Release notes 6.2.3 _ barracuda campus


• Inline firewall authentication now uses a browser authentication pop-up window by sending 401 unauthorized, and no longer redirects to the login page. Gbp vs usd bloomberg BNNGF-40979

• For layer2 bridges it is now possible to disable decrementing the ICMP TTL in the advanced access rule settings. Binary to gray code By default, the ICMP TTL is decremented when passing through the layer2 bridge and a ICMP type 11 reply sent if the TTL equals zero.

Current stock market futures BNNGF-41220

• It is now possible to add exceptions to the virus-scanned MIME types by entering the exempted MIME type with a prepended “!” in the Scanned MIME Types on the Security Policy page. Us market futures live E.g., !application/mapi-http BNNGF-43070

• It is no longer possible to manually quarantine mail attachments scanned by ATD to avoid the mail server IP address from being placed in quarantine. Adding binary numbers BNNGF-39476

• For Control Center high availability clusters, the syslog format no longer differs when the virtual server fails over the the secondary Control Center. 1 usd to php BNNGF-39917

• NextGen Admin: Activating a license can take up to 30 seconds, during which time the window seems unresponsive before the activation is completed. Yahoo futures index Use NextGen Admin version 7.0.0 or higher instead. Convert usd to aud calculator (BNNGF-41343)

• NextGen Admin: It is possible to configure IPsec site-to-site tunnels on firewalls running 6.2.0 to use the ID type IPV4_ADDR_SUBNET (explicit), even though this is not supported. Call option and put option The IPsec tunnel cannot be established.

• Azure: If the MAC address of the network interface changes between the time the firewall is deployed until it is licensed via Barracuda Activation in a Control Center, the wrong MAC address is used to activate the license.

• VMware: Network interfaces using the VMXNET3 driver do not send IPsec keepalive packets unless TX checksumming is disabled for the interface (ethtool -K INTERFACE tx off).

• URL Filter: F-Series Firewalls running 6.2.0 or higher that are managed by a Control Center using firmware 6.0.X or 6.1.X must complete a dummy change in the security policy whenever enabling/disabling the URL Filter in the General Firewall Settings.

• Azure: After updating a firewall using Azure UDR via Azure Service Manager, the Deployment Type may be displayed incorrectly as y. Chf usd exchange rate This does not affect updating Azure UDR routes.

• SSL VPN: Some modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox no longer support Java applets. Stock connect hong kong Instead, use browsers with Java applet support, such as Internet Explorer or Safari .

• IKEv2: Client certificate authentication for client-to-site IKEv2 IPsec VPNs requires X509 Certificate to be enabled in the VPN Settings. Nzd usd Enabling this setting requires all VPN group policies to use client certificate authentication.

• IKEv1 IPsec: When using as a local IKE Gateway, you must enable Use IPsec Dynamic IPs and restart the VPN service before a listener on is created.

• HTTP Proxy: Custom block pages do not work for the HTTP Proxy when running on the same NextGen F-Series Firewall as the Firewall service. 1000 usd in eur This issue does not occur when running the HTTP Proxy service on a second NextGen F-Series Firewall behind the NextGen F-Series Firewall running the Firewall service.

• VPN Routing: When a duplicate route to an already existing VPN route in the main routing table is announced to the NextGen Firewall F-Series via RIP, OSPF, or BGP, a duplicate routing entry is created and the route that was added last is used.

VPN Routing: Creating a direct or gateway route with the same metric and destination as a VPN route in the main routing table results in duplicate routes. Commodity futures market definition The route added last is used.

ATD: Only the first URL in the Quarantine tab that leads to a quarantine entry is displayed, even if the user and/or IP address downloaded more than one infected file.This can be dangerous if the first downloaded file is a false-positive.

Firmware Update: Log messages similar to WARNING: /lib/modules/ needs unknown symbol ieee80211_free_hw may appear while updating, but can be ignored.

Attention: Amazon AWS/Microsoft Azure: Performing Copy from Default of Forwarding Firewall rules currently locks out administrators from the unit and requires a fresh installation of the system.

Application Control and Virus Scanning: Data trickling is only done while the file is downloaded, but not during the virus scan. Us to china exchange rate This may result in browser timeouts while downloading very large files.

Application Control and Virus Scanning: In very rare cases, if the SSL Interception process is not running, but the option Action if Virus Scanner is unavailable is set to Fail Close, a small amount of traffic may already have passed through the firewall.

Application Control and Virus Scanning: In rare cases, Google Play updates are sometimes delivered as partial updates. Eur usd graph These partial updates cannot be extracted and are blocked by the virus scanning engine. Funny quotes and sayings about life The engine reports The archive couldn’t be scanned completely. Usd gbp exchange rate history Either create a dedicated firewall rule that does not scan Google Play traffic, or set Block on Other Error in Avira Archive Scanning to No .

Barracuda OS: Restoring units in default configuration with PAR files created on a Control Center may result in a corrupt virtual server. Usd in aud Instead, copy the PAR file to opt/phion/update/box.par and reboot the unit.

VPN: Rekeying does not currently work for IPsec Xauth VPN connections. Investing usd try The VPN tunnel terminates after the configured rekeying time and needs to be re-initiated.