( Newswire. net — April 30, 2015) Centerville, Utah–ACI Call Tracking is the leading provider of


( Newswire. net — April 30, 2015) Centerville, Utah–ACI Call Tracking is the leading provider of call tracking and web analytics services as well as insightful information that help clients come up with better decisions. The company delivers the right tools and services to manage effectively and then save more money. Their money saving services include inbound and outbound call tracking. The inbound tracking measures the level of effectiveness of advertisements by means of tracking calls. Each advertisement is given its own special phone number and every call is tracked, recorded and traced. The outbound call tracking, on the other hand, is a service responsible for tracking and recording all outbound calls from employees.

ACI Call Tracking also offers web analytics to determine how individuals are getting to clients’ website and the keywords that they are utilizing to find them. With ACI Call Tracking, it is now highly possible to track not just calls, but also advertising results and leads. The company believes that the smartest way of tracking how individuals are finding one’s business is to know where individuals are calling from, tracking trends in the market and working with existing phone systems. To track how individuals find a client’s business, it is imperative to determine which advertisement generates the best and most profitable leads. With the services offered, individuals now have the opportunity to discover lucrative campaigns, stop wasting time, effort and money on unnecessary and ineffective campaigns and improve conversion rates. They are also able to listen to call recordings and identify common problems on staffing. The company works by requesting the client’s local or toll free tracking numbers. They can place their unique number in coupons or ads, radio, TV spots and websites. As expected, customers will call their tracking numbers.

The company will then send call seamless to client’s business and invisibly gather valuable information about the call and the advertising campaign. Clients can log out of their account at their convenience and analyze results of campaigns. Clients can save money by concentrating more on their successful and lucrative advertising campaigns. ACI Call Tracking gives individuals the power to track and then record calls. There will be no more guessing if the ad campaigns they paid for are really worth the cost. For more information, visit Http://www. acicalltracking. com/. For inquiries, call 866-383-1181.