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Blurb from the publisher: ‘The Laundry is a secret branch of the British Civil Service, dedicated to protecting the United Kingdom against Horrors from Beyond. In your time in the Laundry, you’ve seen your share of terrible, frightening documents: grimoires bound in human skin, soul-eating computer code, ISO9001 compliance assessments. None, though, are as terrifying as the thing sitting on your desk.

It’s a plane ticket. The Laundry’s budgets are more tightly bound than a summoned shoggoth. If they’re paying for your flights, then something hellish is about to happen overseas, and you’re in the firing line.

Unconventional Diplomacy features 6 sanity-challenging scenarios with a distinctly international flavor for use with The Laundry Roleplaying Game, as well as an appendix featuring additional Diplomatic Flashpoints:

THE SCRAMBLE FOR BURANDA – Three British aid workers vanish in Africa, right on the border of the isolationist nation of Buranda euro usd chart. Getting them home is your secondary objective. The primary mission is to clear up a very old loose end and recover the fabled Dagger of the Bloody Tongue – and avoid an international incident while doing so.

CASE ARSON SPARKLEPONY – Something weird is about to happen at the Burning Man festival, according to the precognitives over at Predictive Branch. That means, one, Predictive Branch is as much use as a chocolate heat sink on an over-clocked summoning grid, and two, it’s time for a jaunt to the United States. Just try to stay out of the Black Chamber’s unblinking gaze.

LEGACY CODE – In old institutions like the Laundry, you don’t just get pilloried for your own mistakes currency converter zar to usd. The errors and failures of all those who have gone before land on your desk. Some eldritch entity just filed the mother of all bug reports. Time for some tech support with extreme prejudice.

POCKET FULL OF PRIAPUS – One of your co-workers ran into a spot of bother in France, and is currently sitting in a jail cell in Paris. For various reasons, this needs to be kept quiet and under the radar of our European Partners. Could you just pop over, clear his name and close his case for him, there’s a good chap?

DARKNESS BEYOND OUR WORLD – Jeremy Walshe works for the Laundry usd jpy forecast today. Jeremy Walshe was supposed to fly home from Washington today. He didn’t get on the plane, and he’s got a head full of secrets that need to be secured. Fly out, find him, and get him back to the UK before anything eats his brain. What can possibly go wrong?

YE LIVELIEST AWFULNESS – Earlier this afternoon, the police helped eject a troublemaking nuisance from the US embassy in London. Crazy cranks are ten a penny these days, but three things about this guy stand out. First, he was raving about gods and monsters. Second, he vanished soon after being kicked out. And third, he said his name was Howard Philips Lovecraft…’

What you get: Your USD 24,99 or GBP 16,99 will buy you both the 120-page, black and white softcover of Unconventional_Diplomacy, a collection of six adventures for The Laundry game line, as well as its electronic edition.

The adventure collection can also be purchased in an electronic format only for EUR 12,73 or USD 14,99 or GBP 11,54. The electronic edition is 121 pages long. Quaintly enough, the back cover is missing.

The adventures are rather balanced when it comes to size, ranging from 14 to 20 pages; it shouldn’t take more than one long session to complete each binary search java. The do not form a cohesive campaign as is, but with minimal work can be played as one, in a monster-of-the-week sort of style. If played as one-shots some of them can end with major apocalyptic events. They are all contemporary, yet they take place in different places. Each includes a number of handouts rmb to usd. No pregenerated characters are included. Both fonts and margins are smallish.

Spoiler warning: As much as I am not going to describe, let alone detail the adventures, parts of the scenarios might be revealed while discussing their strong and less strong points. If you intend to participate in these scenarios as a player, stop reading now.

The strong points: Unconventional Diplomacy is the second adventure collection that came out for The Laundry, after the astounding Black Bag Jobs which raised ready-made adventure standards to a whole new level. Once again, the product is not a campaign, but revolves around the idea of Agent’s tackling different cases at least partially outside of the UK. I have no idea how The Laundry writers keep on doing this, yet once again the adventure ideas are far out there, combining horror, sci-fi, action, spying and deranged humour.

I wouldn’t even know where to start from. [Ming the Merciless] Lovecraft’s alive! [/Ming the Merciless]; The magical equivalent of the Chernobyl catastrophe; A designer drug that gives huge erections (I am not making this up!) and some other, rather nastier side-effects. None of the adventures are one-dimensional and involve different roleplay aspects. If I took Legacy Code as an example, the Agent’s will initially work as baby sitters to retired Laundry personnel, will travel to Poland towards a seemingly weird investigation, and the shit will royally hit the fan with both action and high stakes international negotiations.

The adventures are involved and deadly, as expected, humour however does not get a back seat exchange rate aud to usd. In this same adventure, the village where the action takes place is real, as is every agency mentioned with the exception of the occult ones. The Agent’s cover will be that of poultry managers; I was laughing out loud when I realised that the EU legislation mentioned in the text is not random fluff but existing legislation of dozens of pages on this exact subject. A confident Gamemaster that can balance humour and action oughts to google and print this stuff out, drowning the players on minutia of their cover and the comedic situations these will lead into. In another adventure, the nation where the action takes place is Buranda (formerly British Equatorial Africa), a harmless little fictitious nation… …which however appeared for the first time in the unsurpassable all-time British classic comedy Yes Minister vnd to usd conversion. Good grief, I barely caught that Easter egg. I start wondering how much more I have missed simply by not being British. For the ‘Muricans out there, Case Arson Sparklepony treads on more familiar ground, and in particular Nevada’s Burning Man festival. After all, who wouldn’t think of using a burning wicker effigy as a way to power magic in a festival that involves the rather gratuitous consumption of mind-altering substances?

As expected, each adventure takes place in a different locale and is different to the others in approach and style. There’s investigations, political negotiations (not necessarily with denizens of this world), and relentless action. I would fail once again to pick a favourite, even though Legacy Code and Ye Liveliest Awfulness are very strong contenders vkc forex. How often do you get to portray HPL as an NPC anyway?

I loved the idea behind the six Diplomatic Flashpoints, namely to keep the Mythos content before taking out the big sticks. The ideas behind the two-page hooks are as good: poor bindings that might be undone after the (then forthcoming) Scottish Independence Referendum (retheme it to the EU-related Brexit and you are good to go); a geas with an immortal magician in the Cotswolds; and many more. As much as work as the Gamemaster needs to put in them, anybody experienced and imaginative enough will have not trouble expanding them into Laundry classics, seeing how original some of them are. I said it in the previous The Laundry adventure collection and I will say it again: Every moment of preparation you are putting on each adventure, irrespective of whether it adds to the horrific, the bizarre, the funny or the kafkaesque, will be a moment well-spent dollar news today. Don’t be sloppy with them, and don’t run them on the fly. They deserve your attention, because you aren’t aiming towards scares and goosebumps only; you also want your players to honestly laugh.

Do not believe for a second that the humour that is inherent in The Laundry will prohibit these adventures from being played with a straight face; on the contrary. This can happen in either a slightly more serious Laundry campaign, or the system and setting of your choice, standard Call of Cthulhu, Conspiracy X and Delta Green included. You will need a bit of work, that goes without saying.

The art is of a very high quality. There is at least one handout per adventure, and in contrast to publications from other publishers, no space is wasted by printing it twice.

The pdf is excellent by all means. Bookmarks go down to even sub-sub-sub-chapter level. Everything is extremely easy to find in the fray of the session. I am very happy about this, as I am perplexed. How is it possible that this pdf got such a glorious treatment, while the pdf from Black Bag Jobs is rather substandard, at least when it comes to bookmarks? Surely, less than a few hours of work on it is worth it?

The weak points: Rather obviously, and depending on personal preferences, some adventures might prove more original than others; that’s rather obvious. The good thing is that all of them are memorable, one way or another.

Once again, no pregens. I don’t mind, I admit however that I would have liked some additional instructions on the skills necessary per adventure at its beginning. The intro in each helps only marginally. One or two one-paragraph ideas about how to combine these adventures into a cohesive campaign would have also helped.

Like its predecessor, there are a couple of gaps here and there where the GM will have to provide his input. This occurs mostly in between scenes, or at the end of adventures like the rather abrupt termination of Legacy Code which might leave your players rather dumbfounded binary number system. Sort out in advance how you wish it to fade out and then back in to the next adventure you are planning (be it yours or another one from The Laundry’s supplements), and you will be alright.

I would have enjoyed art being linked to major NPCs and antagonists. As things stand, the visual aids are rather sparse. Cubicle 7 later came to publish World War Cthulhu which redefined how NPCs should be presented both visually and in text. A pity something better couldn’t be done here, even retroactively.

Conclusion: Unconventional Diplomacy continues where Black Bag Jobs stopped. Its memorable adventures can be enjoyed as is or can be adapted to more serious or genre-specific styles of play. Even if you have no intention of ever running a The Laundry campaign, you want to have at least read the adventures herein.

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