On wall street crime pays – a 350% irr to be exact zero hedge euro pound exchange rate graph


Previously we showed that when it comes to Wall Street’s returns, the 8% market return benchmark that every first year analyst finds in Ibbotson’s is for naive amateurs. With corporate lobbying returning anywhere between 5,900% and 77,500%, the real money is to be made in the buying and selling of politicians vnd to usd conversion. Yet in our day and age, when information propagates rapidly and when political muppets can be exposed for the Wall Street purchased frauds they are, lobbying is getting increasingly more complicated usd jpy forecast today. Which leaves one other high returning " investment", which unlike lobbying is completely riskless when one is a Wall Street firm: crime. But not just any crime, the type of crime where a firm settles " without admitting or denying guilt" and in the process is slapped with a fine that barely covers the government’s legal fees.

Case in point: U.S. v. Morgan Stanley, U.S python examples. District Court, Southern District of New York Case #11-6875, where MS was punished with the epic disgorgement penalty of $4.8 million dollar price today in india. Of course, the fact that Morgan Stanley, who did not admit wrongdoing, generated profits of $21.6 million, is merely a triviality. But a useful one: it allows to calculate that on Wall Street crime does pay, and the IRR is in give or take 350%.

Morgan Stanley (MS) won approval of a $4.8 million accord with the U.S. over claims it helped manipulate electricity prices, in what the Justice Department called its first effort to get disgorgement from a financial firm that used derivatives to aid anticompetitive behavior.

In accepting the agreement, U.S. District Judge William Pauley in Manhattan turned aside complaints from a not-for- profit organization that Morgan Stanley didn’t admit wrongdoing usd vnd chart. Pauley, citing the Justice Department, said the case marks the first time the government filed an antitrust suit against a financial firm involving derivative agreements.

“ Disgorgement of $4.8 million is a relatively mild sanction,” Pauley wrote. “But despite this court’s misgivings, the government’s decision to settle for less than full damages is entitled to judicial deference, particularly in view of the novelty of the government’s theory.”

The ever efficient US government did such a bang up job it could not even get Morgan Stanley to admit guilt cny to usd conversion. But at least it paid up… a full 25% of what it made in profit as a result of the crime:

speaking of arch-criminals, see whatcha think:> Opinion: Neocons vs. the ‘Arab Spring’: Back on the Warpath – by Ramzy Baroud The neoconservatives are back with a vengeance. While popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and other Arab countries had briefly rendered them irrelevant in the region, Western intervention in Libya signalled a new opportunity binary multiplication examples. Now Syria promises to usher a full return of neoconservatives into the Middle East fray. <:

I’ve never seen anything quite this bad in terms of penalty. There’s such a thing as a slap on the wrist, but this is as if the penalizers actually were sharing in the crime.

There are two parts to this crime. Criminal A takes the money by the manipulation and Criminal B comes along and takes a small percentage of it back in order to satisfy the corruption of the law.

Criminal B’s crime actually is a bigger crime than A’s usd gbp conversion. Morgan Stanley cheated the people who were involved but the government regulators cheated the system by corrupting it.

Not only is this not a deterrent to further criminal activity but it is an encouragement to further criminal activity us stock futures market. Others will be encouraged that here is a way to make money.

This is the last chapter in the affairs of the current government. It’s very simple. When these stories that are so simple to see get into the mainstream, the steel of the government is melted; the government no longer has the force of moral respect. It’s not a government any longer; it is a part of the crime.

The fact is that people are not this stupid when they are given the basics of the story hex code generator. There’s no one on the planet who would agree that this is a punishment – when the benefits of the crime outweigh the liabilities.

The people will not support this kind of operation. Ms. Gina Talamona should not have said anything; such evident government complicity in the wrongdoing will bring the system down. When a country partners in crime, its people no longer respect the law or their government. It’s the same now when Congress has hearings – people don’t care anymore. The Congress has lost its credibility.

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