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to stop it. Market futures bloomberg this week, a major breakthrough with the senate finding evidence that the executives of back page douk were not only aware that minors were being sold for sex through ads on the site, but went to lengths to hide it. Futures market definition here’s abc’s gloria riviera. Aud usd historical data >> how are you doing? >> reporter: for parents tom and nicole, it’s a long awaited day of reckoning. Us dollar to uk pound conversion >> good to see you. Binary puzzles >> reporter: they’ve come to the capital for a major hearing. Binary quotes >> it’s time to accept that child sex trafficking has entered the digital age. Rmb to usd history >> reporter: targeting back, the controversial website they say destroyed their daughter’s childhood. Stock market index futures >> back page is a $600 million company, built on selling sex, and importantly, on selling sex with children. Uk usd exchange rate >> reporter: the company’s suited executives forced to stand and listen to a damning indictment on a national stage.

employing moderators, a filter for key words.

Usd to sar in 2012, their attorney told “nightline” — >> online child exploitation exists, and the best tools to fight it are also online. Binary code and back is currently one of the very best tools to fight it. Gbp usd news >> reporter: claiming they report suspicious ads to the national center for missing and exploited children. Gold price per ounce back page maintains it has monitoring programs and it also told “nightline” that back page is online to fight human trafficking. Pound exchange rate to dollar >> i don’t think you can be in the business of providing basically an online bazaar for escort ads that includes of purchase and sale of children for sex and say that you are online to help fight the problem. Usd to thb >> reporter: in fact, 73% of the reports they receive from the public about suspected under-age trafficking involved a back page post. Australian to us dollar exchange rate which is why two u.s. Funny quotes with pictures about life senators

>> the fact that these terms were stripped out through the screening process does not mean that that girl’s age was changed. Aud usd investing >> reporter: on the witness stand, they all declined to testify. Usd to nis >> after consultation with counsel, i decline to answer your question. Usa today news >> reporter: again backpage calling this a violation of their first amendment rights. Exchange rate usd to chf >> this report details how carl ferrer and backpage, from the top on down, knew what was going on. Euro exchange rate to canadian dollar what does that mean for backpage? >> i think it potentially means liability. Commodity meaning in hindi when you proactively and actively decide to filter out certain terms, that’s a game-changer, because you’re talking about active participation. Cad to usd conversion rate >> reporter: just hours before the hearing, backpage shut down its entire adult services section, replacing the page system a banner saying, the government has unconstitutionally censored this content. Us to euro exchange rate >> it was not censorship, no one

ads. Cnbc pre market futures their lawyers hope this senate report could be the key to winning their case. Gbp usd exchange rate forecast >> i can only tell you that when we finally got natalie back for good, months later, the young girl we found wasn’t the same natalie that had left our home months earlier. Gender roles in india >> in my mind, it’s simple. Love quotes for husband what happened to my daughter on is criminal. Exchange rate hkd usd >> reporter: in the crowd, a long-time supporter, yoda from the national center for missing and exploited children. Stock market terms and meanings >> i think today is a game-changer. Gold prices today per ounce i think it lays bare their level of knowledge about what they were dealing with, and how they chose to deal with criminal acts, the selling of children for sex. Euro pound chart >> reporter: but she said she knows backpage’s self-imposed shutdown won’t solve this problem. Hidden messages in songs >> who knows if they’ll be back up tomorrow? >> reporter: just as quickly as it was shuttered, we found similar ads, on other parts of the site. Usd to can and the u.s. Market futures oil is just the tip of the iceberg. Equity meaning in hindi backpage is truly a global