Operation bakap when geardos gather to help a brother popular airsoft free quotes for car insurance


It was a sunny Sunday afternoon of April 10, 2011 when a handful of Filipino geardos met to give support for their fellow comrade; Jeff Figueroa who’s now on his battle of his life. It became an exciting day in the world of Airsoft in the Philippines and as it was concluded, it received a lot of encouragement and feedbacks from the never ending support of the Geardos and Airsoft community.

This time is not about mission-based event, MILSIM or our regular scenario games usd inr rate today. The Primary purpose of the event was to show support to one of the Geardos here in the country, Jeff Figueroa, aka "BAKAP" in his battle against Leukemia through a display of their gears and a photo shoot.

Held on the 10th day of April, 2011 from 1300HRS-1800HRS at Defender Game Site located along Sucat Rd. in Paranaque City.

It was a pleasant afternoon, the sky is blue and clear. The photo shoot was exciting and full of life because of the "serious and funny ways" of the Geardos showing off their stuff mini msci emerging markets index futures. Their gears from head to toe are so detailed asian pre market futures. You could not imagine the excitement they brought in making the first OP: BAKAP a success. This event was attended by Jeff’s friends in the Airsoft Community, US Military Enthusiasts, and gear collectors.

Who is Jeff "Bakap" Figueroa? The first time I met Jeff was during a game at the Missile Silo Game Site in Taguig, Philippines. You would instantly identify him with his over the top load out and gear what are futures in the stock market. Yup, he is a geardo that if I list down his kit and it would take me the whole day for the kit list to finish convert ip to binary. He is a good guy, soft spoken and friendly. He loves to share stories and jokes. A few days after, we came to visit the Geardo Filipino shop (cheap authentic gears for Filipino airsofters/geardos) in Malolos, Bulacan, he was there looking after the shop euro conversion rate today. It was a fun day with him hanging around the shop hkd to usd converter. He showed us most of his prized gears and accessories. It was like a geardo’s cloud nine there, hahaha! It was good being there with Jeff, he doesn’t just sell authentic stuff, but also he explains and provides information and knowledge to his fellow collectors what one item was for, used where, technical specifications and more convert usd to rupees. He was so dedicated with his passion for military gear collection.

We then met again at the Last Megaball 2010 in Clark, Pampanga. As usual, he was at his best "landwarrior" loadout! Looking at his kit, all I can do was drooooooool.. usd jpy live rate. It was a fun day meeting these geardos in one place at one time where we had a chance to gear up and load up with all the gear that we had collected and show them to other enthusiasts during that annual event. We even joined tables during the Megaball party that evening and had a fun night!

A couple of months later, it was a shock to know about Jeff’s condition. At first I felt bad because it was the "Big C" that we are talking about. But the short time that I know jeff, I know he can survive this. Like how he was dedicated to his gear collecting, I know he is also dedicated to life and surviving this battle. And we know that the best cure for jeff was to pray and support him with his battle. Motivate him and show we are with him.

It was a good thing that OP: Bakap Photoshoot was organized to show our support for Jeff gender differences in communication styles. It was our own way of showing that we are united in Jeff’s fight with leukemia. It was our first step for a hopefully more successful event to show support, raise awareness and do some fundraising gear auctions to support Jeff with his battle.

We are hoping and inviting all our fellow gear enthusiasts, cosplayers, and all airsoft brothers and sisters to join us for the next OP: BAKAP photoshoot soon!

Groups, teams, from all over the world can also join by posting pictures holding banners of "WE FIGHT WITH YOU" and post them at OP: BAKAP Facebook Page. There are more photos of the first shoot uploaded there.