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In early 2010, I noticed, on two occasions, errors in data, & the chart, that Spectro-oils.com had on their website. Idr usd I notified Spectro Oils on these occasions, & the last error, a serious one of reversing the 40°C/100°C data on a comparisons of oils chart, was fixed by Spectro; upon which they sent me another thank you note. Us share market futures The above data on this page comes from updated information; & this chart, clickable below in pdf format, has been corrected by Spectro themselves at my urging.

This link to a color bar chart can be useful, is easy to read. Euro pound exchange rate calculator It lists more oils than I have on this page you are now reading; I have imported it, in pdf format, into this website. Europe stock market index futures You may find the chart very useful:

Below is a chart, that is the best information I have from BMW. Conversion aud usd BMW has published various such charts in its Owner’s Booklets & elsewhere’s for many years.

Australian us dollar exchange rate These charts have changed over the years PRIMARILY due to the better QUALITY of available oils. Exchange rate for indian rupee to us dollar BMW began recommending MULTIGRADE oils decades ago, but BMW restricted their use to THEN usable & safe temperature ranges. Us dollar to british pound chart As the years passed & oils improved, BMW expanded their recommended temperature range, but generally only for the high end temperature rating of any given multigrade oil. Gender spectrum quiz I know something about motor oils, and I think BMW’s recommendations are very good, indeed.

I recommend 15W50 or 20W50 or 20W40 for most riders. How the futures market works Those riders riding consistently at high speeds, or pulling trailers or sidecars, should probably use a 20W50. Gbp usd etf As a general rule I do NOT recommend single weight oils. Binary picture It is my belief that they are MOSTLY only included on BMW’s chart because only single weight oils are easily available in some countries. Stock connector Otherwise, only in special circumstances of high air temperatures, and high loadings, etc., should someone use a high quality straight SAE40. Msn news canada This chart should be studied, particularly for the low and high temperature range for each oil. Usd in inr You may be a bit surprised.

In the mid-nineties, BMW modified their recommended oil viscosity range charts. Aud to usd news The below chart is the very last version for AIRHEADS. The millionaire matchmaker It incorporates a number of changes. Hex editor download Look closely.

recommend that oil unless you are in such extremely cold weather. What is usd currency BMW showed that oil on older charts, but changed its placement on the temperature graph, and then, finally, moved it to a simple tiny text on the same page as the chart, but not IN the chart. Usd rub You can take THAT in several ways. Dollar pound exchange rate forecast I take it to mean that BMW KNEW that oil had a problem. Binary to hex converter I would NOT use that oil over that wide temperature range. Live charts uk In fact, I would generally avoid using that oil at all.

NOTE especially that 10W50 is not recommended for over +10°C (even though the oil makers try to MISinform you that it is OK); and the 15W50 is not recommended for over 30°C (same sort of reasoning). Future of marketing 2016 Contrast with the 20W50. Euro fx There is a real reason that certain multigrade oils are not good at higher temperatures, even though they have that top figure in their stated viscosity. Python tutorial google I can sum it all up rather easily: When the top number is

divided by the bottom number, and it exceeds 2.5, the oil fails to lubricate well-enough. Usd to inr forecast 2016 This has BEEN SO, for DECADES, and IS SO, today. Usa today puzzles It also applies to the BMW 5W50 SuperPower oil…please do NOT purchase that oil, no matter what BMW says! …unless the air temperature will be below freezing or well-below freezing, during your entire ride.

The temperatures in the chart are for the RANGE of air temperatures (and, to some extent the temperature of the oil/engine you are starting the engine at) you will be riding at. Euro to aud conversion That has some broader implications than you may think. 45 usd NOTE,

especially, that the chart is VERY CLEAR about the grade of oil most every rider will or should be using: 20W50 or 15W50. Cny to usd chart Many riders use 10W40 in mild Winter conditions, but might be better for them to use 15W50. Usd cad forecast today Some riders may find themselves in countries where appropriate multigrade oils are not available. Us stock market futures A straight SAE30 or 40 detergent oil may be their choice.

Only for severe conditions should you think about using over 90 weight oil. Usd to sar converter I am OK with synthetic oils in the transmission, but prefer dino oils, GL5, NOT GL4, in the rear drive. Usd chf exchange rate MORE info further down this article, below….in NERDY NOTES section….

circulate it once through the engine for extreme long term storage. Binary to text This is not just for Winter Storage, but for YEARS. Binary addition I recommend a special oil sold under the Joe Gibbs label, called Hot Rod Oil.

Spectro engine oils: All have 1800 ppm zinc & phosphorus. Bloomberg world markets futures AFAIK, Spectro uses both ZDDP and ZDTP, depending on synthetic, or not, or part synthetic. Msn news Golden Spectro 4 is 30% Spectro Platinum full synthetic, and 70% Spectro 4.

Castrol’s 4T oil, (and Grand Prix oil, which is the SAME OIL) in either grade 10W40 or 20W50, as appropriate to your climate, is SG rated and formulated. Nyse futures market Zinc component is 1100ppm in some tests, and some tests say 950; Calcium component is 1900 ppm; Phosphorus component is 1000 ppm (some tests say 750). Famous quotes about love and life Viscosity is 20 Cst at 100°C. Stock market futures today TBM is 8.

1. Oil meaning in the bible Some longish time ago BMW sold engine oil, made for BMW by Spectro. Pregnancy quiz boy or girl In the 20W50 grade, it had 1375 ppm of zinc; 1100 ppm of phosphorus; viscosity at 100°C was 18 Cst, and the TBN was 7.5. How to code in binary This oil was made for Classic K bikes, & Dealerships were to sell it for Classic K bikes AND Airheads. Binary operation Earliest of the Classic K bikes required zinc & phosphorous to SG type level amounts. Binary to hexadecimal chart It is likely that this oil also was formulated to extend the usable life of the starter sprag clutch assembly.

2. Usd to kwd BMW sold a Castrol oil under the BMW HP name. Ascii table binary This conventional oil in 20W50 tested as follows: 1207 ppm of zinc; 1014 ppm of phosphorus; viscosity at 100°C was 18.7 Cst, and the TBN was not available. What is futures in stock market TAN was 4.12. Silver chart history Viscosity at 40°C was 173.5. Stock market futures today bloomberg Sulfur 14. Dollar to pound exchange rate Calcium 636 ppm. Stock market dow futures VI was 121.

For MOTOR oils, in STRAIGHT grades (20, 30, 40, and 50 grades), the manufacturers DO NOT HAVE TO specify at both 100°C (210°F) and 40°C (100°F). Conversion rate us to canada A manufacturer MAY additionally specify at even lower temperatures. Convert pounds to usd The actual SAE official methods of specifying viscosity are rather complex, particularly for motor oils at temperature extremes, so I have not gotten into this in depth in this article, which would have needed an additional page! It is best to avoid single grade oils. Funny quotes about life and love If the country you are traveling in has nothing but single grades, then use them, in accordance with my earlier recommendations. Europe futures trading hours Not having ANY oil is worse! 🙂

SAE motor oil grades 5W and 10W DO, usually, have a LOW temperature specification. Love quotes tumblr SAE 5W need not have any minimum at 0°F but a maximum generally taken to be 6,000 SUS; 10W has a maximum at 0°F, generally taken to be 12,000 SUS, and a minimum generally

taken to be 6,000. Butterfly quotes about life In older specifications, some of which may still be in use, oils under 20 weight are generally taken to NOT have a 210°F rating for viscosity, except a minimum. Hex to binary file converter The specifications on oils were set up so that oils that had a W in their

specification were not specified at 0°F, but at 210°F. Dollar exchange rate to peso Yes, this seems to conflict with 5W, 10W (and 0W not mentioned). Silver chart 1 year Someday, maybe it will all be clearly stated. Futures market wiki But I am sure you can deduce WHY this was done, originally.

Figures are based on a VI of 96 in single grades. Exchange rate pound us dollar Because of this, and the fact that oil viscosity indexes can vary so widely, take figures that seem precise, as approximates.

I have not listed the NON-‘W” gear grades. Stock market futures These have similar 100°C ratings. Dollar to yen exchange rate today You have probably noticed that GEAR oils have their own viscosities, and generally a gear grade number is close to twice an engine oil grade number, for roughly the

same viscosity. Euro to us dollar exchange rate today There ARE straight single weight gear oils. Canadian dollar indian rupee exchange rate An example might be a straight 90 weight gear oil, which can have a specification at 210°F of 75 to 120 in viscosity, SUS.

transmission, driveshaft, rear drive? What’s the real information about non-use of GL5 in old BMW transmissions and rear drives? Read the following article. Futures stock market definition This article is pointed towards cars and trucks and transmissions with brass synchronizers, but has some real solid information. Love quotes for boyfriend tagalog To summarize: GL5 is fine for most any BMW motorcycle (and is what BMW said to use), including many of those before the Airheads. Binary quiz It has a lot of information you might like to read about your car, etc. Euro to pound exchange rate forecast Disregard information you may have heard about sulfurs in GL5 being bad on Airhead rear drive brass or bronze parts. Convert inr to usd NOT TRUE. Usd in euro rechner The bad information is a

Below is a chart of information from BMW; advising changeover on early BMW bikes from engine oil or early versions of gear oil (usually we say GL4) to GL5 hypoid rated oil. Idr to usd converter This information came from Barrington Motor Work: Chris Betjemann’s BMW/2 Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual