Pound sterling slump_ uk holidaymakers ‘face worst tourist rate since 1986’ _ the independent


On Monday, Travelex foreign exchange stores – mainly found in major airports and popular tourist spots in big cities – were offering $1.17 for every pound, the lowest rate since 1986.

A spokesperson for Travelex told the Independent: “The fall in the pound means UK travellers won’t get as many dollars for their pounds. Rupiah to usd However, US tourists will have more money to spend if they come to the UK for work or play.”

Foreign exchanges counters, particularly in airports, are renowned for their steep rates, but the latest plunge is nonetheless troubling for Britons heading abroad in the coming weeks.

Research by The Independent on the pound over the past 15 years gives it an average value of €1.38 and $1.70. Binary converter calculator That means that against the euro, the pound is currently 17 per cent below the average. Euro dollar exchange rate today In dollar terms the pound is trading , around 30 per cent below average.

Raymond McCord holds up his newly issued Irish passport alongside his British passport outside the High Court in Belfast following a judges dismissal of the UK’s first legal challenges to Brexit

Migrants with luggage walk past a graffiti on a wall as they leave the ‘Jungle’ migrant camp, as part of a major three-day operation planned to clear the camp in Calais

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (Adra) which distributes approximately 700 meals daily in the northern Paris camp states that it is noticing a spike in new migrant arrivals this week, potentially linked the the Calais ‘jungle’ camp closure – with around 1000 meals distributed today

Immigration officers deal with each member of the public seeking entry into the United Kingdom but on average, 10 a day are refused entry at this London airport and between 2008 and 2009, 33,100 people were detained at the airport for mainly passport irregularities

A number of global investment giants have threatened to move their European operations out of London if Brexit proves to have a negative impact on their businesses

Following the possibility of a Brexit the UK would be released from its renewable energy targets under the EU Renewable Energy Directive and from EU state aid restrictions, potentially giving the government more freedom both in the design and phasing out of renewable energy support regimes

NFU Vice President Minette Batters with Secretary of State, Andrea Leadsome at the National Farmers Union (NFU) took machinery, produce, farmers and staff to Westminster to encourage Members of Parliament to back British farming, post Brexit

The latest reports released by the UK Cabinet Office warn that expats would lose a range of specific rights to live, to work and to access pensions, healthcare and public services.

Usd inr exchange rate The same reports added that UK citizens abroad would not be able to assume that these rights will be guaranteed in the future

A British resident living in Spain asks questions during an informative Brexit talk by the “Brexpats in Spain” group, about Spanish legal issues to become Spanish citizens, at the town hall in Benalmadena, Spain

The collapse of Great Britain appears to have been greatly exaggerated given the late summer crowds visiting city museums, hotels, and other important tourist attractions

The U.K. Market futures cnn money should maintain European Union regulations covering everything from working hours to chemicals until after the government sets out its plans for Brexit, said British manufacturers anxious to avoid a policy vacuum and safeguard access to their biggest export market

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