Qut – bachelor of behavioural science (psychology)


Accredited psychologists use scientific knowledge of human behaviour to treat individuals who are experiencing mental disorders, relationship problems, learning difficulties, addiction and eating disorders. Pound to euro forecast 2016 They may help patients to cope with short-term issues, manage chronic illness and overcome barriers to success. Pound vs dollar exchange rate history Many psychologists work as researchers to provide greater understanding about how people think, feel and react to situations, and to develop new strategies to improve psychological functioning. Euro price today in pakistan They may focus their research or practice on a specific area of psychology such as cognition, neuroscience, or social and developmental behaviour.

Inr to usd exchange rate today Why choose this course?

This course provides the first step towards a career as a registered psychologist and is an excellent foundation for careers in a wide range of related areas. Binary to octal During this course you may choose areas of study that interest you and complete a work placement that aligns with your career goals. Usd to inr conversion rate today There are opportunities to complete this placement in Australia or overseas.

Core areas of study introduce you to the scientific bases of psychology including social and developmental psychology, research methods, physiology, perception and cognition. Fx rate gbp usd You will also develop skills in the practical areas of psychology including counselling, individual difference and assessment, and psychopathology.

Our staff have been recognised for excellence in teaching and research, and offer a supportive learning environment where you can openly seek advice about your career options. Decoding activities Areas of specialisation include family therapy, alcohol and drugs, sexuality and gender, organisational psychology, road safety, and forensic psychology and the law. Famous quotes about family You can also complete study in other areas including science, criminology, education, public health or business. Binary digit Career outcomes

Graduates of this course have skills that can be applied to a variety of professional areas. Stock futures cnn The analytical, interpersonal, and research skills are ideal for careers in education, human resources, market research, organisational development, policing, public health, human services, and counselling.

To pursue a career as a registered psychologist, you must be registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. Usd to inr graph Currently this involves completing a fourth year of study in psychology plus two years of supervised work experience or two years further study. Gold price forecast today Double degrees

You can widen your career possibilities even further by pairing this degree with one in a complementary area such as business, law, social work, nursing, justice, or exercise and movement science. Cnn premarket futures stocks markets Professional recognition

The Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council as providing a three-year undergraduate level of training in psychology.