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Dear Quote Investigator: Reportedly, George Bernard Shaw once presented an idiosyncratic list of the three most famous individuals: Jesus Christ, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Houdini. Forex rates in pakistan today open market Did Shaw really put forward this triptych?

Quote Investigator: The earliest evidence known to QI appeared in the 1976 biography “Houdini: His Life and Art” by James Randi and Bert Randolph Sugar. Cnnmoney premarket futures The pertinent passage occurred in the foreword written by Sugar alone: 1

At a time when national heroes have passed from the American landscape, it is difficult to fathom Houdini’s full impact.

Convert usd to pound sterling People who couldn’t care less about magic know his name. Nzd usd analysis George Bernard Shaw once said that as one of the three most famous people in the history of the world, real or imagined, Houdini took his place beside Jesus Christ and Sherlock Holmes.

QI does not know were Sugar obtained support for his claim about Shaw, and 1976 is more than 25 years after the death of the famous intellectual; hence, this evidence is weak.

Quote Investigator: No. Euro to aud forecast The earliest instance located by QI appeared in an 1856 book for children written and illustrated by Alfred Crowquill. Futures markets quotes That name was a pseudonym shared by two brothers: Alfred Henry Forrester and Charles Robert Forrester. Hkd to usd conversion However, Charles died in 1850, and the 1856 book was crafted by Alfred alone. Eur usd history 1

The quotation occurred in a story titled “The Dwarf and the Woodcutter” which included a scene of a child observing a dozen ants moving a single grain of corn to an underground storehouse. Gbp to usd calculator The child addressed the ants and suggested that they should save their labor and simple eat the grain. Euro to usd history The leading ant replied with a lecture on industriousness. Mxn to usd converter Emphasis added by QI: 2

Did we seek only to devour on the spot, all we found, we should be gluttons, and get lazy, and, surprised by the winter, die in our homes, for the want of that which we ought to have gathered by our industry in the proper season. Msn news page Ah, my little man, do not allow Idleness to deceive you, for while you give him to-day he steals to-morrow from you.

Prophet: Harriet Martineau? William Tweed? John Tyndall? Auguste Comte? Robert G. Usd to zambian kwacha Ingersoll? Karl Marx? Charles Darwin? Herbert Spencer? Henry George Atkinson? Paul Dirac? Felix Adler?

Dear Quote Investigator: The prominent physicist Paul Dirac was hostile toward religion, and sometimes he would lecture his colleagues on the topic. Usd to vnd chart One fellow scientist responded with a humorous summary of Dirac’s metaphysical position:

Quote Investigator: Substantive evidence indicates that physicist Wolfgang Pauli coined the statement above, but this template has an extensive history, and many different names have appeared in analogous phrases in the past.

The earliest template matches located by QI referred to Harriet Martineau and Henry George Atkinson who together published a controversial work titled “Letters on the Laws of Man’s Nature and Development” in 1851. Exchange rate euro dollar today 1 Contemporaries believed that the duo was espousing atheism, and both faced tremendous criticism; in April 1851 a periodical about mesmerism printed a statement referring to Atkinson. Dollar indian rupee exchange rate Emphasis added to excerpts by QI: 2

In July 1851 a piece in “The Worcestershire Chronicle” of Worcestershire, England discussed an essay that analyzed the pair’s book. Currency converter us dollars to pounds The following jest was aimed at Martineau: 3

Two valuable essays on “The History of Logic” and “Primitive Alphabets” are followed by one on “Materialism,” in which Miss Martineau and her tutor, “Henry George Atkinson, F.G.S.,” are treated to a little commonsense criticism. Binary code alphabet Her theory—so ably epitomised by a popular writer of the present day—”that there is no God, and that Miss Martineau is his prophet,” finds no quarter at the hands of the talented reviewer…

The “popular writer” was probably the dramatist Douglas William Jerrold as stated in a September 1851 newspaper item. Binary code converter Additional selected citations in chronological order appear below. Usd stock Continue reading →

• 1851, Letters on the Laws of Man’s Nature and Development by Henry George Atkinson and Harriet Martineau, Published by Josiah P. Usd cad exchange rate chart Mendum, Boston, Massachusetts. Currency converter uk to us (Google Books Full View) link ↩

• 1851 April, The Zoist: A Journal of Cerebral Physiology & Mesmerism and Their Applications to Human Welfare, Number 33, XVII: The Fire-away Style of Philosophy briefly Examined and Illustrated by Anti-Glorioso, Footnote, Start Page 65, Quote Page 67, Hippolyte Bailliere, London. Usd to aud conversion calculator (Google Books Full View) link ↩

• 1851 July 23, Worcestershire Chronicle, Literary Notices: The Church of England Quarterly Review, Quote Page 6, Column 2, Worcestershire, England. Equity finance jobs (British Newspaper Archive) ↩

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