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I’ve written numerous columns in the past three years warning consumers about the impersonation scams. Aud usd historical data I first wrote about scammers turning to iTunes cards in April.

The Federal Trade Commission put out a warning online in May on the use of iTunes cards by scammers who can pretend to be from the IRS or maybe even pretend to be a grandchild in trouble.

The Michigan State University Police Department, for example, tweeted in mid-September that students should be aware that scam artists may target students and claim to be from the IRS.

Other police departments have tried to get the word out, too. Eu to usd The Virginia Tech Police Department put a notice on its Facebook page in August about scams that target students, as well. Euro today rate in pakistan The posting also noted that they’ve even had reports of a professional

scammer calling the parent or other relative of a student claiming to be a professor at Tech, telling the person there is an issue with a grade or the like, and ask for the personal cell phone number of the student. Fraction to decimal conversion chart No professor would ever do that.

Apple has posted a warning online, saying a “string of scams are taking place asking people to make payments over the phone for things such as taxes, hospital bills, bail money, debt collection and utility bills.”

Apple said it’s offering guidance to retailers about ways to try to prevent customers from being scammed. If there are still funds on a victim’s cards, Apple will work with its re-sellers to help ensure funds are returned, according to an Apple spokesperson.

Because I’m not holding my breath about catching these crooks soon, I’d say Apple and others must do more to warn consumers — maybe put a warning label on iTunes gift cards or supply retailers with point-of-sale signs.

Keith G. Bloomberg world market futures Dailey, senior director of external affairs for Kroger, said the supermarket chain, like other retailers, is working closely with experts and Apple to find solutions.

Dailey said one challenge with signage is that customers who have been convinced by scammers to buy the iTunes cards often do not notice warning signs.

“We are examining placing material indicating the potential for fraud with iTunes gift cards, and we also are working with Apple on alternative solutions to deter this activity,” Dailey said.

In some cases, Kroger cashiers have been able to help customers avoid losing thousands of dollars on iTunes gift card scams, including stopping an 86-year-old grandfather in Ohio from “helping” fraudsters who were pretending to be his grandson. What is a binary number Another grandmother in Ohio was stopped from putting $2,000 on iTunes cards, as well. Euro to usd conversion Limited refunds

Kroger and partners, he said, can refund money only in limited cases when the money is still available on loaded cards. Cad to usd exchange rate by date But if the fraudster has removed the money, the chance of recovery is minimal.

I don’t see phone or e-mail scams disappearing, especially considering that crooks get personal data via security breaches and the stuff we post about ourselves on social media.

Passino, who was working to save money for college, said she never read about this scam. Secret messages in logos She didn’t call her dad, she said, because the callers said the police would come quickly if she tried to contact anyone.

The con artists play into the confusion young consumers have about taxes, too. Dollar euro forecast She worried that maybe the right amount of taxes weren’t paid since she did a lot of work for cash in her teens, such as babysitting and cutting lawns.

Now, she is willing to admit her mistake in public because she said she’s getting nowhere closer to getting any money back after filing police reports, complaining to Kroger, going to the bank about her debit card or trying to reach Apple.

“On a corporate level, there really is no protection for the consumer for incidents like this,” she said. How the futures market works “It’s incredible to me that there isn’t a warning next to the iTunes cards.”