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I agree that many people (like all of us in this challenge) enjoy contributing to educational programs and learning materials. Conversion of euro to usd The issue is just how to keep everyone focused on the Cookbook versus posting their curriculum content elsewhere. Usd to chf One of the functions I oversaw at Stanford was case writing for entrepreneurship and innovation cases.

Idr to usd conversion We distributed Stanford business school cases through the Harvard case distribution system. Exchange rate pound to dollar today Faculty around the world know to go that source for content (written by many schools/professors), and schools around the world know to go there and expect to pay per-case-per-student for use of the cases. Exchange rate danish krone to us dollar While I was at Stanford we discussed, but didn’t decide, how we were going to distibute curriculum modules that didn’t follow a case format but included experiential learning exercises, video, etc. Usd cad exchange rate forecast So, while I feel you are smart to focus first on what the students, instructors and contributors need and want in terms of the recipes, you will need to eventually focus on becoming a known and trusted source of curriulum and will need to provide incentives for everyone to go to, and then stick with, the Cookbook. Stock market futures 2015 The “business model” will have to be prototyped and tested too.

Thanks for the thoughtful post Leah ! We haven’t arrived at this point yet, but I see the value of having this conversation early. Exchange rate vnd to usd Your observation on the Harvard case distribution system is insightful. Idr to usd Assuming success, we should see cloning happening fairly quickly. Euro to usd exchange rate history Especially since this is space of interest for startups, generally speaking. Algorithm for binary search If we assume a problem of plenty, what then is the incentive for an educators to stick with this platform vs any other ? I see a few possibilities to creating a barrier to exit. Decimal word problems 1. 200 usd to euro The quality of the recipe and the discovery and editorial process we employ. Gbp stock price This remains in-house and not easy to replicate. Convert binary to hexadecimal We focus on making recipes teachable and granular and can do so because we teach ourselves. Market futures cnn This is not copied easily and is uniquely valuable for the educator. Funny jokes for adults clean 2. Euro stock exchange Creating cross-linkages or “armatures” between recipes. Euro chart We intend to provide tags which allow an educator to put in a the mindset she wants to created – say critical thinking – and get back all recipes across classroom management, creative mindsets and design-doing and courses which match. Usd gbp We will seed the initial linkages. Exchange rate euro dollar This is not easy to replicate since it requires deep understanding of the process and relevant mindsets. China stock market futures Educators will be able to enrich this with their own tags, making it more valuable. Commodity futures market price quotes These linkages can likely be imitated somewhat, but once they’re rich enough, you wouldn’t want to start over in a new space since you simply get better results here. Binary converter to text 3. Streaming forex rates Providing digital object identification We have done this yet, but one suggestion is to have digital object identification which allows an educator to see where and how her recipes have been used. Call option example Essentially a link back. Baht to usd I understand this can be referenced in papers. Exchange rate aud usd This of course is easily replicate and incentivizes creating more recipes, not so much creating a barrier of exit. Aed usd 4. Usd to rmb Disallowing export or querying of recipes via API unless charged for. Fraction calculator that shows work This is common in many community content databases, for example Yelp. Msn news breaking news You cannot export out. Usd rub bloomberg Accessing the data via API’s requires paying. Eur usd exchange rate forecast Downloading via pdf of course makes sense. Futures market hours Essentially making it hard for any other platform to plug in. Rose quotes My current view is : if we can a system with high flow-through of quality recipes, easy search and find capabilities along with incentives connected to writing papers, while disincentivizing export of the recipes via APIs we have a first approach to making the Cookbook the go-to place for educators. Aud to usd conversion rate What do you think ? I’m already thinking of you as a part of my personal board of advisors on this. 300 us in canadian 🙂 If you consent, I’d love to understand more about the harvard case distribution system. Usd graph Would you be open to having a longer conversation on that ? I’d be happy to make time. 10 in binary code Warmly, Rana