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Let me spill the beans, I am just tired of what is going on in the world and I am calling for it to stop and I have some powerful friends behind me 😉 In a nutshell what I am about to reveal is unknown to most Americans still to this very day. Chf usd chart As I have already stated, Edgar Cayce said the “Mound Builder” Native American Indians are the remnants of Atlantis! Many of Edgar Cayce’s readings concerned the island continent of Atlantis, the fabled empire located beyond the Pillars of Hercules (presumably the Rocks of Gibraltar in the western Mediterranean), as thoroughly detailed in Plato’s TIMAEUS, that fell into the sea. Usps shipping cost Cayce’s readings described three separate disasters that befell Atlantis. Usd gbp exchange rate The first catastrophe happened in 50,700 BC, caused by an explosion of gas pockets within the earth that triggered volcanoes and earthquakes, generated a magnet pole shift on the planet and produced a great Ice Age. Us dollar rate today in india The second catastrophe occurred in 28.000 BC, coinciding with the Biblical account of Noah and the Great Flood. Usa today newspaper After the deluge, the continent had been broken into three main islands: Aryaz in the east (present day Azores Island group), Poseidia in the north (West Indies area), and Og in the south (near South America). Stock futures cnn money The final catastrophe took place in 10,600 BC. Gbp to usd There were gigantic land upheavals upon the earth and the remaining land mass of Posedia and Aryaz (except for the mountain peaks) disappeared into the seas. World stock markets cnnmoney The Cayce readings indicated the Atlanteans had been forced to relocate to various distant lands during the catastrophes, specifically to the Pyrenees Mountains (between Spain and France), Morocco (Atlas Mountains), Egypt (where they built the pyramids) and North America (where they formed the Iroquois nation). 1 usd to zmk All Type X locations. Gbp usd exchange rate live In North America, the highest concentration of Type X lineage was found within the Iroquois nation (Ojibway, Oneota and Nuu-Chah-Nulth tribes). Math smartboard games Cayce also reported some Atlanteans went on to the American Southwest and Midwest. Futures market hours today The Navajo (Southwest) and mound builder region (Midwest) also contain some Type X subjects. Usa today sports odds Edgar Cayce predicted that Iroquois Indians are the remnants of the “Mound Buiilders” of Ancient American history , which Cayce reveals were the remnants of the Atlantians or Poseidons as Edgar Cayce called them. 1 usd to chf (Enki-ites) The Mound Builders (Native American Anunnaki) are a culture which actually predates the north American Indian tribes by thousands of years, this “Mound Boulder” culture then later on intermingled into the North American Indian Tribes, Mainly the Iroquois, The Cherokee, and the Sioux, which are the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota Native American Indian Tribes. Fraction worksheets 3rd grade Not to be blunt, but this is the revealing of the Nephilim Bloodline through the North America Native Indians with DNA evidence in the form of DNA Haplogroup X2a which is a recently disovered (1997) Human DNA group which is mainly only found in the sometimes giant skeletal remains removed from Ancient American Earth Mounds, Ancient Egypt and at least 3% of Native American Indians today.

What surprised me is the recent knowledge that Edgar Cayce predicted all of this in his reading on exactly who the Mound Builders were!!!! Eastlake, Ohio = Home of the The Nephilim “Mound Builders” The Fabled Biblical Lost Nation/Tribe….The Nephilim! I have noticed some researchers reveal the Anunnaki had a Hybrid bloodline here on planet Earth known as the Nephilim who became the secret societies that controlled humanity from behind the scenes. Yahoo futures There is a significant missing part of the story! What is missing is the entire Atlantis Enki connection to the Ancient Native American Mound Builders Bloodline proven now through a recent Scientific DNA discovery in 1998, DNA Haplogroup X2a only exists in 3 places on Planet Earth throughout human history making all history books to be rewritten, 1. Grain futures markets Most recent in time – Present – Haplogroup X2a exists in at least 3% of today’s Native American Indian Tribes, this percentage can be much higher because of the simple fact that most Native American Indians have not had there blood/DNA tested. Call option in the money 2. Decimal operations worksheet In our recent Past – Haplogroup X2a was also found in the tall skeletal remains (Giants) found in North America’s Ancient “Mound Builder” sites. Dollar to pound conversion rate 3. Usd rmb exchange rate In the distant past the highest concentration of Haplogroup X2a was found in “The Hills Of Galilee” region in northern Israel. Verizon modem password As I was stating Haplogroup X2a is the “Holy Grail” Bloodline, “The” Lost Tribe of Israel! Think about all of the negative allegations thrown out by researchers regarding The Anunnaki/Nephilim to be evil, and behind all the secret societies, and freemasons, skull & bones, Oil & banking families Etc. Gender roles in society articles What do those allegations have to do with the North American Indian tribes, the True Nephilim? Nothing! What does Zionists, Freemasonry and Secret Societies have to do with North American Indians? Nothing, We had no part in it. Exchange rate rupee to usd As a matter of fact the Native American Indians have suffered at the hands of the Dark Zionist Cabal machine more so than any other race of peoples on this planet, The largest Genocide ever was perpetrated against the Native American Indians by the Dark Zionist Cabal. Binary code decoder The Native American Indian Mound Builders heritage is the Enki Hybrid Bloodline on this planet and that is the part of the story that is missing. Stock market futures implied open & a half truth is no truth at all. The box movie “When Scientists learn that the seven-pointed star has a forward progression and recreates itself infinitely as a whole unit, there will be huge leaps in the progress of man.” – Bear Bearcloud The Anunnaki, they are even mentioned in the Bible three times – in Job 9:9 and 38:31, and Amos 5:8. Nok usd The royal Anunnaki – Anu, Enki, Enlil – originate from the Sirius, Orion, and Pleiadian star systems; hence some Anunnaki also classify themselves as Pleiadians. Vnd to usd converter The Pleiadians are the closest to Earthlings in terms of the way they look, which is not surprising as they are our creators. Binary code translation The group of extraterrestrials from Sirius, Orion, and the Pleiades are known as the Sirian Group. 1 usd to rmb Enki’s mother was descended from Pleiadians. Usps shipping supplies And do you know how the name Pleiades came about? According to the Hopi, a Native American tribe whose knowledge of Earth’s history is highly esteemed by scholars from across the globe and other Native American Indians, Enki was called Ea or EADA, Grandfather, meaning “The Creator”, because it is he who created mankind. Exchange rate usd to rmb His other title was BA-AL (also rendered BA-EL or PAAL), which means “LORD FATHER”, that is, Father of Mankind. Exchange rate us to canada The term “Pleiades” is the English version of PAAL-EA-DAUS, meaning “Place of Our Lord Father the Creator”. What is a binary number In other words, the Pleiades are named after Enki! In 2010 at Poirino, Italy the precise number of “stars” in a crop circle formation picture specified the famous equation Albert Einstein E = mc2 in decimal ASCII code in a Crop Circle. Convert idr to usd A similar crop picture which appeared near Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011 shows at its centre a large seven-pointed star, Even more interestingly, a series of seven rays along the outside of that new crop picture at Poirino are written in eight-bit ASCII code, and seem to identify the crop artist as “Ea” or “Enki”, who was a extra-terrestrial god in ancient Sumeria. Commodity futures price quotes According to ancient legends, he and NINGARHSAG created modern humans by hybridizing sperm from the male gods with eggs taken from local aboriginals, already living on Earth tens of thousands of years ago. Usd to nzd Please take notice that both Crop Circles, A 27 Hz frequency creating the Enki-Ea Seven-Ponted Star, and the D 36 Hz frequency creating the Six-Pointed “E=MC2” fall within these most harmonic numbers frequecies! And they both are related to a 432 HZ Pythagorean tuning or Diaspan!

With the Enki Crop Circle we now know Enki of the Anunnaki has been presenting us and guiding us with the importance of 432 HZ and it’s 4 octave below 432 Hz (27 Hz) (Diapason A 432 Hz) in the form of the seven-pointed star which is encoded into the Enki Crop Circle, they even created the Babylonian World Map from it! OK, what does that have to do with what is about to be revealed? Earth and humanities true hidden history from the actual record keepers of this knowledge being the Native American Indians, Think about what is going on with standing rock right now? My Tribe the Seneca of the Iroquois ALREADY have their own “Country” right now within NEW YORK in the United States, This is NOT a Indian reservation so to speak and not many know this fact. Euro dollar exchange rate chart Also Nine months before its 99-year lease was set to expire, the city of Salamanca, the only city in the nation built on land leased from an Indian reservation, has reached a new rental agreement with the Seneca Indians, officials said today. Us futures market live The agreement calls for a $60 million payment to the Seneca Nation from the Federal and state governments, and for annual lease payments from the city to the Indian nation to increase about 14 times, to $800,000 a year.

Usd aud exchange rate The new lease would run for 40 years, with an option to renew for another 40 years. 1 usd to malaysian ringgit Now we know who the Native Americans truly are ask yourself why The United States still to this day allows the Seneca Iroquois these “privileges”? It is because the Knights Templar who are the “Good Guys” know exactly who the Seneca are because they brought the Sangreal Holy Grail “Bloodline” to the United States which then became the Seneca when they fled Israel and became lost, or hidden becoming the fabled Lost Tribe or Nation. Futures markets explained Our United States Forefathers went to the Senaca Indians to learn from them how to create the Constitution, and the Unites States. Usd to aud converter And the Templars then became very involved in the creation of the United States. Usd to ringgit This is a fact.

Now Imagine how the following information has to do with the very near Future if it has been already established the Seneca Iroquois still own there land and this is officially recognized by the USA. Best used bookstores nyc What nobody knows is The Seneca Iroquois Mound Builder tribe kept there “Homeland” out of public knowledge I am officially stating right now As Iroquois Mound Builder Haplogroup X2a representative Rainbow Warrior Eagle I am revealing Eastlake Ohio as our Homeland, The city of Eastlake now is officially announced as being owned by the Iroquois Seneca and I will be meeting with officials and Elders very soon. Python xml Stay Tuned. Binary file download Whittlesey site: Eastlake, Ohio. Cad to usd converter Already in the 19th Century Charles Whittlesey knew of this artifact-rich site in Eastlake, Ohio. Hex to binary converter In 1888 Whittlesey described the site as on a river bluff 35 feet high. Binary code reader He observed earthen walls of about 660 feet in length. Famous quotes about friendship Artifact on bottom Rt. Picture format converter is the Ancient ENKI Morning Star Cross Symbol and it is an Artifact removed from the Eastlake Oh Mound builder site! The Iroquois called this Eastlake Ohio area Tiogo which is a Iroquois word that means ‘Entering Place’ This ancient structure would have matched in importance of other now famous Ohio Earth Works like the famous Serpent Mound in Western Ohio. Gbp to usd exchange rate history We haven’t even got into the Mormons and the Peacemaker yet 😉 Peace,

Rainbow Warrior Eagle (Michael Lee Hill) “Wimunke” means ‘Rainbow’. Binary editor The ‘n’ is a nasal sound, like in the word ‘IN’. Usd to inr history “Akicita”, (Ah-Kee-Chee-Tah) is Warrior, “Wambdi” (Wahm-Bdee) is ‘Eagle’. Gold chart 1 year The ‘Eagle Nation’ is the Spirit that gave you the name, which is why it is at the end of your ‘Gift’. Pounds to us dollars converter “Akicita Wimunke’ Wambdi” You are: “Rainbow Warrior Eagle”. Binary multiplication Hau! Pray well and know the Spirit acknowledges your Spirit as this name and will carry your prayers with great enthusiasm to the Creator’s Heart.” – Chief Blue Star Eagle

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