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Janus was the two-headed god who stood over the doorways of the Romans and of the ancient natives of Italy even before the Romans. Fraction to decimal conversion chart The month of January is named for him.

January became the first month under the calendar of Julius Caesar. Usd to jpy Janus’ two heads seemed to be looking both forward and back in time, towards the past and to the future. 10101 binary It seemed natural for the Romans that January should be the first month.

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Jan. Usd to yen conversion 1 became New Year’s Day only when the Gregorian calendar came to be in the late 16th century. Stock market futures definition For the English-speaking folks in the United Kingdom and in her colonies, the Gregorian calendar was not adopted until the middle of the 18th century, not long before the American Revolution.

Any calendar would logically have to have a day starting the new year, and that being so, many civilizations have felt compelled to celebrate it. Binary pdf They include the Egyptians and the Babylonians, the Persians and the Chinese, the Greeks and the Romans, the Muslims and of course the Jews. Commodity definitions But when the new year should begin is not obvious at all.

Many cultures felt compelled to start the year on the winter or summer solstice. Fx rate cad usd The solstice is that time of the year when the sun is farthest from Earth’s equator. Euro to aud chart One effect is that on the summer solstice the daylight is longest in the Northern Hemisphere, and on the winter solstice the daylight is shortest.

The winter solstice takes place on or near Dec. Us to rmb exchange rate 22; the summer solstice is on or close to June 21. Rmb conversion to usd During this time the sun appears not to move in the sky. Dollar rupee exchange rate today It is not a coincidence that Christmas occurs close to the winter solstice.

The Jewish New Year’s Day, Rosh Hashanah, may have been situated near the autumnal equinox. Yen to usd But because the Jewish calendar is mostly lunar, Rosh Hashanah wanders a certain amount over time before and after Sept. Us stock market today 22.

According to the Mishnah, Judaism has four New Year’s Days: the civil new year on Rosh Hashanah; the festival new year, which falls in the spring right before Passover and close to the vernal equinox; the new year for the tithing of cattle, which takes place in the late summer; and the birthday of the trees, Tu B’Shevat, which falls either in January or February (it starts Friday night, Feb. Funny quotes about love and life 10, in the coming year).

None of those Jewish New Year’s Days is a cause for revelry. Exchange rate pound to us dollar Rosh Hashanah, being the day of judgment, is a somber day. Ft future of marketing summit 2016 But the secular new year is party time (not for me, but for many). Usd to inr conversion rate Leave it to the Romans — any chance for a party.

I fervently pray that the year 5777 will be a year of blessing and sweetness for you and your loved ones, for the Jews of Atlanta and around the world, for the people and state of Israel. Convert nzd to usd I hope that the new year will be more peaceful and hopeful for the world than 5776. Usd to pound conversion Rabbi Richard Baroff

The genius of the Jewish calendar has always been the possibility of renewal. Python tutorial download Revitalization is built into the Jewish day as we begin with Modeh/Modah Ani (I give thanks). Silver chart price We thank G-d for renewing our life each morning as we awaken.

Each week, of course, we reflect on Shabbat about the miracle of creation and the rhythms of work and rest. Australian dollar trend 2016 The Sabbath is a profound idea. Stock market futures bloomberg The seventh day is set aside for rest and reflection. Malaysian ringgit to usd history It allows each of us to reset and replenish our spirits.

By analogy, the seventh month, Tishri, is the sabbatical month. Convert aed to usd Rosh Hashanah occurs, from the point of view of the religious calendar, somewhat paradoxically not in the first month, but rather in the seventh. Aud to usd graph So the motif of Shabbat extends into the new year.

Each seventh year is also, again by analogy, a year of rest, when the ground in ancient Israel lies fallow. World stock market futures bloomberg During the seventh year ( Shemita) debts are forgiven. Binary code to english The sabbatical academic year is a remnant of this ancient practice.

Each new month ( Rosh Chodesh) is also a time of renewal. Euro football scores The cycle of the moon has had a deep impact on human civilization, including Jewish religious life. Stock market futures 2014 We celebrate the new moon because we are grateful to G-d for the possibilities of renewed action inherent in the lunar cycle.

Renewal occurs daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Financial futures market It also occurs in cycles larger than a year, even in 50-year cycles. Call option definition The sounding of the shofar signals the new year, to be sure, but also spiritual replenishment on many levels. Ice futures europe trading hours It is this rebirth of the spirit that has allowed our people to be so hopeful.

We at Guardians of the Torah pray that we all recognize that God’s gift of renewal allows all of us to be hopeful people despite the obstacles that we face in life. Call and put options explained That more than anything else is the greatest gift of Rosh Hashanah.

In its Yiddish iteration, mazel taf, it means congratulations. Dollar pound exchange rate graph The older Hebrew term means good luck. Exchange rate usd chf Specifically, mazel tov signifies the hope that you have the good luck that comes from living under a propitious constellation of stars visible in the night sky. Exchange rate rm to usd Rabbi Richard Baroff

Astrology at first glance would not seem to have much to do with Judaism. Text editor for windows 10 In fact, because it is forbidden in Vayikra (Leviticus) in the Torah and condemned by the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, as well as by the greatest of all Jewish philosophers, Maimonides, one would think that astrology would be rare among the Jewish people. Xau usd chart live But one would be wrong.

For instance, we all know that the Chinese have a 12-year zodiac cycle in which each year is represented by a different animal. Exchange rate usd nzd I was born in 1958, the year of the dog. Us future stock market Anyone who has dined in an old-fashioned Chinese restaurant has seen this zodiac on a placemat.

The Egyptians also developed a sophisticated astrological system. Exchange rate euro to dollar history The 12-part zodiac that the Babylonians developed — and that folks to this day consult — probably was invented in ancient Egypt and borrowed by the Mesopotamians.

The zodiac we normally associate with astrology, the one used to cast horoscopes, comes from ancient Babylonia. Price of gold per ounce in the us It is this system that brings together in the birth chart (the horoscope) the planets, the houses (12 places on Earth that correspond to 12 parts of the personality), and the 12 signs of the zodiac, which correspond to 12 times of the year. Usd to eur graph I was born Jan. Cny usd 13, so my sign is Capricorn, the old goat.

The signs of the zodiac we now have reflect the Greco-Roman tradition, which was greatly developed from the Babylonian model. Usd eur exchange rate chart The Babylonians cast horoscopes, but it was the Greeks who to turned the practice into a science.

The very word zodiac comes from the Greek for a circle of animals. What are the futures in the stock market The names we use for the zodiac (Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, etc.) are Roman. British pound exchange rate today By the way, the Hebrew word mazel can be translated as zodiac.

The Jews were exiled by the neo-Babylonian tyrant Nebuchadnezzar in 586-7 B.C.E. Usd bloomberg This began a long association with Chaldean (Babylonian) culture. 300 usd to eur (Abraham came from Ur of the Chaldees in very ancient Mesopotamia.)

As rabbinic Judaism took shape, both within Eretz Yisrael and within Mesopotamia (the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers), many Babylonian ideas found their way into Jewish religion and culture. Market futures open Astrology as we know it made its way into Jewish life from the Chaldean experience.

We learn from the Bible that Daniel, a court Jew in the time of the Persian Empire — over 13 centuries after Abraham — called the astrological wizards Chaldeans. Euro to british pound exchange rate The sages of the Talmud used Chaldean for astrologer, following the example of the Book of Daniel. Dow futures meaning Chaldean still is used for astrologer.

If you go to a Renaissance festival, you may very well have your horoscope drawn and read by a Chaldean wizard. Binary operations pdf Astrology became popular in the Renaissance. 100 kroner to usd Of course, astronomy became important as well.

Some important astronomers — Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler, for example — were believers in astrology to one degree or another. Usd to inr forecast It appears that the Jews became particularly involved in astrology in the 1500s. Pound to euro tourist exchange rate today At that time astrology and astronomy, like alchemy and chemistry, had not yet separated from each other.

In medieval times and even more so during the Renaissance, many Christian kings, queens and other nobility had Jewish court astrologers. S&p futures market This was especially so in Spain.

The greatest of all the Jewish court astrologers was the Spaniard Abraham Zacuto. Decimal math problems He used an advanced astrolabe to make accurate star charts used by Christopher Columbus himself on his fateful voyage in 1492.

In that year also the Jews were expelled from Spain. Html editor freeware Zacuto went to Portugal. Vending machine codes His charts helped another great explorer, Vasco da Gama, make his way to India in the late 1490s.

Most of the Talmudic rabbis and medieval philosophers — even Saadia Gaon and Solomon ibn Gabirol — believed that astrology was accurate. Stock market futures real time More amazing still, even the Litvak rationalist Elijah the Vilna Gaon thought astrology was real.

Since the Haskalah, the Jewish enlightenment in the 1800s, the intellectual leaders of the Jews became more rationalistic. Binary value They decided as a whole that Maimonides was right after all. Jpy to usd Astrology was hokum; astronomy alone was science. Usd to aud chart This thinking was ironic in that astrology became more popular than ever before in the 19th and 20th centuries.

But not for the Jews. 1 usd to zimbabwe dollar At least not the intellectual ones. 1 usd to zambian kwacha But all Jews at weddings and b’nai mitzvah celebrations still say, “Have a lucky constellation” — mazel tov.

The two oldest religious traditions in the world that still matter are those that began in the land of Israel and on the subcontinent of India. Convert usd to nzd They are very different from each other, like oil and water.

The European peoples knew shockingly little about Indian spirituality until the 19th century. Us dollar exchange rate to malaysian ringgit The Buddha himself — beyond dispute the greatest historical figure produced by Indian civilization — was almost completely unknown in the West before that time. How to read binary When Westerners thought of Oriental civilization, they usually referred to the Islamic world.

By the late 19th century Hindu mystics were found in the West. Binary to denary converter Vivekananda, Tagore, Gandhi and others became well known outside the British Raj. Funny jokes tagalog 2016 Beatniks in the 1950s were turned on to Eastern spirituality.

In the 1960s the Beatles and others introduced transcendental meditation, based in yogic mysticism. Nzd to usd conversion Many hippie types were looking for gurus and swamis. Binary conversion table Richard Hittleman’s “Yoga for Health” became popular. Cnn futures stock market Hindu philosophy had become chic.

After the Second World War many GIs were stationed in Japan. Binary domain steam They brought back the Japanese versions of Buddhist ideas, particularly Zen. Usd zar exchange Through the writings of D.T. Pound to dollar conversion rate today Suzuki and Eugen Herrigel’s “Zen in the Art of Archery,” Zen Buddhism entered the counterculture.

Later, other schools of Buddhism — the Hinayana traditions of Southeast Asia and the Mahayana schools of India and China — became better known. Market index futures The Dalai Lama became an ambassador for the Tantric Buddhism of Tibet.

Because Jews, including Alan Ginsberg and Ram Dass, were overrepresented in the Beatnik and hippie movements, Jewish exploration in America of Eastern religious traditions was (and still is) common.

In the 21st century there is indeed a great deal written about the intersection of Judaism and Buddhism. Usd to nzd forecast Rodger Kamenetz’s “The Jew in the Lotus” became a best seller.

Many Jewish spiritualists are clearly attracted to the very different mystical traditions of the East, Buddhism in particular. Premarket stock futures The concurrent fluorescence of interest in Kabbalah is in part an attempt to address the obvious attraction of Buddhism, and to a lesser extent Hinduism, to many Jews in search of meaning.

Jubus and Bujus are not a threat to the Jewish people’s future in the way secularism is. Convert us dollars to australian dollars However, the disproportionate number of born Jews in the ranks of the Buddhists is a symptom of the lack of spiritual connection to our tradition for too many who are yearning for enlightenment.

In addition, Judaism is always immersed in ethics. Binary stars list Buddhism is also a religion of ethics — most of the Eightfold Path is about morality and not meditation. Exchange rate for euro to dollar But in the West, converts to Buddhism seem more oriented toward the quest for serenity (Nirvana) and not toward the achievement of a more moral life.

At the same time, Judaism is very different from the Indic tradition of Hinduism and Buddhism. Capital meaning in economics The exotic nature of these religions is part of the allure. Futures market prices Yet it is a failure of exploration within real spiritual Judaism that has made this modest exodus to the East possible. Stock meaning This can be changed.