On the relationships between gender, power control, self-control, and crime (pdf download available)


[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Zusammenfassung Der vorliegende Artikel ist mit der Prüfung zweier in der Situational Action Theory prominent spezi-fizierter Wechselwirkungseffekte befasst: der Interaktion von Disposition und Exposition und der in-teraktiven Wirkung von Moralität und Selbstkontrolle. Usd to sgd rate Obwohl ein Zusammenwirken der genannten Faktoren bei der Steuerung delinquenten Handelns schon in mehreren Untersuchungen nachgewiesen wurde, hat bislang noch keine Arbeit sich der Frage nach der Stabilität dieser Interaktionsbeziehungen für verschiedene Bevölkerungsgruppen angenommen. Usd conversion rate today Basierend auf Daten einer Antwerpener Schüler-befragung wird hier gezeigt, dass die postulierten Interaktionsdynamiken bei Jungen und Mädchen bzw. Stock market trading hours pacific time Adoleszenten mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund gleichermaßen zum Tragen kommen. Eu to usd conversion Eine solche soziodemographische Invarianz der Interaktionseffekte spricht einerseits für die Robustheit der in der Theorie formulierten Interaktionsbeziehungen und stützt andererseits die Annahme, dass mit den an-gebotenen Wirkungsmechanismen tatsächlich die maßgeblichen proximalen Ursachen kriminellen Han-delns identifiziert sind.

Basketball quotes for girls How stable are the interaction effects of the SAT by gender and immigration back-ground? Abstract The aim of this paper is to examine two major interaction effects that are key to Situational Action Theory: the interplay of propensity and exposure to criminogenic settings and the interaction between individual morality and self-control. Exchange rate us and canada Although some previous studies have grappled with the aforemen-tioned interaction effects empirically and found evidence for their existence, hitherto no study has addressed the question how stable these interaction effects are by gender and immigration background. Dollar conversion rate today Based on data from the Antwerp Youth Survey, the outlined interactive relationships are tested and demonstrated for different subgroups of the population. Gbp to usd historical exchange rates Results provide firm support for Situational Action Theory, indicating that the postulated interaction dynamics are invariant across subgroups.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: This study evaluates the utility of Hagan’s power-control theory for explaining substance use behaviors for a sample of American Indian (AI) adolescent males and females. Stock market futures right now Consistent with the theory, we found that patriarchal family form and the affective bond between father and daughter were significant predictors of female substance use behaviors. Convert to binary Compared with results from an analysis of non-Hispanic (NH) whites, these results reveal the importance of testing generalist explanations of deviant behavior across racial and ethnic groups. Binary trigger system Our findings encourage a more in-depth consideration of the gendered nature of work, its association with socialization and control in AI families, and its impact on gender differences in substance use and delinquent behaviors.

• “Similarly, Chapple and colleagues (2005) found that attachment to peers was more strongly associated with male violence than female violence , but found that several other measures of social bonds were equally associated with violence across gender and that the moderating influence of peer bonds did not apply to theft. Funny jokes in urdu 2016 Blackwell and Piquero (2005) examined whether self-control was differentially associated with male versus female crime, yielding little evidence of difference. Binary encoding With respect to peer delinquency, Piquero et al. Euro pak rupee exchange rate (2005) found that delinquent peer exposure was associated with higher delinquency among males who believed the probability of being caught for their violations was low, but not among females or males who perceived a high certainty of apprehension. Text editor windows 10 “

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