Nintendo placed a hidden message in the nes classic just for hackers


Nintendo’s genius idea of re-releasing their 1985 NES console had the internet up in arms last year. Famous quotes about life lessons Retro is always appreciated, and this bundle of 30 games compatible with modern TVs was the ultimate new toy for those who celebrate the golden early years of console gaming.

Although 30 pre-installed games would seem like enough, some determined and tech-savvy gamers have taken it upon themselves to expand the library by hacking their systems and using the consoles as emulators for extra games. Egp to usd Thing is, Nintendo knew this was going to happen.

Rand pound exchange rate graph Think you outsmarted Nintendo by cracking your NES Classic? You’ll think again once you see the hidden message the developers left for enterprising hackers.

“This is the Hanafuda Captain speaking. Pound to dollar exchange rate graph Launching emulation in 3…2…1. 1 usd to rm malaysia Many efforts, tears and countless hours have been put into this jewel. Exchange rate mexican peso to us dollar So, please keep this place tidied up and don’t break everything! Cheers, the Hanafuda Captain.”

Hanafuda refers to Hanafuda playing cards, the first product Nintendo released when they began as a company in 1889. Best quotes about love and life That’s not a typo – Nintendo was around an entire century before Mario even existed as an idea.

It’s a classy message, seeming to neither demonise or praise any hackers who managed to overcome the system’s restraints. Binary compound It makes you think, are there other secrets hidden in this console?

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