasik surgery 7 years ago current stock market futures. Figured at least my vision is 20/15 in the day time. (Just don’t trust me to drive at night 🙂 ). In reading Eat the Yolks, by Liz Wolfe she talks about Vitamin A and how Vitamin A differs across animal products and vegetarian products 1 usd to php. I need the animal vitamin A to improve by night blindness (go figure). So now I’m stuck between keeping are vegetarian diet with some fish or going back to Paleo.

My husband and I are very neurotic when it comes to making decisions and so we read the China Study, Dr, Fuhrman’s East to Live. I have also read Practical Paleo and Eat the Yolks and recently in listening to their podcast started divining into Denise Minger’s ( mythbuster of the China Study (all that f-ing reading for natha) as well as listening to the TED Talk by Christina Warineer debunking the Paleo diet.

I am feeling very lost with everyone giving their take on how everyone else is wrong. Can you please give your insight and if you have read these books or seen these talks and what to do.

here’s the thing, Carissa – all those people that you named know WAY more than i do about the science behind the food and what we should and shouldn’t be eating. i’m not the brains here, I’m simply making better quality recipes for people. i’ve read eat the yolks and practical paleo and the paleo solution, but not the china study so i can’t talk much about that. i’m not sure what insight i can really give you other than if you’re lacking vitamin A and the best source of vitamin A is high quality meat, then I’m not sure why you wouldn’t try that. but at the end of the day, i’m not a specialist nor am i a doctor or have a medical background, so I recommend you talking to someone with that speciality to help you figure that out. i’m sorry i can’t help more, but i only speak from my own experience, i can’t tell YOU what to do

I feel those who seems to have plenty of money for refurbishments and cars are either borrowing by remortgaging or got help from relatives (mainly parents). Most of our friends who bought their house got help from their parents. I have a friend who saved many years for an extension to the house, and eventually got it done last year because the mum gave her a large sum too.

Long time fan–first time post! I tried this recipe off your IG story and it was AMAZING and really filling! I just want to say thank you for all you do: your time, energy, humor, and candor usd chf exchange rate. I love how you approach fitness and healthy eating by making it fun and relatable. And, I love your podcast as well! Thanks for creating awesome food and content. Oh, and I made your spaghetti pie for my hubs with whole wheat noodles (because he can eat tolerate them and is trying to gain weight) and he loved it! Just wanted to drop a nice note, because I know there are trolls out there, and just wanted to know that there is a girl in Nashville who is a big fan of you and Jackson!

P.S. It’s also super cool to see your transitions by making paleo work for YOU! It has made me feel better about adopting and adapting changes for myself after trial and error.

Quick random question… Do you fix your husband’s lunch? My husband works in the golf industry and is outside ALL day. So hot meals are his absolute favorite to pack and heat up. He also tries to take the shortest lunch break possible because he has so much to do in the day so it leads to him stuffing his face with a burger in about 5 min. Any tips/suggestions would be great!