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• Disable Attendance if Site Is External (set via AppSettings) – This option is dependent on your externally facing instance of Aeries Web Version being configured to be “External”. Euro vs usd forecast This is done by modifying your AppSettings.config file and adding an XML element for “External” with a value of “True” like in the example below:

• Take Attendance For Each Period in a Blocked Section (MST.BL) – When this option is On, attendance must be taken for every period of a blocked section. Stock plan connect morgan stanley If Off (default), attendance taken in the main period will be applied to all the periods in that section’s block.

• Allow teachers to override verified absences – When this option is On, teachers will be able to override a verified absence code on the attendance screen . Aud usd history Note: This option is not normally advised and can have auditing complications.

• Teachers can Add & Update Attendance Note – With this option On, teachers can Add and Update attendance notes on the Teacher Attendance page. Jpy to usd exchange rate history Appropriate permissions need to be granted for the Portal Group of Teachers for Attendance Notes in Security.

• Teachers can View Attendance Notes Add by Others – With this option On, teachers can view attendance notes added by other users on the Teacher Attendance page. Convert us dollars to euros Appropriate permissions need to be granted for the Portal Group of Teachers for Attendance Notes in Security.

• Post Attendance by Month – This option will allow teachers to take attendance on a monthly basis. Gbp usd live chart Teachers can click on the check mark for each day to enter the Present code. Aud to usd conversion It is intended for Independent Study-Type schools and is not normally advised. Aed conversion to usd This option will disable the logging of Attendance Submits.

• Mark Absent if not Present – This option is designed for schools taking attendance by month. Usd to ngn Selecting the check box at the top of the date column will submit an Absent code where the Present check box is not selected for all students in the class for that date.

• Enable “Mark All Students Present” button – This option is for Positive attendance schools. Exchange rate eur usd When this option is selected, a “Mark All Students Present” button will display on the teacher’s attendance page. Gold price in us When the button is clicked, the Present code will be populated for all students. Usd to vnd This option cannot be used with the Attendance by Month option.

• Attendance cannot be posted outside of the following times (leave empty to always allow) this range of time specifies the absolute times every day when teachers are allowed to update attendance. Usd cad forecast 2016 Outside of the times specified, attendance is read-only.

• Do Not Allow Attendance to be Taken Before or After the Class Period (according to the Bell Schedule in Aeries) This option will restrict the attendance page to only allow the current period of attendance to be updated. Convert usd into gbp Outside of the start and end times, a period will be read-only for attendance. Usd to inr exchange rate comparison This option will be disabled in Daily Attendance schools. Hkd to usd Note: If this option was never turned On, it will no longer show as an option to select. Singapore to usd exchange rate If it was previously turned On, it will continue to display until deselected and will override the two options listed next.

• Attendance cannot be taken before a period starts – When this option is On, attendance cannot be taken for a period before its start time (according to the Bell Schedule in Aeries).

• Attendance cannot be taken after a period ends – When this option is On, attendance cannot be taken for a period after its end time has occurred (according to the Bell Schedule in Aeries).

‘ Supplemental Attendance Options ‘ – The Security for the Portal Groups of Teachers needs Read and Update permissions to Supplemental Attendance Data Security area.

# Days Teachers Can Forward Post Attendance: The number of days beyond today that a teacher is allowed to post Supplemental Attendance. The boxer lyrics Note – use zero (0) in both of these fields to limit teachers to just the current day. Future stock market prices Grades

option will hide the current grade reporting mark, citizenship, work habits, absences, credits, and comment fields while the teacher grade posting window is open.

• Start and End Dates – This is the date range that teachers are allowed to update grades via the Portal. Binary to bcd converter This is NOT the start of the grade reporting period (quarter or semester). Cad usd history This option needs to be maintained and updated each grade reporting cycle.

• Enable Briefcase (allows teachers to upload files) – with this option selected, the teacher Briefcase will appear on the Teacher Portal Home page. Yuan to usd This will allow teachers to display a list of assignments for their gradebooks from the Home page along with any documents they have attached to those assignments. Decimal calculator that shows work If the teacher activates the Dropbox for an assignment and students have uploaded files, it will also display a count of students that have submitted files for that assignment (at this time students are limited to submitting one file per assignment).

A file size limit can be entered for the teacher documents to ensure that teachers do not upload extremely large files. Market futures The default file size per file is 15 MB. Usd to cad exchange rate Also, certain file types can be restricted from being uploaded, such as .exe and .bat files. Nzd usd investing A default set of restricted files is provided in the Restricted File Types box. Bloomberg pre market futures When adding or removing restricted file types the period before the extension and the comma afterward are required. Usa to india exchange rate For example, to restrict a WAV file type, enter “.wav,” to the end of the list (see above screen shot).

• Allow Teachers to Hide Gradebooks from Parents and Students – with this option selected, an option will display in the Teacher Portal in the Gradebook/Options area as shown below to Hide this gradebook from Parents and Students.

• Do Not Show Teacher/Counselor Field to Parent/Students – when this option is selected, the Teacher or Counselor field is not available to Parents and Students. Binary translator to text It will display as N/A.

• Disable Session Keep-Alive for Teachers – When this option is selected, the session keep alive will be disabled for teachers on certain keep alive pages like Gradebook and Attendance by Month. Convert usd to pounds Selecting this option will display the session time out messages to the teacher if their Aeries Web Version session reaches the time out setting.

• Discipline entry notification email address (for tchr adds) – When a teacher enters new DIS records (if security permissions allow), an email is now sent to the email address identified in this field

• Graduation Status form disclaimer (if any): text can be added that will display on the Graduation Status section of the Students Profile, on the students Graduation Status page and also on the Graduation Status report. Gender quotes Below is an example of the text that will display.