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As per @coolane’s request, I figured I’d make a separate thread for this modification. Dow jones futures market watch In the original thread ( https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/265-benchmarks-the-official-thread/&page=34) coolane shows their heatsink modifications and results which I think were ingenious. Dollar to pound exchange rate graph Initially I didn’t think it was possible to use the 980DT heatsink with the MSI 1070 without modification, though with coolane’s post showed potential and I figured I may as well give it a try since there’s no chance in hell or any other place that I would be able to do a 1070 SLI configuration.

EDIT: I may do some minor changes to their attempt like not adding additional heatsink pipes since i have no idea on how to even attach them so this will be a basic modification.

If you align the MSI 1070 with the 980DT heat sink, you will find those power phases popping the copper panel and preventing the GPU core from making good contact with the heat sink.

Usd zar rate Especially the individual one in the corner. Binary to decimal calculator I used a hacksaw to cut out the corner, and used the 400 sandpaper to deep-sand the places that I circled, following with refined sanding using 800-grit paper and 2000 grit for polishing. Usd brl rate This required a lot of works, I would say adding extra (maybe 3) heat pipes on top of the 980M heat sink would be much easier if you don’t want the trouble.

About the vbios of the 1070, I will recommend to wait for what @prema might come up later or a modded nvflash. Code binary Because at this moment, as I know, any modification of the pascal vbios cannot bypass the nvflash and requires a programmer to program it. Euro to usd exchange rate This involves extra spending in a programmer and higher risk of bricking a card easily.

I can’t provide the vbios because it’s not my property. Decimal word problems 6th grade I found it in a chinese forum; if you search “vBIOS硬刷 Pascal GTX1060/70/80” in google, maybe you will find the original thread.

The below post by Dreamonic is a reference of editing the pascal vbios using hex-editor, I tried to mod it by myself and resulted in black screen on boot, not sure what is the cause.

i was thinking of using a dremel (even bought the cutting wheels for metal) but think it might be better if i just do the same and get a hand saw from the hardware store.

do you know how to separate the pipe from the plate? only cos there’s too much plate on the right side (the side that doesn’t have the power phase chip). Binary to ascii i was thinking if it could be separated that it be bent so that its inline with the GPU die screw holes and reattached through soldering or thermal adhesive, then cut off the excess plate to make it smaller.

Separating the original pipes from the heat panel might damage the pipes or the heatsink, because they were soldered together firmly. Ntd to usd The only way that I know it’s to heat them up hot (~500 Fahrenheit or higher) enough to take of the pipes. Usd to jpy exchange rate I am not sure about this, you might need to do some research.

Yes, I sanded the surface of the pipes around the core area to expose the copper partially, that way it can transfer heat better without having a layer of paint between them. Usd to cad exchange rate history Depends on the thermal performance that you are looking for, you can determine how much you want to sand out.

Honestly, the build was surprisingly simple! Popped open the Akitio, used channel-lock pliers to pry the front side of the Akitio open to allow for the length of the GPU. Eur to usd exchange rate Added gaff tape over all of the metal parts, just in case the card came into contact with the bare metal of the bent Akitio enclosure.

On a side note, I actually had an MSI GTX 980 GAMING 4G but ended up trading it for this reference unit, as it was one of the ugliest pieces of hardware I’ve ever seen, and the reference models are just beautiful. Numbers in binary (Form over function, but isn’t that the Apple way? :P)

Next up was the power supply. Usd to inr chart I used a Corsair 550w unit, but cut everything besides the two PCIe power connectors and the CPU 12v rail (to power the Akitio). Usd to php exchange rate today Terminated all the ends with shrink wrap and gaff tape on top of that, and taped all the unused lines down to the side of the PSU. Oil futures market history It was also during this step where I hotwired the PSU to always be “on” via the paperclip trick…except I just traced those wires back to where I was going to make my cut, and soldered them together.

For the Akitio’s power, I used the molex-to-barrel-adapter guide, but instead of being patient and getting a proper barrel connector with two leads, I cut the barrel connector off of the Akitio’s power supply that came in the box. Eur usd bloomberg I like to live life in the moment, I guess…but the fruits of my labor were revealed when I stripped the wire and it turned out to be coaxial instead of side-by-side! No matter, I said to myself, as I twisted the outer fibers into a solderable piece of wire, and stripped the inner wire as well. Dow futures market hours Verified polarity via a multimeter, and soldered the Akitio barrel connector to the CPU12v line from the PSU. Stock market cnn futures A bit of shrink-wrap and gaff tape later, and I had a nice little feed for the Akitio coming off of the PSU.

No powered riser bs, no extra Akitio power supply. Pound euro exchange rate today Clean and simple. Usd jpy news PCIe plugs went straight into the GPU, I gave em a little bend so they’d hug the edge of the magazine holder. Silver chart 100 years I also re-routed the front LED from the Akitio’s box around the back of the PCB to where the Akitio power plug is, so that that area of the magazine holder lights up blue when the card is active.

At this point, I took the magazine holder and made cutouts for the GPU ports, ventilation, and PSU ventilation. Us dollar euro exchange rate history Covered the rough edges with gaff tape so they wouldn’t fray and get sucked into a fan (plus it looks a bit less janky). Pound sterling to us dollar exchange rate The Akitio with GPU slid perfectly into one side of the magazine holder (make your measurements first before going shopping!), but was sitting too low for my cutout to be centered on the GPU’s cooler…nothing a little packing foam (from the Akitio box!) couldn’t fix.

From my measurements, I knew the PSU wasn’t necessarily going to fit, but it was close enough that with a bunch of gaff tape to keep the bottom and sides secure, it doesn’t move anywhere and there are no signs of any danger of it falling out after a good 2 weeks with the setup. Exchange rate usd to idr I just try to keep this side hidden, it’s pretty garish.

Added green underlighting because #AMDsux #teamNVIDIA (lol). Here she is at work (literally, at my work), powering 2x 120 Hz displays & a bunch of OpenCL compute.

It was time to start her up. The millionaire next door summary Plugged in PSU, switched it on, plugged my 4K 60Hz monitor into the eGPU, plugged the TB cable into the Mac and hit the power button. Exchange rate to usd Fired right up, booted into Windows and re-installed the NVIDIA drivers. Equity meaning in tagalog After a reboot, the card was recognized, and I was playing Doom (2016) at ultra quality 1440p inside of 10 minutes. 1 usd to ngn black market Not too shabby!

I spent some time in MSI Afterburner, customizing a fan curve to keep it pretty quiet during moderately high gaming workloads, but ramp the fans up quickly if the temperature went north of 70º C. 1 hkd to usd Boy, this thing is loud when the fans are at full tilt, but I’m glad they; the reference cooler is no slouch, and with fans cranked to max it’s actually able to pull down the temperature from 80 down to 70 while furmarking!

With a bit of tinkering, I settled on a final, furmark-for-8-hours-stable overclock of +225 MHz core, and 7400 MHz on the memory. Us dollar to canadian dollar chart Using ThrottleStop, I also undervolted the i7 in the laptop, and downclocked it to ~2.4 GHz. Us stock futures cnn Windows runs a bit hotter than OS X, figured I’d help out as much as I could.

On the OS X side of things, automate-eGPU.sh took care of everything without a hitch. Binary to decimal converter I did notice some weird stuttering every second (and exactly on every second), but with some tinkering I found out that the “Displays have separate spaces” option was the cause of the issue. Euro forecast model Disabling it made OS X run perfectly smoothly afterwards.

Final Cut Pro X immediately took advantage of the new GPU, and I was able to play back Sony FS5/A7s 4K footage with a few layers of colorgrading on it much smoother than with the 750m. Usd to sgd converter It can almost handle playing it back at full-res, which was just astonishing to me. Binary decoder Analyzation of footage for stabilization just rips, along with optical flow retiming.

Adobe CC was able to take advantage of the card as well, Mercury Playback Engine (CUDA) felt much smoother than on the 750m, though I haven’t been using Premiere in a while so I didn’t do much testing in CC. Aud to usd bloomberg Unfortunately, After Effects is not really accelerated by the card, but oh well.

To get Optimus to work with a 750m-equipped MacBook Pro, I turned to this reddit thread detailing the installation of rEFInd and using an EFI utility called apple_set_os to get the Mac to expose the Iris Pro when booted into Windows. Usd rub chart I also customized the rEFInd interface because the default skin looked like something out of Mac OS 7.5.3 (I half expected little puzzle piece extension icons to start loading across the bottom).

The reasoning for using apple_set_os instead of the built-in spoofing feature in rEFInd is because I’d like to normally run Windows without the iGPU enabled, but retain the ability to switch into “Optimus mode” when I’m mobile.

If all goes well, I’m in Windows with the GTX 980 as the Optimus “high-performance NVIDIA processor”. Binary code calculator Game performance takes a bit of a hit, but not anything significant…I can still play most titles at 1080p ultra quality, and they look great on the MacBook Pro’s retina IPS display.

Thankfully, all of the lingering issues I have only involve the boot process. Usd mxn forecast Sometimes the entire system refuses to POST (sits at a black screen without ever chiming), and I have to hold the power button for a few seconds and try again. Decimal fraction to binary When it does POST though, the next hurdle is whether the driver (in OS X or Windows) will initialize properly. Famous quotes from movies Sometimes it doesn’t want to play nice, and I’ll get a BSOD on booting Windows with DRIVER_IRQL_LESS_OR_NOT_EQUAL, but a restart or two will do the trick.

FIX FOR BSOD ON BOOT: I figured it out, a trip to Device Manager and I noticed there was a “show hidden items” menu option. Rmb to usd exchange rate history Clicking that revealed that I had two GTX 980 devices that weren’t connected for some reason, and the driver was fighting itself upon initialization during boot. New funny jokes in urdu 2016 Rebooted into Safe Mode and ran DDU to clean out the NVIDIA driver, reinstalled it in normal mode with the eGPU connected, and all is well. Free language translator app One GT 750m, and one GTX 980 in Device Manager when viewing hidden devices. Define futures market If you’re having driver issues like I did, you might want to check this.

(NEW) FIX FOR macOS NOT BOOTING: Run Goalque’s script in “-a mode”. Usd cop This alters something regarding the thunderbolt chipset on every shutdown, so when rebooting back into macOS, the eGPU will initialize properly every time.

For OS X, I just get a black screen with my monitor showing no signal input. Binary translater Again, a restart or two fixes this. Us dollar news today (Honestly, I’ve had the NVIDIA Web Driver do this with the internal 750m, so it’s just a normal driver-crashing-on-init issue, not specific to the eGPU.)

But once the system is booted, it is rock solid, and I’ve never had anything crash or fail (besides overclock-induced crashing in Windows, but that’s my own fault).

It all seems to be based on luck of the draw, as I’ll have some days where it’ll work flawlessly and I’ll be bouncing between the two OS’s with no problem, other days I’ll get 8 failed starts in a row. Gold price in usd If anyone has any idea how to help mitigate these failed starts, I’m all ears.

The only other issue I can think of is lack of display brightness control when running in Optimus mode (anyone got any clues?), but it just means I have to set the brightness from within OS X first before going through the boot process.

It was totally worth it. Gbp usd historical data I’m in love with this setup, it truly feels like the best of both worlds. Binary compounds list The i7-4980HQ in the MBP is no slouch of a CPU, the only thing my setup was missing was some graphics horsepower, and the GTX 980 more than comfortably steps up to the plate. European futures market hours My work experience has had amazing fluidity, and gaming has gone from sub-720p resolutions on the latest titles to gorgeous looking, maxed quality 1080p and higher. Euro to usd chart Less demanding titles (CSGO, Borderlands Pre-Sequel) even run at 4K 60fps, which is a sight to behold. Jpy to usd chart The Oculus Rift that I got my hands on runs perfectly smooth, with no VR-sickness to speak of. Php to usd exchange rate And all this, in a “portable” setup.

I now have 3 levels of portability (with associated levels of performance): full desktop mode, Optimus (so I don’t have to lug a monitor around to LAN parties or remote editing / rendering of CGI), and of course the laptop by itself (which, with its Core i7, is still no slouch, at least when it comes to CPU compute power).

It’s also extended the longevity of my machine a lot, since I was looking at the 2015 and purported 2016 models for their GPU upgrades…but not anymore! The only thing I’m looking at is the moment NVIDIA releases Pascal drivers for OS X…and my poor wallet might have to take the brunt of a GTX 1080.

I’m still on the hunt for a better case, but all of the computer cases I’ve found are…well, computer cases, and far larger than this magazine file setup. Stock market futures yahoo So I’m looking at…different solutions. Math jokes for kids An old army surplus ammo box looks like my next case, and it has a handle at the top, which I can’t live without after having this magazine file for a couple weeks.

I’d love to pick up a modular SFX PSU so that the PSU actually fits into the magazine holder without any modification necessary, and if it’s modular, it’ll help keep the cables clean and tidy, with no drive and fan power cables to cut.

Just for kicks, slapped a buddy’s GTX 1080 into the chassis to test with Windows. Binary code game It required a driver reinstall as the system didn’t detect the 1080, even after rebooting…it seems that the NVIDIA driver enumerates the cards in your system at install time and will only install the drivers it needs to, not all of them (different from the way OS X does it). Cool pictures to draw The driver install worked fine without having to run DDU and cleanly install. Usa today sports scores YMMV though.

The added compute power of the GTX 1080 was more than welcome to help mitigate the performance hit you take when using Optimus. Usd inr forward rates Crysis 3 ran at the laptop’s native resolution (2880×1800) at around 45-60fps with all settings cranked. Uk us exchange rate Beautiful.

I was really looking forward to testing out Rise of the Tomb Raider on it, but ironically there’s a bug with Pascal cards and NVIDIA VXAO, so I couldn’t get a fair comparison.

Acquired a “Fat .50” (actually an 800x 5.56mm) ammo box and made the primary cuts using a pneumatic angle grinder + cutoff wheel. Xag usd Test fitted the Akitio and PSU. Us dollar rate today in indian rupees Currently need to drill the PSU & AKT mounting holes, but also trying to figure out what thread pitch the Akitio’s mount holes are (anyone got a clue?). Dollar pound exchange rate history Specifically, the ones that the Akitio’s own case’s captive thumbscrews screw into.

As the barrel plug was going to be flush against the side of the case, and I didn’t want to have to loopback the cable like I did in the magazine file, I ended up soldering the CPU12v rail to the back of the Akitio’s PCB. Binary algorithm Pre-tinned the wires and plopped them onto the PCB, then secured it with gaffer’s. Verified the correct solder points thanks to /u/Dippyskoodlez, who found the info from these very forums. Usd inr live Singed the PCB a bit, but oh well, close enough.