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The SSAT is administered to students in grades 4-12 who are hoping to attend private schools. Us stock market futures bloomberg The exam has three levels: elementary, middle, and upper. Fraction to decimal conversion chart Each exam has four sections: quantitative, reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and an essay.

Usd to jpy The difficulty and length of the exam is adjusted to the grade level, but as a whole, the exam tests students on a summary of what they’ve learned in school up to the exam. 10101 binary If your student struggles in any of these areas or needs a refresher, they can work with a personal tutor to prepare for the SSAT. Gold chart 2016 With the help of the educational directors at Varsity Tutors, you can find an SSAT tutor in New York City, New York, who can help your student with their test preparation.

Your student’s SSAT score is based on the multiple-choice questions in the math, reading, and verbal sections. Usd to yen conversion The essay is not scored but is instead sent to schools so that they can assess the student’s writing skills. Stock market futures definition This means that your student’s writing skills can be an important factor, as the school of choice will be reading the exact wording of your student. Binary pdf If your child struggles in writing, then SSAT tutoring in New York City could be an excellent solution. Commodity definitions A personal tutor can work individually with your student to analyze their current writing ability and pinpoint the areas where they need the most help. Fx rate cad usd Every grade level has a different set of expectations for students’ writing abilities, and your student’s tutor can compare them to these standards and discover where improvements need to occur.

The quantitative portion of the exam tests for a variety of skills, including general math knowledge, spatial sense, and probability. Euro to aud chart Some students can be great in math classes, but they may forget concepts once they no longer apply them. Us to rmb exchange rate This can make it hard for students to score well on the SSAT, because the exam can test on all the properties and equations that the student has ever learned. Rmb conversion to usd This may mean that your student needs to review the concepts they’ve previously learned. Dollar rupee exchange rate today New York City SSAT tutoring can be beneficial in this regard as well. Yen to usd A personal tutor can work through assessments and practice exams with your student to identify what information they’ve forgotten and refresh their memories.

It’s important that students have the opportunity to meet with their tutor when and where they need them. Us stock market today The educational directors at Varsity Tutors can work with you to help find a great New York City, New York, SSAT tutor for your student. Funny quotes about love and life Your child can meet with the tutor at any location and time that works well with your weekly schedule for in person or face-to-face online sessions. Exchange rate pound to us dollar Call us today for help locating a professional SSAT test prep tutor for your child.