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No, the respect Rachel demonstrated toward the difficult and malicious customer was the result of a corporation recognizing that God has created us; He has told us how to treat one another for our own collective good; and that living this out is not only pleasing to Him but also produces an environment of respect.

I say that Rachel’s response was no last minute instruction because the Chick-fil-A Corporation and the Cathy family have been extremely proactive in cultivating an environment where the biblical principles of love, respect, honor and care for others is taught and practiced.

Cathy spoke at a seminar called Imagination Summit last year stock market futures live. The title of his talk was, “High Tech for High Customer Touch.” His main point was that businesses need to focus on both high tech and high “touch.” By high touch, he meant a high level of personal customer service.

Where did Cathy get this radical idea of how to deal with customers with dignity and respect? The same place he gets his definition of marriage funny quotes and sayings for facebook. The Bible.

During his speech, Cathy pointed to what has been called the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus describes how citizens of His Kingdom act convert us dollars to euros. Cathy, half-jokingly, said that this sermon by Jesus is a guide to how to deal with disgruntled customers and how a company should be run.

He related how he read this Scripture and it changed his way of thinking in regards to his company. “So when we probed into this one scripture, it led us to a radical service makeover within our organization euro to aud forecast. It became high touch and high tech all at the same time, but particularly high touch.”

As a result of taking the Bible as a guide, Chick-fil-A implemented the largest etiquette training program in the country gender quotes. Cathy pointed out that Jesus had said to “go the extra mile” and to “turn the other check” and to “repay someone that hurts them with kindness.”

Consequently, Chick-fil-A employees are encouraged to treat all customers with kindness going the extra mile nzd usd analysis. Regardless of the fact their customers are only ordering a six dollar meal, they should be treated as if they are at any high dollar restaurant purchasing an expensive meal.

So it means workers do the little things that make a big difference like offering to customers at their tables fresh ground pepper for the salads; or pulling out chairs for female patrons; or using polite and pleasant language; or carrying meals to the tables; or providing fresh cut flowers at the tables; or even offering chicken nuggets to pet owners for their dogs (apparently some dogs go wild now when they see a Chick-fil-A logo).

The bottom line, Cathy pointed out, is that “we are all created in the image of God.” He went on to say, “Because we are created in God’s image – [everyone] is to be treated with honor, dignity, and respect – we desperately in our deepest part of who we are … desire to be treated respectfully and with honor and with respect.”

Remember this is the hateful and mean corporation as portrayed by a few who disagree with Cathy gender roles articles. And I personally believe that it is a minority that is making the loud accusations and boisterous anti-Bible comments towards Cathy and Chick-fil-A because I think most people do understand and agree with Biblical principles, whether in general or as a specific teaching of their Teacher, Leader and Savior.

I say this because of the results that have been realized because of these Chick-fil-A policies hkd to usd conversion. Cathy pointed out that the company’s customer service model has had “a profound effect” on the business, resulting in a double-digit increase in sales spanning over 2010 and 2011 despite one of the worst economies in U.S. history exchange rate usd to malawi kwacha. And not only that, they have experienced an unparalleled record of 44 years of annual sales increase.

My opinion is that it is because Cathy is not in this to merely make money. He sees it as an act of being a disciple of Jesus. Cathy stressed, “In other words, this business is an opportunity to impact people’s lives, to change people’s lives. It’s a ministry gbp usd live chart. It’s a ministry.”

Scot Wall is pastor of Magnolia Bible Church located at 31611 Nichols Sawmill Road, Magnolia, TX, 77355. Send comments to